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The GIM bookmarking convention is an alternative to the Agony standard, optimised for use with the right click menu.

Recon Bookmarks

Recon bookmarks are made 300km off the gate and unaligned to any object (planet, gate, station, moon, belt), Recon bookmarks allow a variation of 1% from the target distance (297-303k). Recon bookmarks are primarily designed for use by cloaked ships, allowing them to warp to the object, arrive on-grid and observe and report activity on the gate. They perform the secondary role of allowing pilots to wap on-grid to a gate or station with no danger of being caught in a bubble.

Finally Recon bookmarks can be used as grid-loads, but this requires careful scouting to ensure the hostile fleet is at a safe distance from the bm.

A standard system recon set will include 300k bookmarks on every gate and station in system.


Gate: G> gatename @300 - example: G> nno-3y @300
Station: S> [planet-moon abbv name] @300

example: S> [VII-M1 CNA] @300 (Station is Caldari Navy Assembly at planet VII, moon 1)

Off-Grid Tacticals (Tacs)

Tacs are standard Sanction bookmarks but are included here for convenience. These are unaligned 1000km off the object, with a 1% allowance (990-1110k). Tactical bms allow uncloaked ships to arrive at a spot where they can observe an object using the scanner, and prevent hostile fleets forcing a rapid engagement.

Off-Grid tacticals are not part of a standard recon set, and are only used in specific circumstances.


Gate: tG> gate name @1000 – example: tG> nno-3y @1000
Station: tS> [planet-moon abbv name] @1000

example: tS> [VII-M1 CNA] @1000 (Station is Caldari Navy Assembly at planet VII, moon 1)

General note on placement of Recon and Tactical bookmarks.

These should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the left or right and 45 degrees above or below the target object – or as close to these angles as practical. They should never be placed directly above or below an object (see clock bookmarks below).

Safe Spots (Safes)

Unaligned > 5au from any object, distance varies, but in old terms they are thought of as :

5.1-10 au : Short-Safe,
10.1 to 20 au : Safe
> 20 au: Deep Safe

Short-Safes should only be used by fleets with TAM captors or as a holding position while other safes are created, or as points from which improved safe-spots can be developed.


Z> nearest object name @distance ‘au’ Examples: Nearest object is Station: Z> [VII-M1 CNA] @5.7au
Nearest object is Gate: Z> nno-3y @16au
Nearest object is Planet VII: Z> VII @22au


Undocks are made off-grid from a station in a straight line from the station undock. Distance is at lease 1500k. Undocks are not considered part of a standard recon set.


U> station name @distance - example: U> [VII-M1 CNA] @2000

Escape Tacticals (clocks)

Escape tacticals are made either directly above or below the object and are always made in pairs. They allow easy alignment to an on-grid bookmark for escape or tactical purposes. The distance is usually 250k from the object with a 1% variation. Clocks are not considered part of a standard recon set.


Gate Above: xG> gate name [email protected] – example xG> nno-3y [email protected]
Gate below: xG> gate name [email protected] – example xG> nno-3y [email protected]

Station above: xS> [planet-moon abbv name] [email protected] - example: xS> [VII-M1 CNA] [email protected] (Station is Caldari Navy Assembly at planet VII, moon 1)
Station below: xS> [planet-moon abbv name] [email protected] - example: xS> [VII-M1 CNA] [email protected]

Other Sanction bookmarks

Bubble and off-Bubble Tacticals

Bubble Tacs are used for the placement of small bubbles behind an object, indicating the distance and its alignment. The preferred distance is 75km, with a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 80k.


B> object name % object(s) aligned to @ distance

In this case a shorter syntax is used for the aligned objects:

Gates: nno-3y becomes nno
Stations [VII-M1 CNA] becomes [VII-M1]
Planets: Planet number

Example: B> saranen % 93p, omh, VII, [V-M1] @75 (Describes a Bubble Tactical behind Saranen gate at 75k, aligned to two gates, planet VII and the station(s) at planet V moon 1).

Off-Bubble Tacticals are placed behind a bubble tactical (i.e. further away from the object) at the optimal distance decided by the individual pilot. If the optimal is unknown the default distance is 20k from the bubble.

These tacticals allow pilots to warp between gates without hitting a bubble, and ofc get them into the optimal position for engaging a target without delay.


tB> object name % object(s) aligned to @ distance Example: tB> saranen % 93p, omh, VII, [V-M1] @20
(describes the off-bubble tactical for the bubble tactical described above).

Note: The naming of bubble tacticals is not always easy to read, for this reason it is recommended they are stored in a separate folder, and during use this folder is kept open (as opposed to using the right-click menu). You can then easily sort bookmarks by jump distance or solar system to find local tacticals.

POS Tacticals

POS tacticals are often temporary bookmarks made for a specific operation or campaign, they are stored in their own folder, which may be operation specific. Note that when making POS bookmarks the pilot will likely spend 95% of his time cloaked, and ships should be fit accordingly.

A standard POS bookmark set includeds a grid-load, and tacticals at 150, 100 and 50km - all with an allowed 1% variation.


Grid Load: gl> [planet-moon] @distance - example: gl> [VII-M1] @420
Tacticals: P> [planet-moon] @distance - example: P> [VII-M1] @150

Low/null Sec Mining Bookmarks (booo, shame)

Mining bookmarks should be kept in their own folder. Note the key with these bookmarks is that the miners will always be aligned to the Star and moving toward it (if at a low speed), the bookmarks are positioned with this in mind. Mining points and hauler points are made in pairs, the mining point will be slightly above or below the belt, with the hauling point approx 5k to one side of the mining point.

Escape points are made so that miners (or haulers) do not need to realign to warp to them (as long as they are aligned to the star), they will be at least 1au away from any object, but they are not safe, on arrival the mining fleet leader should move the fleet to a safe or to the home POS or station, in no circumstances should the FC ever keep the fleet at an escape point, we would rather have a safe busted than an escape point.

Note: A set of mining bookmarks includes a set of at least 2 Undocks if based at a station or a Recon off the POS, a set of Recons if in 0.0, and at least 2 Safes. See above for all these bm types.


Mining points: M> planet-belt ':' bm number - example: M> VII-1 :02
Hauling points: H> planet-belt ':' bm number - example: H> VII-1 :02
Escape Point: E> planet(s) it applies to - example: E> VII X - indicates this escape point can be used for all belts at planets VII and X


There are two types of flyby bookmarks, origins and flyby tacticals. Flybys allow a fleet to warp in at snipe range from an object, engage a target and (almost) insta-warp out.

Origins are made in pairs (Alpha and Beta), unaligned, with a straight line between them that passes through the object. All flyby warps start (originate) at the alpha or beta origin (hence the name). Origins are set at a minimum of 5000k from the object.

Origins: fA or B> object name '@' distance in km example: fA> Akkio @5000

Flyby tacticals (flybys) are the snipe spots you warp to in order to engage the hostiles. They are usually made at 30/70/100 and 150km off the object. Flybys are made in sets of 4, one above, one below, one to the right and one to the left of the object - all flybys are placed assuming you are looking at the object from the Alpha origin.

Flybys are named north east south west. The line between Alpha and Beta is considered the axis of the compass.

Flybys: f> object name '@' distance in km +direction
example: f> Akkio @70 North

If multiple sets exist on an object a number can be added to differentiate between fly by sets.

example: f3> Akkio @70 North

Bomb tacs

Bomb tacs are a slight variation of the Fly by's they differ in the fact that a bomber has to align to an object in order to launch the bomb correctly. If a fly by set exist it is easy to use the existing bookmark set even with a group of stealthbombers. Bombers use the compass sets or warp in at range to the origin and after launching warp to the escape on the opposite side. This means an extra escape bookmark needs to be made on each of the compass directions in the fly by set. Multiple bombers can warp in at range on the existing sniping spots in order to make room for more bombers in a bombing run.

Cascade bookmark

Cascade bookmarks are a seperate set of bookmarks that can easily be used to warp in a group of cloaked ships and avoid having them decloak while still being in relative short range on an object. These bookmarks will as a bubble bookmark always have an alignment to make sure warping ships end up being in relative short range.

cB> object name % object(s) aligned to @ distance


Gate bookmarks G> gate name @300
Station bookmarks S> station name @300
Undock bookmarks U> station name @distance

off grid tac

tG> gate name @range tS> station name @range

safe spots

Z> nearest object name @distance ‘au’