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This certification is a special certification used to instruct people in how to evaluate another person for a certification. This certification is meant to be conducted based largely on the conversation between the evaluator and the candidate over the content of the article Evaluating Pilot Certification Requirements. Once the user has read and understood the contents of the article, they will seek out an evaluator and the evaluator will talk about the article with the candidate and make sure they understand both the letter and spirit of the article. When done, the candidate will be able to perform top-notch evaluations of other certifications.

Note: As of January, 2009, the Certification Evaluator certification is no longer required to administer the Basic PVP Ops and Structure and Organization Certifications for CORE members. Advisors may also administer the Intermediate PVP Ops certification without first gaining this certification. All other certification evaluations require the evaluator to hold this certification first!

General Info

  • Available only to AGONY Empire Pilots
  • Ribbon: CERT-CE.gif
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
    • Certification Evaluator
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Commander
  • Evaluatee Rank Requirements:
    • Commander or sponsorship from a Squadron Admiral or higher. This requirement is to help maintain high quality evaluations.
  • Approximate testing time: 60m

Certification Content

  1. Article Facts
    1. What is the purpose of the certifications?
    2. How many people can be certified in a single exam session?
    3. What are your options if a candidate is late or unprepared?
  2. Discussion
    1. Imagine some situations where candidates might try to bluff their way through a cert and how you can make sure they can't do it.
    2. What do you think are the most important aspects of giving a certification?
    3. Why do we restrict who can do Certification Evaluator Certification.
    4. Take a few questions from the Basic PvP Operations Certification and ask the evaluator the questions. The evaluator for this cert will pretend he is the student and you are the evaluator. Try to make sure that the person knows the content of the cert. Your evaluator may try to be evasive or give pat answers by rote memory. Discuss what you could have done better in the evaluation.
  3. Practical Requirements
    1. Give a certification test along with someone else who already has the Certification Evaluator Certification. In this test you will be the primary evaluator and the other person will be there to offer advice in private chat and supplement your evaluation. The certification test given could be over any certification that you already possesses. After the test is over, discuss the evaluation in private with the qualified evaluator and talk about how you can improve.