Gang Lead Certification

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General Info


Gang Lead cert is obtained by attending the Basic FC Seminar and actually leading small gangs. It should require little administration and be obtainable by any AGONY core member. This cert will recognize the small gang leaders who are vital to AGONY as well as be a stepping stone to the larger Fleet Command Certification.

Certification Content

1. Attend a Basic FC Seminar(Alternatively, you can set up a meeting with a cert evaluator for a 60 minute question and answer period based on the Basic FC curriculum)

2. Lead one gang with a Cert Evaluator present. Have a post-gang after action discussion and submit an AAR.

3. Lead five gangs and submit 5 AARs (Each gang must have at least two core members in the fleet who comment on the AAR)

4. PM the cert evaluator with links to all six AARs and the seminar you attended.