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Getting into PVP in EVE can be a daunting thing. When you're a newer player and you look around, all you see are people in fantastic, and often very large ships. To the newer player, that battleship can look like an aardvark might to an ant. However, you should be aware that even the newest player in the game can take down that ship if they have the help of a few good friends and the tenacity to try.

However, to accomplish this, you'll need training. Training is the difference between that battleship wiping out your 20 friends and you wiping him out. Agony Empire classes will train you and others like you to fly in combat and use your ship, no matter what ship it is, to the fullest of your abilities. We have been doing this kind of training since February of 2006 and the current course material is generational in nature. It has been preened and refined over the years to turn your most devoted carebear into a powerful pilot in a few hours.

After taking these classes, you will be better prepared to defend yourself no matter what your position in the game. If you are in an empire corporation, you will find a need to defend yourself from pirates and highsec racketeers. These courses can teach you how to start blowing their ships up using cheap ships and having little skill points in combat skills. If you are an alliance, the courses can benefit your members teaching them how to function well in fleets, how to keep discipline on voice comms and how to execute fleet commander's orders. Ever get sick and tired of explaining what aligning is or how the gate aggression rules work? if so then send your pilots through the courses here and you could save a mountain of your time and your members' lost ships.

You can read more about class schedule, enrollment details, and sign up for classes via Agony PVP University enrollment forum.


Core Classes

Agony has three 'core' classes. These classes are designed as a progression, and students are required to take each class in order to attend a more advanced one.

Please note that these classes alone are not sufficient to make you a skilled PVPer! It is highly recommended that students seek additional PVP experience between classes!

  • PVP-BASIC: Provides a pilot with the basic knowledge and competence to take part in PVP in 0.0 space.
  • PVP-WOLFPACKS: Develops the skills required for survival in a hostile environment, as well as providing an introduction to more specialised gang types.
  • PVP-ADVANCED: Begins the move from follower to leader; developing situational awareness and introducing the more advanced concepts required to take your PVP experience to the next level.

Specialist Classes

Occasionally, Agony will run specialist Seminars or Specialist Classes. Due to their specialised nature, these classes can be very rare.

  • PVP-COVOPS: Advanced training on operating Covert Ops frigates such as the Buzzard, Cheetah, Helios, and Anathema.
  • SKIRMISHING AND SCOUTING: Seek and Destroy. Learn the basics of locating and locking down a target.
  • PVP-FLYBYS: Flyby sniping tactics in destroyers and larger ships.
  • BASIC FLEET COMMAND: Learn the basics of organizing and running a fleet.
  • ELECTRONIC WARFARE: Learn the Basics of using electronic warfare to benefit your gang.
  • INTERDICTORS: The art of entrapment.

Recorded Seminars

The following seminars have been recorded and are publicly available:

Reading Material

Note: Access to reading material is granted no sooner than one week before class.




Other Classes

Graduate Lists

And for those that want to see their name in lights (so to speak), you can find the graduate lists below:

Current Classes

Old Classes