AT6 Summary of Teams

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Alliance Setups Fielded
A.X.I.S 4x Dominix, 4x Kitsune, 2x Griffin - lost
4x Ishtar, 2x Vagabond, Rook, Maulus - lost
Agony Empire 4x Apocalypse, 2x Blackbird, 4x Griffin - lost
4x Apocalypse, 6x Ishkur - won
4x Golem, 6x Ishkur - won
5x Dominix, 2x Vigil - won
5x Dominix, 2x Vigil - lost
Alternative Realities Drake, Nighthawk, Sacrilege, Curse, 3x Cerberus, 3x Griffins - lost
4x Abaddon, 2x Blackbird, Punisher, 3x Griffin - lost
Amarr FW 2x Myrmidon, 2x Drake, 3x Blackbird, 3x Arbitrator - won
7x Drake, 2x Ishkur - lost
Atlas Alliance Nightmare, Claymore, 7x Phantasm - lost
Absolution, 5x Ishtar, 2x Kitsune, 2x Griffin - lost
Atrocitas Navy Megathron, Armageddon, Dominix, Myrmidon, 2x Rook - lost
2x Abaddon, 2x Dominix, 3x Manticore, Nemesis, Vengeance - won
B.L.A.C.K. 4x Drake, Vulture, Nighthawk, 2x Kitsune, 2x Griffin - lost
3x Abaddon, Damnation, 2x Caracal Navy Issue, Worm, 2x Daredevil - won
BeachBoys 6x Vagabond, 4x Wolf - lost
4x Apocalypse, 4x Manticore, 2x Griffin - lost
7x Vagabond, Griffin - won
Blade 3x Hurricane, 4x Harbinger, Phantasm - won
7x Ishtar, Maulus - lost
6x Sleipnir, 2x Keres - won
Caldari FW 2x Abaddon, Hyperion, Sleipnir, Vulture, 5x Griffin - won
2x Abaddon, Hyperion, Claymore, Vulture, 5x Griffin - lost
Capital Punishment Golem, 2x Maelstrom, 2x Rook, Celestis, 3x Maulus - lost
Golem, 5x Drake, Hound, 2x Manticore - won
Golem, 6x Drake, Manticore, 2x Hound - lost
Celestial Imperative Paladin, 2x Astarte, 2x Absolution, Fleet Stabber, Ishkur, Harpy - lost
Abaddon, 2x Megathron, Manticore, Hound, 4x Celestis - lost
Chain of Chaos 3x Abaddon, Absolution, 3x Manticore, Hound, Purifier, Catalyst - won
4x Abaddon, Dominix, Damnation, 4x Maulus - lost
Megathron, 6x Thorax, 2x Rupture - lost
Chubby Chuppers
Chubba Chups
Hurricane, Harbinger, Myrmidon, Ishtar, Vexor Navy Issue, 2x Arbitrator, Caracal - lost
2x Scorpion, 3x Vexor Navy Issue, Omen Navy Issue, Rupture, 2x Arbitrator, Merlin - lost
Cry Havoc 4x Paladin, 6x Ishkur - won
2x Paladin, 2x Golem, 6x Ishkur - lost
6x Ishtar, 2x Hawk, 2x Ishkur - won
4x Paladin, 4x Ishkur, 2x Hookbil - won
Cult of War 8x Navy Caracal, 2x Lachesis - won
Curse, 8x Caracal Navy Issue, Rook - won
2x Sleipnir, Huginn, 6x Caracal Navy Issue - won
Dawn of Transcendence 2x Myrmidon, 4x Drake, Harbinger, Vigil, Maulus - lost
2x Abaddon, 3x Scorpion, Maulus, Griffin - lost
Dead Terrorists Damnation, 4x Fleet Stabber, 5x Navy Omen - won
Myrmidon, 5x Stabber Fleet Issue, 4x Omen Navy Issue - won
2x Abaddon, Myrmidon, 5x Stabber Fleet Issue, Firetail - won
2x Abaddon, Myrmidon, 5x Stabber Fleet Issue, Firetail - lost
Against ALL Authorities 6x Ishtar, 4x Ishkur - won
Claymore, 9x Stabber Fleet Issue - won
4x Rokh, Vulture, 2x Crow - lost
Divine 0rder 2x Cerberus, 7x Navy Caracal - lost
4x Absolution, 2x Sleipnir, 4x Kitsune - lost
Electus Matari Tempest Fleet Issue, Damnation, 6x Stabber Fleet Issue, 2x Ishkur - lost
Maelstrom, 5x Drake, 3x Ishkur - won
Maelstrom, 5x Drake, 4x Ishkur - won
Ev0ke Abaddon, Damnation, 8x Rupture - won
8x Ishtar - won
5x Dominix, 2x Vigil - won
Abaddon, Damnation, 3x Omen Navy Issue, 4x Stabber Fleet Issue, Vigil - won
Abaddon, Damnation, 3x Omen Navy Issue, 4x Stabber Fleet Issue, Vigil - lost
SOLAR FLEET 7x Drake, Retribution, 2x Griffin - won
2x Nightmare, Claymore, Rapier, Hound, 3x Nemesis - lost
Exquisite Malevolence 7x Vexor Navy Issue, 2x Ishtar, Arbitrator - lost (penalized)
3x Ishtar, Zealot, 3x Vagabond - lost
Fifth Freedom 2x Abaddon, 3x Scorpion, Vigil - lost
2x Abaddon, Damnation, 2x Astarte, Curse - lost
Firmus Ixion 2x Apocalypse, 2x Raven, 3x Kitsune, Keres, Taranis - won
2x Stabber Fleet Issue, 5x Vagabond, 3x Taranis - lost
Nighthawk, 9x Caracal Navy Issue - won
Frater Adhuc Excessum Abaddon, Typhoon, Damnation, Nighthawk, Cerberus, Hyena, Hawk, Kitsune - lost
Golem, Abaddon, Raven, Damnation, Hyena, 3x Kitsune - lost
G00DFELLAS 6x Nighthawk, 2x Maulus - won
2x Apocalypse, 2x Megathron, Tempest, Maulus - lost
5x Nighthawk, 5x Ishkur - won
5x Nighthawk, 5x Ishkur - won
5x Nighthawk, 4x Ishkur, Ares - won
5x Nighthawk, 4x Ishkur, Ares - lost
Gallente FW 3x Navy Megathron, Damnation, 5x Ishkur - won
Abaddon, 2x Nightmare, Oneiros, 3x Ishkur, 3x Keres - lost
Gay4Life 8x Phantasm, 2x Zealot - lost
6x Stabber Fleet Issue, 3x Ishtar, Ishtar - won
6x Ishtar, 4x Ishkur - lost
GoonSwarm 6x Ishtar, 2x Arbitrator - lost
7x Hurricane, Kitsune, 2x Griffin - won
HUN Reloaded 4x Abaddon, 4x Kitsune, 2x Vigil - won
6x Ishtar, 2x Firetail, 2x Kitsune - lost
5x Nighthawk, 5x Ishkur - lost
HUZZAH FEDERATION Damnation, 9x Stabber Fleet Issue - won
Damnation, 2x Ishtar, 6x Stabber Fleet Issue, Vigil - lost
6x Ishtar, 4x Stiletto - won
6x Ishtar, 4x Stiletto - won
IDLE EMPIRE Myrmidon, 3x Drake, 3x Absolution - lost
3x Abaddon, Megathron, Ishkur, 4x Kitsune - won
Intrepid Crossing 3x Nighthawk, 2x Sleipnir, 5x Ishkur - won
4x Abaddon, Drake, Firetail, 3x Vigil, Griffin - lost
KIA Alliance 7x Ishtar, Vigil - lost
6x Ishtars, 3x Kitsune - lost
Manifest Destiny 4x Dominix, Damnation, 4x Grifin - won
2x Abaddon, 3x Dominix, 2x Griffin - lost
4x Ishtar, Damnation, 4x Griffin - won
Minmatar FW 2x Celestis, 5x Ishtar, Stiletto, 2x Keres - lost
6x Hurricane, Absolution, 3x Rifter - lost
Molotov Coalition Absolution, 2x Hurricane, 3x Harbinger, Ishkur, 3x Kitsune - won
Nightmare, Bhaalgorn, 3x Rook, 4x Ishkur - lost
Curse, 3x Phantasm, 3x Caracal, 2x Lachesis, Jaguar - lost
Notoriety Alliance 3x Caracal Navy Issue, 2x Cerberus, 2x Lachesis, 2x Keres - lost
Damnation, Cynabal, 2x Fleet Stabber, 3x Phantasm, 3x Caracal - won
Otherworld Empire Productions 2x Drake, 4x Nighthawk, Hound, Manticore - won
1x Claymore, 9x Caracal Navy Issue - lost
Damnation, Claymore, 7x Fleet Stabber - lost
Pandemic Legion 7x Ishtar, Vigil - won
2x Drake, 5x Ishtar, 2x Vigil - won
3x Drake, 5x Caracal Navy Issue, Cerberus, Vigil - won
Claymore, Sleipnir, 7x Vexor Navy Issue, Hyena - won
Claymore, Sleipnir, 7x Vexor Navy Issue, Hyena - won
2x Drake, 5x Ishtar, 2x Vigi - won
Prime Orbital Systems 3x Phantasm, 4x Ishtar, 2x Blackbird - won
Privateer Alliance 4x Abaddon, 4x Ishkur, Caracal - won
Dominix, Damnation, 8x Thorax - lost
Rokh, 5x Drake, 4x Ishkur - lost
PROBABLE CAUSE 2x Hyperion, Dominix, 2x Rook, 2x Kitsune, 2x Griffin - won
2x Ishtar, 2x Zealot, 5x Rupture, Ishkur - lost
Vulture, Drake, Blackbird, 7x Osprey Navy Issue - lost
PuPPet MasTers 2x Abaddon, 5x Navy Caracal, 2x Taranis - won
3x Abaddon, Damnation, 3x Ishkur, Rifter, 2x Kitsune - lost
R.E.P.O. Damnation, 2x Ishtar, 2x Rupture, 5x Thorax - won
3x Paladin, Damnation, Eos, 2x Kitsune, 2x Maulus - lost
R.U.R. 2x Hurricane, 2x Harbinger, 3x Rupture, 3x Thorax - won
Scorpion, 9x Caracal Navy Issue - won
Harbinger, Hurricane, Rapier, 3x Rupture, 4x Omen Navy Issue - won
Abaddon, 9x Caracal Navy Issue - lost
RUDE Alliance 2x Nighthawk, Drake, Ishtar, Zealot, Cerberus, Arbitrator, 2x Griffin - lost
3x Harbinger, Eos, 2x Rook, Ishkur, 2x Hawk, Kitsune - lost
Systematic-Chaos 4x Dominix, Damnation, 4x Griffin - lost
5x Ishtar, 2x Rook, 1x Condor - lost
Tenth Legion 6x Drake, Vulture, 3x Griffin - lost
The Bastards 3x Abaddon, Scorpion, Scimitar, Celestis, 2x Griffin - won
7x Drake, Kitsune, Vigil, Griffin - lost
The Church Curse, 4x Zealot, Rook, 2x Kitsune, Maulus, Griffin - won
Nightmare, 8x Phantams, Kitsune - won
Sleipnir, 5x Stabber Fleet Issue, Curse, Rook, 2x Kitsune - lost
The Five 6x Cerberus, 2x Hookbill, 2x Keres - won
Nighthawk, 7x Caracal Navy Issue, Cerberus Stiletto - won
Rattlesnake, Nighthawk, 6x Caracal Navy Issue, Ishkur, Kitsune - won
2x Nighthawk, 3x Sleipnir, 5x Ishkur - lost
The Fourth District 4x Ishtar, 2x Cerberus, 2x Blackbird - won
4x Abaddon, 5x Ishkur, Rifter - lost
Nighthawk, Drake, Caracal, 6x Caracal Navy Issue - lost
The Honda Accord Maelstrom, 2x Myrmidon, Dominix, Cerberus, Caracal, Blackbird, Rifter, Griffin, Vigil - lost
Maelstrom, 2x Raven, 3x Caracal Navy Issue, 2x Blackbird - won
The InterBus Initiative 4x Apocalypse, Vulture, 4x Griffin - lost
4x Hurricane, Vulture, Absolution, Rook, Griffin - lost
The Kadeshi 3x Nightmare, 2x Phantasm, 5x Succubus - lost
3x Apocalypse, Myrmidon, Lachesis, 4x Ishkurs - lost
The Star Fraction Eos, 4x Ishtar, 3x Vexor Navy Issue - won
3x Golem, Vulture, 3x Ishkur, 3x Manticore - lost
Claymore, 9x Stabber Fleet Issue - won
Dominix, 9x Caracal Navy Issue - lost
The Wrong Alliance 3x Fleet Tempest, Drake, 2x Blackbird, 2x Rifter, 2x Griffin - won
Nighthawk, Claymore, 5x Caracal Navy Issue, Huginn, Ishkur, Hyena - won
Nighthawk, Hurricane, Caracal Navy Issue, Caracal, 6x Stabber Fleet Issue - won
Hurricane, Nighthawk, 6x Stabber Fleet Issue, Vexor, Caracal Navy Issue - lost
Unaffiliated Damnation, 5x Ihstar, 3x Ishtar, Maulus - won
Damnation, Claymore, Hurricane, Rupture, 4x Stabber Fleet Issues - won
Damnation, 3x Hurricane, 3x Stabber Fleet Issue, 2x Rupture, Thrasher - won
Nighthawk, Sleipnir, 2x Drake, 4x Caracal Navy Issue, Sabre, Thrasher - won
Ushra'Khan 3x Sleipnir, 2x Curse, 2x Guardian, Hound - won
Abaddon, Damnation, 7x Stabber Fleet Issue, Griffin - won
Damnation, 5x Sacrilege, Ishtar - won
Damnation, Hurricane, 7x Stabber Fleet Issue, Rupture - lost
Veni Vidi Vici 2x Raven, 3x Drake, Vulture, 3x Vigil - lost
2x Drake, 2x Harbinger, 2x Rupture, 4x Thorax - won
2x Drake, 5x Ishtar, Griffin, Vigil - lost
White Core Paladin, 3x Dominix, Kitsune (penalized) - lost
7x Cerberus, 1x Malediction - lost