Bubble and Cyno Trap

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This tactic involves placing a bubble using a Heavy Interdictor or Moblie Warp disruptor on top of your Cyno field to pull curious targets into your trap who warp to your Cyno at 100km to have a look.

You have a fast tackler waiting for them on the bubble and once they are trapped the gang undocks or warps into to dispatch the target.

It effectively turns an enemy ship hunting an easy Cyno ship kill into the hunted.

Other benfits of this tactic is the fear factor it will provide every time Agony pilots drop a real Cyno, enemy pilots will be less inclined to harass our Cyno's if the last time they did it they lost a ship or they hear the story of a fellow alliance/corp mate who lost thiers.

It is important to practise this tactic in a busy system so you have more chance of targets warping to the Cyno to investigate.

Also dropping a Cyno in a system with a large enemy gang present could backfire so proper scouting would help alot.

Setting up the Trap

Fake Cyno

There is two uses for the Cyno trap, first is the fake Cyno.

You are not going to use the Cyno to acually jump in capital ships so you use a cheap throw away cyno ship and have him deploy a small moblie warp disruptor on top of the desired cyno spot.

You will need atleast one tackler with the cyno ship to grab targets and hold them while the gang warps in/undocks, to avoid having any other ships on scan you could use a cloaked Rapier or Arazu as the tackler or even a cloaked dictor (no cloaking delay to drop a bubble).

The gang should wait off scan of the Cyno aligned or docked if the bubble is deployed at a station, once everything is setup the Cynop ship should light the Cyno right in the middle of his bubble and then all that is left is to wait for targets.

One nasty trick is to deploy the fake Cyno in a belt, the Cyno ship finds a nice big group of asteroids and deploys his bubble and Cyno right in the middle of them, this will decloak any ships using cov ops cloaks and also will bounce most targets off asteroids so they cannot control thier ship upon leaving warp.

Logistics made Fun

The second use for the trap is when you are really moving capital ships around.

You will need a Heavy Interdictor to fit a Cyno and drop it at a station like any normal Cyno ship.

Once all the friendly capital ships have entered the system the HIC deploys its bubble and the carriers lock him incase he needs remote repairing.

Light tacklers should be positioned near the bubble and carriers should assist them with combat drones (Warrior II's or Sentry drones).

Once a target is sucked in by the bubble the tacklers grab it and its quickly dispatched by the drones.

Even cloaked targets will be trapped by this tactic as the station will decloak them.