Intermediate General PvP Operations Certification

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General Info

  • Ribbon: CERT-IGPVPO.gif
  • Evaluator Fee: 20M ISK
  • Agony Empire Fee: 10M ISK
  • Free for AGONY Rank: Ensign+
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Lieutenant Commander
    • Officers may administer this certification without the Certification Evaluator certification.
  • Evaluatee Required Certifications:
  • Approximate testing time: 1.5 - 2 Hours
  • Cert contains practical (demonstration) portion. Coordinate location in advance.

Certification Content

  1. Navigation
    1. Explain a TAM and what its uses are in gang. Demonstrate that you can execute the maneuver either as the anchor to the TAM or the ship using the TAM. Your gang is sitting within jumping range of a gate with enemy ships sitting within 2km of the same gate in the neighboring system. Explain the dangers of executing a TAM maneuver in this situation.
    2. Explain how Mobile Warp Disruptors and Interdictors work. When do the bubbles catch you and how can you avoid getting caught on them.
  2. Communications
    1. Explain the importance and use of broadcast actions in gang such as broadcasting for shield or armor.
  3. Tactics
    1. Explain how to survive a situation where you jump solo into a bubble on a hostile camp with multiple ships.
    2. Your evaluator will pick three ship types at random and ask you to describe their key strengths and weaknesses in detail. EG: Destroyer, Command Ship, Stealth Bomber; or T1 Frigate, Recon, Battleship.
    3. Explain the meaning of "Situational Awareness" and why it is important to a fleet even if you are not commanding that fleet.
    4. Explain some times where you might want to exercise independent thought (other than what is ordered) in a gang, how you should go about executing the independent maneuver and what orders might override your independent idea.
    5. Explain the following three general strategies of dealing with incoming damage. Explain the pro's and con's of each strategy and how each strategy works in practice (modules and tactics used).
      1. Resistance
      2. Repair
      3. Avoidance
    6. Explain the term "Effective HP" and why it matters in a remote repping or logistics gang.
    7. Describe considerations that you need to keep in mind when in a gang working with logistics ships.
    8. What is meant by "getting in the head of your opponent" and how important is it to do this in PvP. Give examples where getting in an opponent's head can turn the tide in a battle or save you from destruction. When should you be seriously concerned about this kind of thought process?
  4. Reconnaissance
    1. You are acting as a skirmisher and jump into a camp. Explain what process you must go through to not only survive but deliver appropriate and accurate intel to your fleet commander.
    2. Demonstrate that you can jump into a system and locate an uncloaked pilot at a moon, asteroid belt, planet or any other celestial object within 3 minutes.
    3. Demonstrate that you know how to prevent warping in on a POS if your scan target might be at a moon.
  5. Character Development
    1. Define a long term plan for your combat skills using Evemon. Show the plan to your evaluating officer and talk about why you plan to do various things. Note that your plan may change later and that is fine, the important skill here is knowing how to make the plan.
    2. Demonstrate that you know how to use Eve Fitting Tool and its uses in planning a ship configuration.
  6. Situational Analysis
    1. You are sitting in a station in a combat ship and a corp mate is outside and suddenly says "Damn, they have me tackled 200km above the station." What do you do? Is there any process you should go through before charging to the rescue?
    2. You are in a gang sitting on a gate and camping. The covert ops pilot watching the other side of the gate loses connection and, although announced, the gang leader doesn't acknowledge or do anything about it and the gang continues to sit on the gate. Is there anything you should do at this point?
    3. You are in a gang fighting on a gate and the covert ops pilot calls out that local is spiking on the other side and they are coming to you. The gang leader calls, "Finish this guy and prepare to get out." What kinds of things should you be doing if you are in a cruiser, or an assault frig or tackler. If you know you are scrambled by the opponent in your cruiser, is there anything you can do?
    4. You are in a gang and the primary and the secondary gang lead get popped. No one is giving orders anymore and the gang is in danger of dropping into chaos. What do you do?
    5. You are in a dead end system, trapped by an opposing force and they are using probes to scan you down. You have covert ops on the other side of the gate. You see four combat scan probes on scan indicating their fleet could get a fix on you in seconds. What actions can you take at this point. Assuming all your safe spots could be compromised in seconds, what actions might you take now.
    6. You are out ratting in your battlecruiser and miss someone coming in local because you are distracted by a family member (things happen). You end up scrambled by a crow but you know you have friends at the station. How would you react and why?

Evaluator Materials