Combat Destroyer Operations Certification

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General Info

Certification Content


  1. Explain which of the 4 destroyers you prefer and why you do.
  2. Explain the fitting differences between a short-range, medium range, hybrid and long-range destroyer. Explain what their respective roles in a fleet are.
  3. Explain the ship bonuses and penalties for each destroyer and how they affect the ship.
  4. Explain the overall advantage of a destroyer in comparison to other small ships.


  1. Discuss how you would use a destroyer to protect a HSLR gang.
  2. Discuss how you would use a destroyer within a mixed fleet operation
  3. Discuss how to “wolf pack” a destroyer fleet and use it to take down large targets.
  4. Discuss the considerations when in fleet engagements with a destroyer fleet.
  5. Discuss the technique used in a hybrid ship to apply EWAR and DPS.
  6. Given a situation how would you use your Destroyer to its advantage?
    1. You are solo facing an Interceptor you have a point a web and are guns only.
    2. You are in a mixed fleet and are facing a comparable fleet with members on the outside
    3. You are in a destroyer fleet facing a sniper.


  1. Given a Destroyer Fit it out for the following roles
    1. Flyby sniping
    2. Short-range high damage
    3. Short-range NOS/Neut.
    4. Hybrid range EWAR support
    5. Close range EWAR