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This is a Short and Simple Guide on How to Setup and Run a Reactions POS. Originally posted by Sever Aldaria

How to set up a reactions POS

What are reactions?

Reactions are materials that can are used to eventually create components used for T2 production. There are three types of reaction materials:

  • Moon Materials
  • Simple Reactions
  • Complex Reactions

Moon Materials are the basic materials which are gathered using a Moon Harvesting Array on a POS. Examples:

  • Mercury
  • Vanadium
  • Dysprosium

Simple Reactions are made using Moon Materials in a Medium Reactor. Examples:

  • Solerium
  • Vanadium Halfnite
  • Dysporite

Complex Reactions are made using Simple Reactions in a Reactor. Complex Reactions are then used in T2 production. Examples:

  • Hypersynaptic Fibers
  • Fermionic Condensates
  • Nanotransistors

Ok, so how do I make money with reactions?

Most people take moon materials and create Simple Reactions. They then sell those reactions on the market (usually Jita) or use them in making Complex Reactions. Complex Reactions are then sold on the market (Jita again) or can be used in T2 productions. This guide will not cover their use in T2 production.

  • Usually creating and selling Complex Reactions is more profitable than focusing on Simple Reactions

I got it. So how to I make these reactions?

You'll need a Large POS if you want to make Complex Reactions since a Medium POS doesn't have enough cpu to run a Reactor which creates Complex Reactions. For Reactions, a Caldari Control Tower should be used since it has the most cpu.

Wait, theres cpu on a POS? Is there PG also?

Yes. A POS has cpu and pg just like a ship. Each structure you online on a POS requires a certain ammount of pg and/or cpu. Structures have to be anchored and then onlined just like modules are placed on a ship and then put online. Any number of structures can be anchored at once, but they won't do much unless they're onlined. While they're online, they will add to the POS's fuel consumption per tick.

Per tick? Fuel consumption?

Yes, a POS requires a certain ammount of fuel in its fuel storage in order to function. Fuel is consumed every 'tick' of the POS or every hour since the POS was onlined. Additionally, reaction materials are both consumed and produced every tick.

Simply put: 1 tick = 1 hour

The ammount and types of fuel needed and how much time until the POS is out of fuel can be visible in the POS manager window which is accessed by right clicking on your POS after its anchored and selecting the POS manager.

Alright already, get to the point. How do I set this up?

No problem. You'll need a 'Caldari Control Tower', a 'Reactor', and one 'Silo' for each input material needed for your 'Reactor' and one 'Silo' for the output of your 'Reactor'. How many depends on the reaction you're doing. Most require 3 inputs, others require 4.

  • 3 input Complex reactions allow you to also run a Simple Reaction that produces one of the input materials for your Complex reaction. All Simple Reactions require 2 inputs so running a 3 input Complex Reaction and a Simple Reaction feeding into it would require 6 Silos.

Now, you'll need to find a quiet low sec system (0.3 to 0.0) and a moon to place your POS at. If you plan on doing any sort of moon mining for Moon Materials then you might want to survey moons by using a survey probe, pointing your ship at the middle of the moon, and launching the probe and running the scan.

Once you've found a location, you start by 'launch for corp' your POS from the cargo hold of a hauler or freighter, and anchoring the large POS for corp. You'll need starbase roles for this. This will then bring up a large green box in space with arrows on each side. Clicking and dragging the appropriate arrow allows you place a structure where you want it. This is how you place a POS and structures on the POS.

More than likely your POS will begin anchoring 200km or more from where you wanted to place your POS so don't freak out. Thats normal, just make sure you bookmark your POS so you can warp directly to it in the future. The rest of the structures you place around your POS will all anchor exactly where you place them.

Anchoring the POS will take 30 minutes so go ahead and log out so you don't draw attention to yourself. After its anchored, you need to put fuel in your POS's fuel storage. After you've dropped fuel in it, you can online it. This will also take 30 minutes so go ahead and log out again. The next time you log in, your POS should have a nice big forcefield around it. Now you can start anchoring structures one by one.

OMG! Is it really going to take another 30 minutes for each structure?!

Don't worry, structures on a POS don't take anywhere near as long to anchor and online. Just a few minutes each. Anchor all of your structures but don't online them yet. Before you online the silos, you need to define what type of material it will hold. Under the industry tab in the POS Manager window, you'll see all of your silos and reactors if they're anchored. On the right of each silo, you'll see a small button that says "change type." Click on it, and then select the material you want to put in that silo. After you've defined all of the silos, you can put reaction materials in them.

You can only put in or take out materials from a Silo while its offlined. However, you can offline a silo and then start it onlining again while taking out or putting in new materials.

Now, put the reaction blueprint (example: Hypersynaptic Fibers blueprint) in the 'Reactor'.

Is that like, the same kind of blueprint you can research and that has a limited run?

No. Reactions blueprints cannot be researched and you will only ever need to buy one. They can be found on the npc market for about 4.5m.

Ok, now that everything is all loaded up, online all of the silos and reactors. Once they're all online, go into the POS Manager and find all your silos and reactors under the industries tab. You'll notice a small square icon to the left and right of each silo and reactor. These are the inputs and outputs. Click and drag the output of one silo to the appropriate input of the reaction. Similarly, drag the output of each reactor to the input of the corresponding input of the Silo that is designated to hold your complex reaction material that you're making. After everything is connected, hit the 'apply' button at the bottom of the window. Hover your mouse cursor over a reactor and it should say a bunch of text about if its connected properly and working.

At this point, 100 units of each input material will be taken at the next tick of the POS. 100 units of each Simple Reaction material (if you're running a Simple Reaction as well) and a varying amount of Complex Reaction material will then be output at the following tick. Now its up and rolling by itself making you money every hour of every day, hurray! \o/

Now all you have to do is take out the complex materials every so often (I make a trip to refuel and take out material once a week) and then sell it on the market (usually Jita).

"Step 3) Profit!!!"

Ok, so which reaction should I do?

Thats really up to you. Almost all complex reactions will guarantee profit. Some usually give very little, others give much much more. You just have to do some research. Look up the different complex reactions, see how much they're selling for, what the volume per day is, and look at the simple reaction materials thats needed and how much it would cost you to buy them. Then its just simple math.

  • I have created an excell spreadsheet of every combination of Complex Reactions that allows you to input the selling price of every reaction and it updates and gives you the profit on every combination of Complex reaction per hour / day / 1 week / 2 weeks / 4 weeks along with the costs to buy the materials and pos fuel. In essence, it will give you the most profitable reaction currently. If you'd like this spreadsheet, then pm me with an email address and I will email it to you from [email protected] Feel free to ask questions if you don't completely understand it.

Can't you just tell me which one is the most profitable?

If I could, then I would. However, profit margins on reactions can fluctuate VERY widely. One week one reaction will be the most profitable, the next week another reaction can be the most profitable. Its just important that you pick one that gives you a good amount of profit and that has a lot of volume passing through jita.

How widely can the prices fluctuate?

Well, on one reaction, I plugged in the values of the costs for reaction materials and the amount I could sell the output for and the result was 1.5 billion isk per month. The next week, the sell prices on the complex material crashed bringing profits down to nearly 1/2 a billion isk per month. It stayed around this for about 3 weeks more or less before prices (and thus profit) went up again.

Why does this happen?

Most likely because a lot of people have several different reactions that they do depending on which is the most profitable at the time. At that point, its simple supply and demand.

How much will this cost me?

Well, the POS with 6 'Silo's, 1 'Medium Reactor', and 1 'Reactor' will cost you about 450m isk. On top of that, you'll need about 40m isk per week in POS fuel. As far as the cost of reaction materials, honestly it depends on the reaction you're doing and how much it will cost you to buy the needed materials. It can vary from 20m isk per week, to 560m isk per week and the most profitable reaction is probably somewhere in between. It all depends on the reaction you're doing.

Additionally, if you don't want to spend a ton of time making dozens of hauler runs for the reaction materials (they take up a lot of space), then you'll need to bring in the fuel and materials all at once with a Freighter. Its an expensive asset sure (920-980m isk) but as long as you have a scout, run it at a quiet time, and are ready to close your client at the first sign of a pirate then you should be good.

So between a POS, fuel, reaction materials, and potentially a freighter, you can put in 1.5b isk into getting your reactions POS started which should pay off everything in 1.5 to 2 months. Unless you have the capital and a 2nd account to run scout for you, I'd recommend going in on your venture with a partner who can split the costs with you.

What about defenses?

Having some defenses is good since it would make you uncomfortable if someone else was sitting outside your POS just watching you wouldn't it? Theres no reason to wild on POS guns since the more guns you have the more fuel you'll need and anyone thats determined to take down a Large POS won't be affected by your guns. That being said, 4 small guns (loaded with medium ammo) and 4 medium guns (loaded with large ammo) is a decent combination to instapop people that warp to your moon. Either way, don't use missiles since they require cpu but guns don't.

What if someone decides to take down my POS?

Congratulations, you're about the 5th person in all of EVE history who's had a Large POS in low sec belonging to a low profile alt corp blown up by a bunch of pirates just because it was there. Honestly, no one is going to use a bunch of Dreads and Battleships and spend hours shooting at a large POS of your alt corp. Theres not profit or advantage in it for them, its a huge waste of time and money, and its not fun at all. Just don't go taunting pirates in local "Nya nya, you can't touch me!" Its probably not wise to tempt people.

So thats pretty much it. Let me know if you have any further questions by posting threads in this new forum. A running FAQ will be created using the questions you ask.

Summery: Ventrilo version

  • Get a 'Caldari Control Tower', 'Reactor' for a complex reaction, a 'Medium Reactor' if you're also doing a Simple Reaction that feeds into your Complex Reaction, and one 'Silo' for each input and output of your reactions.
  • Define each silo to hold the appropriate type of mateiral using the pos manager, fill the silos with material, online them and the reactors with reactions blueprint put in the reactor, and then link up the outputs of the silos to the inputs of the reactors, and the outputs of the reactors to the inputs of the appropriate silos and hit the apply button at the bottom of the window. The POS will start reacting (100 units of each input material) every tick and then you're all set until you need to take out materials to sell or put in more fuel or materials to react.
  • Buy and Sell your reaction materials in Jita. Use a freighter to haul all the fuel and reaction materials unless you want to experience the pain of making dozens of hauler runs (reaction materials take up a lot of space).
  • Profits on POS reactions can fluctuate very widely so don't get too worried if the profits on your reaction suddenly drop by a large margin. It takes a while getting used to.
  • If you'd like help choosing a reaction and maintaining your reaction POS then pm me with your email address and I'll send you my POS Reactions spreadsheet from [email protected] This spreadsheet allows you to plug in the jita prices of each material and gives you the costs, sales, and profits of every combination of Complex reaction and gives you the most profitable complex reaction with the inputed prices. Ask me about it if you don't understand it.

Post questions about reaction POS's in a new thread and I'll take those questions and create an FAQ thread with them.