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About the PVP University

The PVP University is Agony's public training wing. We specialise in providing PVP training to the general Eve public, whatever your level of experience.

On this page you can find details of the services we offer, as well as your primary contacts should you have any enquiries.

Also check out the PVP University FAQs:

PVP-U Services

  • Public PVP Classes - We provide a range of PVP classes which are available to the general public. You can sign up for these classes via our enrollment forum.
  • Private Classes - We consider requests for private classes on a case-by-case basis. These are done for a flat fee and are non-refundable. Please contact Gizznitt Malikite for more information.
  • PVP Consultancy and Private Services - We recognise that everyone has different requirements, and we're happy to provide a more specialised service to meet those needs. From FC training to mercenary work, we're happy to discuss the possibilities. Please contact Gizznitt Malikite for more information.

Why Agony?

Agony has been training pilots to PVP since 2006, and has an excellent reputation throughout the Eve community. Thousands of students have passed through our doors during that time, many of whom are now full time PVPers, either within Agony or elsewhere.

PVP-U Contacts

  • Oversight Director - Itkovian Beddict
  • PVP-U Faculty - Sancho Pwnza, Sonmi Anninen

The PVP-University Faculty take care of all the hard work, checking payments and solving your problems. Please direct questions regarding payment or of a general nature to an faculty volunteer listed above.