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What does affect your fitting capabilities?


skill effect
electronics +5% CPU output/lvl
energy managment +5% capacitor / lvl
energy system operation -5% cap recharge time/lvl
engineering +5% powergrid/lvl

Skills that affect modules

skill effect modules
electronics upgrades -5% in CPU need/lvl signal amplifier, backup sensor array
energy grid upgrades -5% in CPU need/lvl power diagnostic system, reactor control
weapon upgrades -5% in CPU need/lvl turrets, launchers
mining upgrades -5% CPU penalty mining laser upgrade (MLU penalty is increased cpu need of mining lasers)
covert ops reduced cloak CPU need covert ops ships require 50 less CPU per level to fit covert ops cloak
recon ships reduced cloak CPU need force recon ships require 100 less CPU per level to fit covert ops cloak
shield Upgrades -5%PG need/lvl shield extenders, shield recharges
advanced Weapons upgrades -2%PG need/lvl turrets, launchers
propulsion jamming -5% Cap need/lvl warp scrambler, stasis webifier
sensor linking -5% Cap need/lvl remote sensor booster/damper
target painting -5% Cap need/lvl target painters
weapon disruption -5% Cap need/lvl tracking disruptors
energy emission system -5% Cap need/lvl energy transfer array
capital energy emission system -5% Cap need/lvl capital energy transfer array
shield emission systems -5% Cap need/lvl shield transporters
capital shield emission systems -5% Cap need/lvl capital shield transporters
controlled burst -5% Cap need/lvl hybrid/energy turrets
capital remote armor repair system -5% Cap need/lvl capital remote armor repair system
capital remote hull repair system -5% Cap need/lvl capital remote hull repair system
remote armor repair systems -5% Cap need/lvl remote armor repair system
remote hull repair systems -5% Cap need/lvl remote hull repair system
high speed maneuvering -5% Cap need/lvl microwarpdrives
jump drive operation -5% Cap need/lvl jump drives
capital shield operation - 2% Cap need capital shield boster
shield compensation -2% Cap need shield booster
fuel conservation -10% Cap need/lvl afterburners
warp drive operation -10% Cap need/lvl warp drive

Module Bonuses (tech I, named and tech II)

module bonus slot
co processor +7-10% cpu low
capacitor battery 38-53(micro), 75-105(small), 300-420(medium), 500-700(large) to cap amount medium
auxiliary power control 10-12PG amount low
capacitor power relay -20-24% cap recharge low
cap recharge -15-20% cap recharge medium
power diagnostic system -7.5-8.5% Cap recharge, +5% pg, +4-5% Cap amount low
reactor control +10-15% pg low

Rig drawbacks (-10% per level)

rig drawback
drone rigs -10% CPU
energy weapons rigs +10% pg requirements of energy weapons
hybrid weapons rigs +10% pg requirements of hybrid weapons
missile launcher rigs +10% CPU requirements of missile launchers

Rigs bonuses

rig bonus
Liquid cooled electronics -10-15% CPU need to electronics upgrades modules
Signal Disruption Amplifier -20-25% cap need to ecm and ecm burst
Ancillary Current router +10-15% PG
Capacitor control circuit -15-20% cap recharge time
Egress port maximizer -15-20% cap need of energy emission system modules
Powergrid subroutine maximizer -15-20% CPU need of power upgrades modules
Semiconductor memory cell +15-20% cap amount
Algid energy administrations unit -10-15% cpu need of energy weapons
Energy discharge elutrtion -20-25% cap need of energy weapons
Algid hybrid administrations unit -10-15% cpu need of hybrid weapons
Hybrid discharge elutrtion -20-25% cap need of hybrid weapons
Core defense capacitor safeguard -10-15% cap need of shield booster (except capital)
Core defense charge economizer -10-15% power need of shield upgrades


implant 1.grade 2.grade 3.grade bonus
'highwall' HY-0(-1%) HY-1(-3%) HY-2(-5%) CPU penalty of mining upgrades
'gnome' KZA500(-1%) KZA1000(-3%) KZA2000(-5%) Turrets CPU needs.
'rougue' FY-0(-2%) FY-1(-6%) FY-2(-10%) Warp drive cap need
'squire' CR2(-1%) CR4(-3%) CR8(-5%) cap recharge
'squire' PG2(1%) PG4(3%) PG8(5%) powergrid
'gnome' KTA10(-1%) KTA100(-3%) KTA1000(-5%) launcher cPu needs
'gnome' KUA500(-1%) KUA1000(-3%) KUA2000(-5%) shield upgrades power needs
'gypsy' KLB-25(-1%) KLB-50(-3%) KLB-75(-5%) electronics upgrades CPU needs
'gypsy' KMB-25(1%) KMB-50(3%) KMB-75(5%) CPU
'sprite' KXX500(-1%) KXX1000(-3%) KXX2000(-5%) capital shield transporters cap needs
'gentry' ZEX20(-1%) ZEX200(-3%) ZEX2000(-5%) capital remote armor repair cap needs
'lancer' G0-Beta(-1%) G1-Beta(-3%) G2-Beta(-5%) turrets cap needs
'noble' ZET20(-1%) ZET200(-3%) ZET2000(-5%) remote armor repair cap needs
'squire' EE2(-1%) EE4(-3%) EE8(-5%) energy emission system cap needs
'squire' GU2(-1%) GU4(-3%) GU8(-5%) energy grid upgrades system CPU needs
'rougue' DY-0(-1%) DY-1(-3%) DY-2(-5%) afterburner cap need
'squire' CC2(1%) CC4(3%) CC8(5%) cap amount
'gnome' KXA500(-1%) KXA1000(-3%) KXA2000(-5%) shield transporters cap needs
'gypsy' KQB-25(-1%) KQB-50(-3%) KQB-75(-5%) propulsion jamming cap needs
'rougue' GY-0(-1%) GY-1(-3%) GY-2(-5%) MWD cap needs
'gypsy' KOB-25(-1%) KOB-50(-3%) KOB-75(-5%) ECM cap needs
'gypsy' KRB-25(-1%) KRB-50(-3%) KRB-75(-5%) remote sensor dampener/booster cap needs
'gypsy' KSB-25(-1%) KSB-50(-3%) KSB-75(-5%) tracking disruptor cap needs
'gypsy' KTB-25(-1%) KTB-50(-3%) KTB-75(-5%) Target painter cap needs

Also several ship receive bonuses based in your skill in the ship skill (e.g. -10% small energy weapon/ amarr frigate lvl for the punisher) or as role bonus (e.g. interceptors: -80% cap need for propulsion jamming modules)