Belt Rats

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Damage types to protect against

  • Guristas - Kinetic & Thermal
  • Serpentis - Thermal & Kinetic
  • Mordus - Kinetic & Thermal
  • Blood - EM & Thermal
  • Sansha - EM & Thermal
  • Angel - Primary - Explosive, Secondary - Kinetic, Tertiary - Thermal & EM
  • Mercenary - Primary - Kinetic & Thermal, Secondary - Explosive, Tertiary - EM

Damage type to shoot at the enemy

  • Guristas - Kinetic
  • Serpentis - Thermal
  • Mordus - Thermal & Kinetic
  • Blood - Thermal
  • Sansha - Thermal
  • Angel - Explosive
  • Mercenary - Thermal

Warp Scrambling NPCs

NPCs that can warp scramble your ship and prevent it from warping out of the belt will have the following words as part of their name. Watch out for such spawns. Sometimes it is better to just let them be and wait until they despawn rather than engage them. These NPCs are also capable of using other types of electronic warfare, such as webifying or jamming.
Guristas - Dire
Sanshas - Loyal
Serpentis - Guardian
Blood Raiders - Elder
Angels - Arch angel

Faction Spawns

NPCs with the following indicator names are faction spawns. They might drop faction items or tech II implants some of which are worth a few hundred million. A faction spawn is not guaranteed to drop any faction items.
Guristas - Dread Gurista
Sanshas - True Sansha's
Serpentis - Shadow Serpentis
Blood Raiders - Dark Blood
Angels - Domination

Officer Spawns

Officer NPCs are a very rare find. They drop officer items that can be worth anywhere from a few hundred million up to a few billion ISK. In addition they have very high bounties, up to 30 million, and are accompanied by heavy escort. They are listed below starting with the most common officer and ending with the least common and most prized one.

Kaikka Peunato
Thon Eney
Vepas Minimala
Estamel Tharchon

Brokara Ryver
Selynne Mardakar
Vizan Ankonin
Chelm Soran

Brynn Jerdola
Tuvan Orth
Setele Schellan
Cormack Vaaja

Blood Raiders:
Tairei Namazoth
Raysere Giant
Ahremen Arkah
Draclira Merlonne

Mizuro Cybon
Hakim Stormare
Gotan Kreiss
Tobias Kruzhor