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This article is out of date and needs to be updated.


Very much like the Dual Basilisk gang this tactic focuses on the use of two or three Guardian logistic ships to remote armor repair the gang. The gang also needs to fit armor resist modules and plates to increase the amount of dps tanked by remote repair.

The main advantages of the DG gang is that more races ships are suitable for armor tanking, which increases the amount of players able to field suitable DG ships, also it allows for alot of free mid slots for ewar which can increase utility and increases the number of enemy ships the gang can engage, the enemy has to take down your shields before reaching your armor tank giving more time to broadcast and recieve remote repair, Battleships will have spare mids for a cap booster allowing them to run remote repair modules aswell.

The disadvatages however is that the gang becomes very slow due to the plates and will find it harder to escape unfavorable engagements, also remote armor modules repair at the end of its cycle meaning you have to wait longer for the repair and making it harder for the logistics pilots to judge how many repair modules they should allocate, armor tanking uses up alot of low slots reducing the amount of damage mods ships can fit and decreasing the gangs dps.

Finally its important to note that using remote repair modules/drones does not create agression, this means logistics pilots can activate a gate or dock at any time, engagements using this type of gang should always aim to be on a gate or station.

Guardian pilots


To fly the Guardian effictively in this type of gang you will need certain skills:

  • Logistics IV
  • Energy Emission Systems IV
  • Remote Armor Repair IV
  • Multi tasking II (IV preferable)
  • Repair Drones IV

In addition you will want to add softer ships like Cruisers & Battlecruisers to your watch list as they may require pre locking or special attention, unlike Battleships which have a good amount buffer providing plenty of time to respond to broadcasts.


When fitting your Guardian your highs should consist of 4 large remote armor repair modules and 2 energy transfer modules, next you should focus on a good balance of resistance, buffer and ECCM.

Flying the Guardian

Everytime the Guardians are on the same grid together be it aligning to the next gate, reaproaching a gate or sitting on a gate/station they need to "Link up".

"Link up" involves all the guardian pilots locking each other and placing 2 energy transfers on the other Guardians (often used pattern: One cap transfer on the one "above" you, one on the pilot "below" you on a logi channel).

This tactic will effectivly create cap using the ships bonuses and allow each guardian to perma run 4 Large remote armor repair modules.

With "Logistics V" you will need only one energy transfer on you to stay cap stable, so it can be agreed on "only transfer to the pilot below you", leaving one cap transfer "in spare". You could place that one on any gang mates who broadcast for cap, typical ships broadcasting for cap will be Laser/Hybrid boats and energy neutralising ships.

Your job will be to watch the broadcast window and lock + remote repair as players request it, sometimes ships may not require all of your repair modules to tank the incoming dps or enemy fire my be split between multiple friendlies meaning you will have to judge how many repair modules to apply to each target.

It is perfectly acceptable to call on comms who and how many reps you are placing on a target to help the other Guardian pilots gauge how many to use themselves, it will create no more vent clutter than ewar calling aslong as its kept short and sweet, for example "John Doe, plus two reps Joe Bloggs".

Should one of the Guardians fall under attack it is top priority for the other Guardian pilots to rep them and the Guardian who is taking damage can continue to rep the rest of the gang.

If one Guardian is jammed he should call this on comms immediatly so the other guardian pilots can stop transfering cap to him and in the case of three Guardians place the now spare transfer on the other not jammed Guardian, this is important because the jammed guardian will not be helping to create cap and the non jammed Guardians will need to save cap until he is no longer jammed.

When to jump out or dock is up to the individual pilot but as a general rule dont wait until you are in structure as sometimes there can be a delay on the gate fire or docking procedure and it could cost your ship, also try not to leave too soon wait until its really obvious you cannot tank the damage as the longer you wait the more chance you give the other pilots to get off a few more reps, also Guardians will have some of the highest resists in the gang meaning the longer the enemy is shooting at the Guardians for the less damage the gang is taking.

Flying in a Dual Guardian Gang


A very important part of flying in the Dual Guardian gang is that ships fit to help out the Guardians, by increasing your resistances you reduce the amount of repping needed and by increasing your buffer you increase the amount of time the Guardian pilots have to react or gauge how much repping you will require.

Light ships like frigs and destroyers do not have enough buffer and are far better fitted for avoidance tanking.

Ships that should be broadcasting for remote repair are Cruisers, Battlecruisers and Battleships.


As stated above the two main attributes you need to focus on are armor resists and armor HP.

For resistance as a minimum you should fit a Damage control II and two Energised Adaptive Nano Membrane II, Should you wish to go crazy with resistance you could try one Thermic, one Kinetic and one Explosive Hardner II, an EAMN II plus a Damage control II.

Ships that get an armor resistance bonus for example the Prophecy or Abaddon could use one less EANM II and free up and extra low slot for another damage mod.

For buffer as a minimum you should have a 800mm plate a 1600mm would be better, Battleships should aim for atleast two 1600's.

Armor Rigs although very expensive will increase the amount of dps your ship can tank or atleast make life easier for the Guardian pilots, recommended rigs would be Trimark armor pumps when used in addition to 1600mm plates give a huge bonus to armor HP becuase they are percentage based.

With alot of availible mid slots all battleships and even some Battlecruisers should fit atleast 1 ECCM module.

One or two ships in the gang should fit remote ECCM to use on the Guardians, the FC or XO should assign which ships should place remote ECCM on which Guardian before the gang sets off.

All remaining mid slots should follow the Hydra concept unless the FC desires otherwise, he may prefer alot more Tracks, Damps and ECM to remove enemy ships from fights or he may want more Webs and Painters to increase the damage done by larger ships to smaller faster targets.

Battleships with empty high slots should fit Large remote repair modules and a cap booster in the mids.

Guardians can rep out to 70km so fitting Afterburners or Micro Warp Drives to close distance with short range high damage guns is a viable option, just rember not to move out of range and turn off your MWD if you are primary.


One of the main things you need to look out for is when you are the primary target of the enemy dps and then to broadcast for armor.

It is better to broadcast sooner rather than later to allow the Guardians to lock and gauge how many reps to apply to you, also remember to broadcast while you still have shields do not wait until you start taking armor damage before you broadcast for armor.

Tell tale signs of you becoming primary is all the high dps boats on your overview will be flashing yellow to you and some of them will begin to flash red, this basically means you were secondary and you have just changed to primary and now is the time to broadcast.

Battleships with remote repair modules should add the Guardians to your watch list and also keep with 9km of them at all times, should the enemy choose to fire upon your Guardians they cannot rep themselves so may need the extra reps to stay in the fight.


The following setups are guidelines only, feel free to modify setups to fit your personal taste but make sure you focus on a strong suitable Dual Guardian armor tank first then build the rest of the ship around it.




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