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The thought behind the Armor HAC gang is to tank large amounts of incoming damage through a combination of damage avoidance, high overall EHP and remote repair, while at the same time dealing good damage at relatively close range. The main strength of the AHAC gang is it's ability to fight while outnumbered and still win. The gang's success is, however, determined by whether the fleet members fit and fly their ships according to these guidelines.

The main body of the fleet is made up of armor tanked, afterburner Zealots. The combination of the afterburner speed, low signature radius, helped even further by skirmish gang links, great resists and large EHP tank means the Zealots can avoid most incoming damage from larger ships. With the assistance of friendly Logistics this means the gangs tanking potential is very good. Supporting the main fleet of armor HACs, the Guardians, provide large amounts remote repair resulting in a powerful and sustainable collective tank.

  • Cap transferring Guardians are used for their excellent repping power and cap stability.
  • High EHP is achieved by fitting armor plates, trimark rigs, armor resist mods. A Mindlinked Damnation provides the whole gang with even more EHP.
  • Damage is primarily mitigated by defeating Tracking. This is done in two ways: High Transversal and a Small Signature Radius.
  • A sustained High Transversal without the sig of a moon is achieved by fitting Afterburners.
  • Small Signature Radius is achieved by using Combat Boosters (X-Instinct), Mindlinked Skirmish Mods, not fitting shield extenders or shield rigs, and by NOT fitting a MWD.

Fleet Setup

This gang relies on everyone bringing a properly fitted ship that fits in with the concept. Not all ships work in an armor HAC gang. If you can't fly a suitable ship, you should consider flying as support. By bringing something that doesn't fit the gang, you will be decreasing the gangs effectiveness, so don't do it.


The main body of the AHAC fleet should be made up of armor tanked, afterburner Zealots. If you're Caldari, fly support as their HACs are useless in this gang. If you're Gallente, an Ishtar will do the job, a Deimos will not. Minmatar HACs are decent, but you may be more helpful to the gang in a Stabber Fleet Issue providing tackle.


The linchpin in the AHAC gang are the Guardians. No other logistics will do the job as well. Guardians should be afterburner fit.


The AHAC gang relies on tackle to hold down it's targets so they can be killed. If you are not able to fly a Zealot or Guardian, consider bringing one of these ships.

Command Ships

Very important. Increases the effectiveness of the whole gang considerably.

  • Damnation for armor bonuses (EHP)
  • Loki for skirmish bonuses (signature radius)