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General Notes

The following is a list of skills that you need to train to fly a battleship semi-proficiently. To be a total battleship pro you would also need to put in additional 2-3 months of training for tech II large weapons. So as you can see, training up a good bs pilot, takes approximately 6 months of intense training.


For level 3 missions you can do away with having level III for most of these skills but for level 4's you better train them to level IV before you try soloing. Focus on training up the tanking skill first. As soon as you are able to absorb most of the dps that mission rats put out, you are ready to go. The damage skills only change how fast you are able to kill them, which is not as important as being able to withstand at least for a few minutes the first aggro you will get upon warping in.

It is in fact possible to solo level 4 missions starting with about 4 million in skill points in combat skills. Raven is the easiest battleship to start soloing them. Before you attempt to solo lvl 4's make sure you know the names of all the warp scrambling ships so that you can kill them first when warping into mission. Do not disregard training drone skills if you fly Caldari. Both Drake and Raven have small drone bays that can be filled with light combat drones that do a very good job at killing NPC frigates in missions.

Support Skill List


Drones V
Scout Drone Operation V
Combat Drone Operation IV
Drone Interfacing IV
Drone Navigation IV
Gallente & Minmatar Drone Specialization IV
Ewar Drone Operation III
Sentry Drone Interfacing III
Repair Drone Operation III


Electronics V
Propulsion Jamming IV
Long Range Targeting IV
Signature Analysis V
Targeting IV
Target Painting I - allows use of target painter making it easier to hit smaller ships
Signature Focusing III - optional, makes target painters more effective, requires Target Painting IV


Engineering V
Energy Systems Operations IV
Energy Management IV
Energy Grid Upgrades IV (level V will give you use of Reactor Control II)
Energy Emissions Systems III
Shield Emission Systems III - for RR gangs (remote shield rep)

Gunnery Skills

Weapon Upgrades V
Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV - good for missile users as well
Controlled Bursts IV - Minmatar don't need to train this skill
Gunnery V
Motion Prediction IV
Rapid Firing IV
Sharpshooter IV
Surgical Strike IV
Trajectory Analysis IV
Race-Specific Large Turret IV

Navigation Skills

Navigation IV
Evasive Maneuvering IV
Acceleration Control III
Warp Drive Ops III
Fuel Conservation III
High Speed Maneuvering III - for use of mwd


Remote Armor Repair Systems III - for RR gangs (remote armor rep)

Shield tankers:
Shield Management IV
Shield Operation IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
Shield Compensation IV - useful for active shield tankers only: Ravens, Cyclones, Maelstroms, etc.
4x Damage specific shield compensation skills IV - useful if you run out of cap and your invuls turn off
Hull Upgrades IV
Mechanic IV

Armor Tankers:
Repair Systems V
Hull Upgrades V
Mechanic V
4x Damage specific armor compensation skills IV
Shield Management IV
Shield Operation IV

Missile Skills (for missile users)
Missile Launcher Operation V
Rapid Launch IV
Guided Missile Precision IV
Missile Projection IV
Torpedoes IV
Missile Bombardment IV
Cruise Missiles IV
Warhead Upgrades IV

Other Notes

Too many players who do not fly Gallente forget that drones can be a great defense against small ships. But because small ships prey on all, battleship pilots of all the races in game need to be able to use tech II light drones.