EWAR Certification

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General Info

  • Ribbon: EWAR.jpg
  • Evaluator Fee: 20M ISK
  • Agony Empire Fee: 10M ISK
  • Free for AGONY Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Lieutenant Commander
  • Evaluatee Required Certifications:
  • Approximate testing time: 40m

Certification Content

General Knowledge

  1. What does EWAR provide to a Fleet Commander?
  2. What is an EWAR pilots role in a fleet?
  3. What are common disadvantages to EWAR ships?
  4. Describe how Sensor boosters and Sensor Backups affect your EWAR capabilities?
  5. Describe an EWAR setup of a ship of your choice and explain why you chose those options. [This will help the evaluator understand your understanding of EWAR]
  6. Compare the basic EWAR modules. How effective are they, when are they effective in a fight? How is the effectiveness balanced between modules? This question will require the candidate to prepare and PM the certifier a table comparing the major EWAR modules. You will discuss it during the cert. It can be any style but should be structured as follows:


Specific EWAR Modules and Uses

  1. Do EWAR modules have a stacking penalty if so what is the penalty?
  2. Explain which race uses each sensor and what jammer is most effective against each?
  3. Is there a situation where you would want to put a jammer on a ship that does not receive a bonus to it
  4. Explain how Sensor Dampeners and scripts work and how to use them.
  5. Does optimal and falloff ranges affect the effectiveness of the Sensor Dampener
  6. What are advantages and disadvantages to using an ECM Burst?
  7. When is an inappropriate time to use an ECM Burst?
  8. Explain how a tracking disruptor affects tracking including scripts.
  9. Describe a situation where a tracking disruptor is ineffective against a target. (excluding engaging in a target fitted with missiles)
  10. Describe how target painters work.
  11. Explain how a target painter would work in a large Battleship fleet compared to a mixed fleet of frigates and cruisers. Would the Target painters stack and if so, how?
  12. Explain when you would use scripts. If you have two damps/tracks and want to have both kinds of effects, is it better to use 2 without scripts or one type of script in each?
  13. What is the difference between Nos and Neuts?
  14. How long can you drain a targets capacitor using Nos?
  15. What is a prevented measure used to counter Nos and Neuts?
  16. Which ships receive a bonus to Webbers, and what is that bonus?
  17. If a web is placed on a target does it instantly drop in speed? Does inertia play a factor in this?
  18. What is a common tactic with using dual webs?
  19. Which ships receive a bonus to warp scramblers and disruptors?
  20. What ship systems does a warp scramble affect? Will this module affect a MWD or AB?


  1. What types of EWAR Drones are available
  2. Describe each type of EWAR drone, discuss both strength and weaknesses.


  1. Describe cycle jamming. Are there other ways to employ multiple jammers against multiple targets?
  2. Would you use an EAF as a tackler, describe your reasons for your answer? What are the pros/cons?
  3. As an EWAR pilot when would you act independently, if ever, from the fleet. Give three examples.
  4. Explain what info if any would an EWAR pilot relay to the fleet or FC.
  5. What are priority targets for EWAR pilots in mixed fleets? Explain why you chose these targets as a higher priority over other ships. [The evaluator may describe a situation with multiple targets and allow you to pick the highest priority]