Hulk Support Skills

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Mining barges tank with shield and protect themselves with drones. As such you do need to have combat drone skills and shield tanking skills. If you mine in 0.8-1.0 your tank really doesn't matter but if you go to mine in lower sec, especially 0.5, you'd need those shield tanking skills to protect yourself against the rats there. Needless to say that you need to have very good tanking skills if you ever plan on mining in 0.0 space. Also your mining barge pilot will need to have decent capacitor skills because strip miners use considerable amount of cap.

Tech II mining crystals last for about 10 hours of use. The damage that they get is random, so it may be 5 hours or 15 hours, but 10 hours is about average for how long they last. They do, however, pay for themselves rather quickly so you will make more ISK mining if you train up to use those.

Combat Drone Operations IV
Drone Durability IV
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Navigation V
Drone Sharpshooting IV
Gallente Drone Spec III
Mining Drones V
Scout Drone Operations V

Electronics V
Long Range Targeting IV
Targeting III

Engineering V
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
Shield Compensation IV
Shield Management IV
Shield Operations IV
Shield Upgrades IV
Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
4x shield compensation skills III

Mining Upgrades IV

Cybernetics IV (allows use of some nice mining hardwiring implants)

Hull Upgrades IV
Mechanic IV

Evasive Maneuvering IV
Navigation V
Warp Drive Operation IV

Exhumers V
Spaceship Command V

Other Useful Industrial Skills

Racial Industrial V - ability to fly a freighter, added bonus to cargo capacity on all haulers
Production Efficiency V - manufacture stuff with no waste due to skills
Mass Manufacturing V - gives 5 manufacturing slots
Advanced Mass Production IV - gives 4 more manufacturing slots, prerequisite to using Rorquals
Supply Chain Management III - ability to start manufacturing jobs from a distance
Veld/Scord/Plag/Pyro Ore Processing Skills IV - ability to use tech II mining crystals for high sec ores
Refining V - refine with more yield
Refinery Efficiency V - refine with more yield, also needed for tech II mining crystals for 0.0 ores and scrapmetal processing
Scrapmetal Processing IV - refine rat loot with more mineral yield
Ice Harvesting V and Ice processing IV/V - only needed for 0.0 space or if you run your own POS, so that you can mine for fuel
Science V, Research V, Metallurgy V - research your own blueprints
Advanced Spaceship Command V - prerequisite for flying Rorquals
Shield Operations V, Tactical Shield Manupulation V - prerequisite for flying Rorquals, use of capital shield booster