Cyno Frig

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Cyno Frigs

Ah, well, let's talk cyno ships a bit.

Assuming that the cyno pilot has the minimum skill level of 1 (needing 450 units of liquid ozone to do a cyno), then the minimum requirement for a cynoship is a cargospace of 180 m3. Hence the ever popular cyno kestrel, but using a simple t1 expander, a lot of other frigs work just fine. Surprisingly, most of the mining frigs are not very suitable - they have the cargospace, but not the powergrid. Of course then you can add in MAPC and they too can be used.

Has cargospace and grid

Using 1 cargo expander

Needs MAPC

Using 2 cargo expanders

Needs 3 expanders

General observations

This list shows that you can do cyno in a lot of frigs. You just may need some extra mods, if you don't have your favourite cyno frig available.

While cynoing, the cynoship is stationary and the cyno beacon is a warpable object, so any cyno frig can be attacked and this should be expected in 0.0 when doing cyno in hostile environment.

Fitting approaches

  • The ship will be lost, so don't fit it with anything but the mods needed to do the job.
  • Shield- and/or armor tank it so the carrier pilot can support it while the cynoing is going on
  • Fit it for pvp and support, possibly fitting remote sensor boosters to help the carrier get a lock faster and perhaps remote ECCM to help the carrier overcome jamming.

First and foremost, the cynofrig is expendable. The carrier isn't.