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This is a list of items for trading in Agony's 0.0 stations.

Please refer here for general notes, hints and tips for 0.0 trading.

Ammunition and Charges

Ammo: Faction ammo is very popular among pvpers of all skill level so I make sure to supply plenty of it. Among T2 ammo there is some deemed "useless" or very situational and this is typically a waste to supply. I try to supply popular T2 ammo that are used in common pvp fits. Barrage S and M enjoys good consumption. Spike M and S enjoy some consumption as well as Tremor S (used for Agony's flyby destroyer gangs). Aurora M is good for sniper Zealots which are popular in hac gangs. Scorch of all sizes is a god-sent ammo for Amarr pilots. I don't sell void, conflagration, quake. Large ammunition like antimatter L or barrage L gets bought all too rarely to be worth it to sell.

  • Federation Navy or Caldari Navy antimatter charges S and M - fed navy and cal navy are equivalent to each other, so you can purchase whichever one is cheapest, good consumption
  • Null S and M - gets consumed though not in huge quantities, useful to carry for blaster-boat pilots who can't quite get into that 2-3km optimal range, consumption is low to moderate
  • Republic Fleet fusion and emp S and M - this is short range high damage minmatar ammo, fusion does explosive damage against armor tankers while emp does em damage against shield tankers, good consumption
  • Barrage S and M - popular ammo to use with T2 Minmatar guns, relatively high consumption
  • Tremor S - sniper-thrasher pilots consume this one, low consumtion
  • Aurora M - for sniper-Zealots and Harbingers, low consumption
  • Scorch S, M, L - popular Amarr T2 ammo, very useful, moderate consumption
  • Amarr navy multifrequency crystals S, M, L - because scorch and aurora give tracking penalty sometimes Amarr pilots choose to load navy multi, low consumption
  • Regular multifrequency, standard, and infrared or radio crystals S, M, L - ammunition for amarr is kind of expensive to lose along with the ship because faction crystals cost 400K-1+ mil per crystal so often Amarr pilots who cannot use T2 guns would opt to load cheaper fits with cheap regular crystals, low consumption
  • Spike S and M - useful for sniper cormorants as well as sniping gallente and caldari ships, HSLR deimos and eagle, sniping brutixes and myrmidon, low consumption

Missiles: A variety of Caldari ships get bonuses to kinetic damage of missiles so kinetic missiles generally have high consumption rates. HAM and HML Drakes are very popular ships to fly for pvp and pve. Practically all races have ships that can fit missile launchers so it is not just Caldari pilots who will purchase these. Besides kinetic missiles I also try to supply heavy and cruise missiles for damage type to which local rats are weakest to for NPCers and plex runners. Defenders and FoFs are quite situational and are very low sell volume items, so I don't supply these.

  • Caldari Navy Foxfire and Phalanx rockets - since Crow is the only small ship that gets a bonus to kinetic missiles and since rocket Crows are very rare, thermal and explosive rockets have best consumption rates
  • Caldai Navy Bloodclaw and Flameburst light missiles - Bloodclaw is for the Kestrels and Crows, Flameburst is good all-around light missile type
  • Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy missiles + rat specific heavy missiles - Scourge are kinetic long range missiles for Caracals and Drakes, for second damage type to import pick it to match lowest resistance on local rats
  • Caldari Navy Terror heavy assault missiles - these are short range high damage missiles for HAM-ships, can also import CN fulmination for explosive damage type
  • Cruise missiles - i don't import much of these, if I do usually pick them to match weakness on resists of local rats, these mostly get used for PVE
  • Caldari Navy torpedoes - i import small quantities of all torpedo types for the stealth bombers and occasional Raven pilots buy these as well

Bombs: These are relatively low-consumption items but essential to attracting stealth bomber pilots into the area. Because SBs cargohold can only carry 2 bombs, after a few bombing attempts the SB pilots start looking for a nearby place to resupply. Most SB pilot fly the Manticore so Concussion bombs enjoy higher sell rates. The void and lockbreaker bombs very get purchased rarely even in empire and are quite situational, so I've never sell them in 0.0.

  • Concussion
  • Electron
  • Shrapnel
  • Scorch

Probes - I usually import only sisters (faction) probes both core for finding complexes and combat for finding ships. They aren't that expensive and don't require any extra skills to use.

Cap Booster Charges - Under this section I may import 150, 400, and 800 charges of regular or navy variety. Not high use but are very important for some ship fits to have.

Nanite Repair Paste - This item gets regularly bought up in small batches so 3,000-5,000 units last for a while.

Scripts - Another quite popular item to buy in 0.0. I sell all 8 varieties of scripts except for focused warp disruptor script for hics (very low use). If you have limited trade slots then import only Scan Resolution, Targeting Range, Targeting Range Dampening scripts as these see the highest use.


Drones Warrior II have highest consumption rate in 0.0 followed by Hammerhead II's, Valkyrie II's, and Hobgoblins. Ogres II's and kinetic drones (Vespas and Hornets) enjoy moderate to low consumption. Other types of drones that get often used in pvp are Hornet ECs and Vespa ECs as well as sentry drones. Light armor maintenance bots have some use as well. I also sell some thermal T1 drones for those players who cannot yet use T2 or who prefer to assemble a cheap throw-away fit. Among sentry drones I sell gardes (highest damage) and bouncers (more range, explosive damage). Sentry drones are good for Dominix, Ishtar, and Carrier pilots.

  • Warrior II
  • Hammerhead II
  • Valkyrie II
  • Hobgoblin II
  • Ogre II
  • Garde I and Garde II
  • Bouncer II
  • Hornet EC-300 and Vespa EC-600
  • Light maintenance bot

Drone Upgrades: Drone Link Augmentor and Omnidirectional Link enjoy some consumption, Drone Navigational Computer is a bit less useful but also sells.


Learning implants: + 3 implants sell pretty well in 0.0. +2 and +4 implants have lower sell rates but can also be imported. The ocular implant (one that gives bonus to perception) usually gets bought up slightly faster than other other ones. Social implants get bought at may be half the rate of other implants.

Harwirings: These are low-use items but generally nice to have on general market. I typically purchase implants that give +1% powergrid, +1% cpu, and ones that decrease cpu use by turrets.

  • squire PG2 - 1% bonus to powergrid
  • gypsy KMB-25 - 1% bonus to ship's cpu


Electronic Warfare: Warp disruptors, stasis webifiers, and warp scramblers are very high consumption modules because they get used on practically every pvp ship. I try typically supply cheap named and T2 versions of tackling equipment. Named tackling gear uses less cpu (which is important on small ships like inties), consumes less capacitor, and requires less skill to use. It also gets bought by PVPU class students taking a break in station. Other electronic warfare modules (damps, tracks, ecm) have low sell volumes. ECCM and back-up arrays are very low volume item so I don't sell it - most popular are amarr eccm units for guardians and amarr bs.

  • Warp Diruptor II
  • Warp Scrambler II
  • J5 Prototype Warp disruptor - cheap warp disruptor, uses less CPU and en per cycle than T2 disruptor
  • J5b Prototype Scrambler - j5b scram is much cheaper than T2 scram and uses less CPU, it is only 400m shorter in optimal range
  • X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator - meta 3 stasis webifier, the meta 4 one is kind of expensive so this is a popular affordable substitute
  • 'Hypnos' Multispectral ECM I - meta 4 mutispec
  • 'Umbra' I White Noise ECM - meta 4 amarr jammer
  • BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM - meta 4 caldari jammer
  • Enfeebling Phase Inversion ECM I - meta 4 minmatar jammer
  • 'Hypnos' Ion Field ECM I - meta 4 gallente jammer
  • 'Hypnos' Signal Distortion Amplifier I - meta 4 ECM enhancing module
  • DDO Photometry Tracking Disruptor I - mete 3 tracking disruptor, the meta 4 balmer disruptor costs quite a bit (3-4 mil a piece) so DDO is an affordable substitute
  • Parallel Weapon Navigation Transmitter - meta 3 target painter, useful for stealth bombers as well as for battleships, meta 4 can go for 3-4 mil so this is a cheaper substitute
  • Low Frequency Sensor Suppressor I - meta 3 sensor dampener, useful for stealth bombers

You can choose to sell T2 versions of tracking disruptors, target painters, and sensor dampeners if you have enough open buy/sell orders. The meta versions should take precedence though because they require less skill and less fitting requirements to use, and thus are of more wide use. T2 ecm is useless to sell because meta 4 versions are cheap enough and give better performance than T2.

Electronics and Sensor Upgrades: Sensor booster are highest consumption items out of this category. I make sure to sell T2 and well as named versions of these. Cloaking devices, co-processors, tractor beams, signal amplifiers all enjoy low to moderate consuption. Auto-targets, ship scanners, and passive targets are very situational modules so I don't sell these.

  • Sensor Booster II
  • Co-Processor II
  • Alumel-Wired I Sensor Augmentation - meta 3 sensor booster, cheaper lower CPU substitute for T2 sebo
  • Prototype Cloaking Device I - cheap cloak, if there are ships selling in the same station, selling cheap cloaks improves confidence of pilots that they can buy a ship and get away with it
  • Covert Ops Cloaking Device II - not very high use if there aren't any covops, stealth bomers, or recons selling in station
  • Type-D Attenuation Signal Augmentation - meta 4 signal amplifier, low slot modules that improves locking time and range
  • Small Tractor Beam I - very useful module for carebearing purposes

Engineering Equipment: Lots of useful items in this category. I don't sell energy transfer arrays and capacitor flux coils under this category.

  • Small Capacitor Battery II - has low skill requirements, meta 4 version of this module is inferior to T2 version so I typically supply T2 version only, low use
  • Medium Capacitor Battery II - same notes as for small cap battery, low use
  • Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster - same stats as T2, much cheaper and has better fitting req's, low use
  • Medium F-RX Prototype I Capacitor Boost - since medium electrochemical booster is expensive, this is a popular cheap substitute, low use
  • Medium Capacitor Booster II - low use
  • Medium Energy Neutralizer II - useful for minmatar ships as well as amarr recons, low use
  • Medium 'Gremlin' Power Core Disruptor I - meta 2 neutralizers, best named ones are quite expensive, low to med use
  • Heavy Unstable Power Fluctuator I - best named heavy neutralizer, the T2 one requires too much skill to use so I don't sell those but instead sell best named ones
  • Small Unstable Power Fluctuator I - best named small neutralizer, med use
  • Medium 'Knave' I Energy Drain - cheap named nos, I only sell medium and small noses as heavy ones are too low use
  • Small 'Knave' I Energy Drain - i sell these ones because they actually use 1pg grid less than E5 or diminishing noses which is a big deal for small ships
  • Small Diminishing Power System Drain I - same stats as T2 small nos, easier fitting req's
  • Micro Auxiliary Power Core I - useful for smalls ships
  • Capacitor Power Relay II - med to high use
  • Cap Recharger II - med to high use
  • Power Diagnostic System II - med to high use
  • Reactor Control Unit II - low use item because it requires a week long skill, but crucial for some fits

If you have extra open buy/sell slots you can also opt in to sell named versions of CPRs and PDUs that use less cpu.

Hull and Armor: Under this category I do not sell hull repairers, bulkheads, and remote armor repairers, but everything else is good to go. Armor hardeners are quite low use (because active tanking in pvp is not very popular) so I try not to sell them. I also do not sell damage-specific plating and energized membranes but opt out to sell only adaptive ones.

  • Small Armor Repairer II - high use
  • Small 'Accommodation' Vestment Reconstructer I - cheap lower pg named substitute for T2 repper, low use
  • Medium Armor Repairer II - med use, named versions of medium armor repairer are quite expensive so I don't stock them
  • Large Armor Repairer II - relatively low consumption item as passive tanking is popular for battleships but enjoys some use
  • Expanded Cargohold II - med use, since this module does not require grid or cpu no need to supply named versions
  • Nanofiber Internal Structure II - high use, since this module does not require grid or cpu no need to supply named versions
  • Damage Control II - high use, very important module to stock
  • F85 Peripheral Damage System I - meta 2 damage control, good for saving on CPU and cheap enough
  • Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
  • Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
  • Adaptive Nano Plating II
  • 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I - while expensive (3-4 mil per module) this module enjoys moderate consuption
  • 1600mm Reinforced Crystalline Carbonide Plates I - cheaper than tungsten plates and uses less CPU
  • 1600mm Reinforced Titanium Plates I - about same price as carbonide but uses even less CPU
  • 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I - useful for tanking frigates, med use
  • 400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I - can be fitted to destroyers as well as frigate, low use
  • 800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I - used on cruisers, low use

Propulsion: Under this category I avoid selling battleship-sized propulsion modules. As with many battleship sized modules, they don't sell often enough to warrant supplying them.

  • 1MN MicroWarpdrive I - med use
  • 1MN MicroWarpdrive II - high use
  • Catalyzed Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters - med use, popular substitute for T2 mwd as it uses less pg and cpu while cap penalty is only slightly bigger, these are a bit costly to supply though
  • 10MN MicroWarpdrive II - med to high use, I don' sell named version of this because they go for about 7-12 mil a piece
  • 10MN MicroWarpdrive I - med use
  • 1MN Afterburner II - low-med use
  • Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters - med use
  • 10MN Afterburner II - low use
  • 'Halcyon' Core Equalizer I - named warp core stab, uses less CPU, useful for stealth bomber pilots as well as smartbombing bs
  • Overdrive Injector System II - med to high use
  • Inertia Stabilizers II - low to med use

Shield: Shield extenders are highest use item under this category, as well as T2 invuls and shield power relays.

  • Shield Boost Amplifier II
  • Shield Boost Amplifier I - T2 shield boost amp requires shield management V which fewer characters have
  • Medium Shield Booster II - low use
  • Small Shield Booster II - low use
  • Large Shield Booster II - low use
  • X-Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I - low use, i don't sell the T2 one because it requires lvl V skill
  • Large Shield Extender II - high use
  • Large F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction - moderate use
  • Medium Shield Extender II
  • Medium F-S9 Regolith Shield Induction
  • Small Shield Extender II
  • Invulnerability Field II - high use
  • Photon Scattering Field II - moderate use
  • V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield Matrix - named invul, uses less CPU
  • Shield Power Relay II - med to high use
  • Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I

Smartbombs: These are pretty low consumption items, I try to supply named EM bombs as they are good for killing off drones as well as useful for smartbombing battleships.

Weapon Upgrades: For gyros, heat sink, and magstabs named modules use more CPU than meta 0 or T2 modules, while meta 0 and T2 consume exactly same CPU, so it makes sense to supply only T2 upgrades. For bcus the meta 0 version uses less cpu than T2 while named versions uses more CPU, so it is good to supply meta 0 and T2 BCUs. Under this section I do not supply tracking links, too low use. All these modules are moderate use.

  • Ballistic Control System I
  • Ballistic Control System II - high use
  • Gyrostabilizer II
  • Heat Sink II
  • Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
  • Tracking Computer II
  • Tracking Enhancer II
  • Fourier Transform I Tracking Program - meta 4 named tracking enhancer, uses less CPU

Launchers: Malkuth launchers always consume least CPU even though they are only meta 1.

  • Core Probe Launcher I
  • Expanded Probe Launcher I
  • Bomb Launcher I
  • Standard Missile Launcher II
  • 'Arbalest' Siege Missile Launcher
  • Siege Missile Launcher II
  • 'Malkuth' Rocket Launcher I
  • OE-5200 Rocket Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher II
  • Heavy Missile Launcher II
  • 'Malkuth' Heavy Missile Launcher I
  • Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
  • Cruise Missile Launcher II - low use
  • SV-2000 Assault Missile Bay
  • Assault Missile Launcher II
  • XT-2800 Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I

Hybrid Weapons:

  • Light Ion Blaster II - high use
  • Light Electron Blaster II - low use
  • Light Neutron Blaster II - moderate use
  • Limited Electron Blaster I
  • Limited Ion Blaster I
  • Heavy Electron Blaster II
  • Heavy Ion Blaster II
  • Heavy Neutron Blaster II
  • 75mm Gatling Rail II
  • 125mm Railgun II
  • 150mm Railgun II
  • 200mm Railgun II
  • 250mm Railgun II
  • Dual 150mm Railgun II

If you have enough open buy/sell orders can also choose to supply named versions of railguns - I usually choose to supply either compressed or scout, whichever is reasonably affordable.

Projectile Weapons:

  • 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II
  • 150mm Light AutoCannon II - high use
  • 150mm Light Gallium I Machine Gun
  • 200mm AutoCannon II - high use
  • 200mm Light Gallium I Machine Gun
  • Dual 180mm AutoCannon II
  • Dual 180mm Carbine Repeating Cannon I
  • 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
  • 220mm Medium Carbine Repeating Cannon I
  • 425mm AutoCannon II - this one is relatively low use compared to 180's and 220's
  • 250mm Light Artillery Cannon II
  • 250mm Light Gallium I Cannon
  • 280mm Howitzer Artillery II
  • 650mm Artillery Cannon II
  • 720mm Howitzer Artillery II

Energy Weapons - because T2 Amarr ammo is so awesome Amarr pilots will often try to fit T2 guns instead of T1 ones.

  • Dual Light Pulse Laser II
  • Medium Pulse Laser II
  • Focused Medium Pulse Laser I
  • Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
  • Heavy Modal Pulse Laser I
  • Heavy Pulse Laser II
  • Medium Beam Laser II
  • Dual Light Beam Laser II
  • Heavy Beam Laser II - i don't supply other T2 beams except for this one as they are rarely used



  • Medium Trimark Armor Pump I - high use
  • Small Trimark Armor Pump I - low use
  • Large Trimark Armor Pump I - low use
  • Small Nanobot Accelerator I - low use
  • Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I - low use


  • Small Core Defence Field Extender I - high use
  • Medium Core Defence Field Extender I - high use
  • Large Core Defence Field Extender I
  • Small Core Defence Field Purger I
  • Medium Core Defence Field Purger I
  • Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
  • Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
  • Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
  • Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I


  • Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
  • Small Auxiliary Thrusters I
  • Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
  • Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I
  • Medium Cargohold Optimization I


  • Small Projectile Ambit Extension I
  • Medium Projectile Ambit Extension I
  • Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
  • Medium Projectile Collision Accelerator I
  • Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
  • Medium Projectile Burst Aerator I
  • Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I - popular for Taranis
  • Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I - popular for Taranis
  • Medium Energy Locus Coordinator I - good for sniper Zealots
  • Medium Energy Collision Accelerator I
  • Medium Energy Burst Aerator I

Launchers: Note that rigor rigs do not affect torpedoes so do not import small rigor rigs for stealth bombers.

  • Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
  • Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
  • Small Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I


  • Small Ancillary Current Router I - high use
  • Medium Ancillary Current Router I
  • Medium Particle Dispersion Augmentor I
  • Medium Particle Dispersion Projector I
  • Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor I
  • Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
  • Small Ionic Field Projector I


These are very high volume items. Best traded if you have a jump freighter. However, if you can pilot a blockade runner or know how to do the cloak/mwd trick well you can import several of the T2 frigates no problem.

Highest consumption items tend to be T1 frigates, battlecruisers, and T2 frigs like covert ops, stealth bombers, and interceptors. Battleships, HICS, HACs/Recons are very slow to sell.

T1 ships I typically import:

  • Frigates - Rifter, Incursus, Kestrel, Merlin, Griffin, Punisher
  • Destroyers - Thrasher, Catalyst, Cormorant, Coercer
  • Cruisers - Arbitrator, Blackbird, Thorax, Vexor, Omen, Caracal, Moa, Rupture, Stabber
  • Battlecruisers - Drake, Ferox, Myrmidon, Brutix, Hurricane, Harbinger

Popular ships - high use:

  • Hurricane
  • Taranis
  • Drake
  • Rifter
  • Stiletto
  • Buzzard

Low to moderate use:

  • Malediction, Ares, Raptor, Claw, Crusader, Crow
  • Helios, Anathema, Cheetah
  • Hound, Manticore, Purifier, Nemesis
  • Wolf, Ishkur, Harpy, Vengeance
  • Blackbird, Rupture, Thorax, Vexor, Stabber, Omen, Arbitrator, Caracal
  • Harbinger, Ferox, Myrmidon, Brutix
  • Dominix, Megathron, Rokh, Armageddon, Raven, Scorpion, Typhoon

Low use - listed from higher to lower consumption:

  • Interdictors - Sabre, Heretic, Flycatcher, Eris
  • Recons - Falcon, Arazu, Curse, Rapier, Pilgrim
  • HACs - Zealot, Ishtar, Vagabond, Cerberus, Muninn
  • Battlecruisers - Prophecy, Cyclone