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The First Days in Agony

Welcome! When a person joins Agony they are given a rank of "Trial" and a mentor is assigned as soon as possible. A new member's trial period will normally last a maximum of 90 days and there are certain requirements to meet in the course of the trial period - those requirements will be spelled out by the mentor.

Every trial is assigned at least one mentor, but should always feel free to chat with any "Core" member about any problems or questions that come up during his/her trial period. All core members are encouraged to help new people in corp with any aspect of their trial.

What Agony is looking for

First and foremost, Agony is a laid-back, mature, friendly corp and we are looking for people who fit with our current culture. We are not looking for drama or prima donne. Applicants with years of experience have been turned away from Agony as early as the initial application process when an egotistic attitude has been displayed. On the other hand, we have accepted applicants with low SP when we feel that the person might fit in well with the corp.

Once a pilot has been accepted and made trial, the cores in Agony will be looking at the pilot's contribution to our PvP activities. How is the person on comms? Does the pilot fly a "standout" role in fleets like skirmishing? Do we have have the next great FC? And the cores will also be looking at a trial's character. Is this person level-headed, inspiring, involved, a team player, likeable?

How a Trial becomes Core

During the 90 day trial, CORE Agony members, or a Flight Leader or Director will sponsor a trial member to become a full member: If not a Dir /Flight leader / XO please consult with them before proposing the vote.

Most trial periods last a maximum of 90 days. However, in Agony we realize that Real Life > EVE and sometimes things happen. If a trial needs longer, we will usually extend the time limit. If a trial needs to leave corp during the trial time, then it is not a problem to come back at a later date and become a trial again.

Remember those mentor assigned requirements mentioned above? While those vary from time zone to time zone and sometimes from trial to trial, there is one rite of passage that all core members of Agony have completed and that is the three-minute scan test. The basic concept is that the trial member will be told the name and ship type of a stationary, uncloaked core member and have to locate them within a specified system. The trial member will jump into the system and use the directional scanner to locate the core pilot in less than three minutes.

Like everything in a trial's life in Agony, the other corp members are here to help. Scanning practice is commonplace and the test is not meant to be a harsh pass/fail assignment. The purpose is simply to make sure that all members have a base level of competence with this very important skill. When a trial does not find the ship in three minutes we help that person until they can do it. Everyone can do it.

Once the requirements are met and it is felt that the trial is ready to be promoted to core, his/her mentor or recruiter will start a seven-day vote among the current Agony core and the prospective pilot will be discussed and voted upon. Congrats! You are now a core member of Agony Unleashed.

Agony Philosophy

Many corps in EVE do not have a trial period like we do. Some pilots question it. Even within Agony we often question how we can make it better. The point of the process is certainly not to stress out a prospective corp member or to haze new recruits. We want new pilots to settle into our corp and understand our culture, our philosophy. We want new pilots to "get" our brand of fun, experimental PvP. And we want our core members to have the chance to get to know each individual trial pilot very well during his/her first months in corp.