Creating Jump Clones using a Clone Vat Bay

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Originally created by Rox Genghis 2012

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a jump clone using a clone vat bay

(This module can be installed on Rorquals and Titans, but I will use the name Rorqual in place of both those ships for now)

Undock Rorqual from station

  • CTRL-SPACE to keep within docking range
  • I think you can also do this within POS shields if your customer is also in corp

Activate clone vat bay module

  • Clone vat requires 1 unit of Liquid Ozone per cycle in your cargohold
  • You candock with the clone vat activated, so this is very safe
  • Otherwise, clone vat is like a 5-minute siege/triage: You can't move or cyno out

Have the customer in space within 3 km of the Rorqual

  • Customer can be in a ship or a pod
  • Customer does not need to be in corp or fleet
  • Ask customer if he has room for another clone and his 24-hr timer is up (so he can jump into the newly created clone later)

Right-click the Rorq's capacitor or the Rorq model itself and select "Configure Ship"

  • The configure menu shows a tab for clones
  • Select the customer to invite; this will send them a confirmation window

Wait for customer to accept the invitation to install a clone

  • Once accepted, a new clone will appear in the clones list in the "Configure Ship" window
  • Customer's character sheet should also shows the new clone

Activating the clone

  • Customer must be docked in a station, in a pod, with skills paused
  • Remind customer not to use a station where he already has a JC
  • Remind customer of the 24-hour JC timer
  • Undock Rorqual from station, CTRL-SPACE, activate clone vat (You cannot clone jump into a jump clone located within a docked Rorq, or a Rorq without clone vat active)
  • Customer's Jump Clone list should show a clone in *shipname* (the Rorq)
  • Customer clone jumps to the clone in the Rorq
  • Customer appears in Rorq's system at a random safespot and enters emergency warp to Rorq
  • Customer may want to bookmark this spot before their e-warp gets too far
  • Jump clone is no longer in the Rorq, and cannot be re-installed without going through the entire procedure again

General comments

If a Rorqual's clone vat bay gets full, the pilot can destroy clones for tardy customers to make room for new ones

Note that one cool trick is to create Jump Clones in one system, jump the Rorqual to another system, and then activate the Jump Clone. This will give the customer a "free ride" to the new system.

A Rorqual can only hold so many clones at once, increasing per level of Cloning Facility Operation. I think it's 6 to 10 for levels I to V, respectively.

You can unfit and refit the clone vat bay module and this will NOT destroy any clones (the clones are linked to the Rorqual, not the module). Getting the Rorq blown up will, of course, destroy all clones.

PVP-U guys can feel free to offer JCs to students, as long as the students are willing to get to the current base themselves. Or escort the entire class to our current base and offer clones. Or, if enough students want clones, we can bring the Rorqual closer to the class starting system on request.