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Jump clones allow you to instantly transport your character's conscience across EVE Universe to a new location. They allow you to travel great distances in a blink of an eye without having to go through jump gates and deal with gate camps. In addition to this, each clone can carry a different implant set, thus allowing characters to have specialized "implant setups". You may use one jump clone to plug in implants specialized for running missions, create another clone specialized for scan probing, and one specialized for flying your favorite ship type in PVP, and use whichever one you need on any given day. You may also leave one clone implant-free to serve you in times when probability of getting podded is very high, thus saving some ISK on having to purchase new implants.


Jump clones are distinct from medical clones. Unlike medical clones they do not get destroyed when you get podded. You get to keep all the jump clones you make indefinitely, until you decide to destroy them on purpose.

The concept of jump clones confuses a lot of players who are new to the game. The culprit of confusion seems to be the presence of a 3rd clone type in game - medical clone. For the purposes of clarifying how all three types of clone are related to each other here is a list with definitions and explanations on what each one of them does:

  • Active clone - This is the clone that your character is presently in. Once you jump into a jump clone, it will become your active clone and your former active clone becomes your jump clone.
  • Jump clone - The clone into which you can jump at will once every 24 hours. This jump clone becomes your character's active clone when you jump into it, and the former active clone becomes a jump clone.
  • Medical clone - This is the clone that you get transported into after you lose your pod. It becomes your active clone after you get podded. When you get podded it is the medical clone that you lose - not the jump clone.


When you clone jump, your implants do not get transported with you into your new clone. Before making the jump, the game will require you to stop skill training. What this means is that if you want to continue training skills at the same rate you were training them in with your implanted clone, you will need to purchase new implants for your jump clone.

Each jump clone has 10 open implant slots. The benefit of this is that this will allow you to have clones that are fine tuned to different tasks in game. The downside is that purchasing multiple copies of implants can go heavy on the wallet.

Jump Clone Installation

Before you install jump clones, you need to train up Infomorph Psychology skill. This is a Rank 1 Science subset skill that costs 900K and is absolutely required for any jump clone installations. You may install one jump clone per each level on this skill that you train, up to 5 jump clones maximum.

After you have trained this prerequisite skills, there are three ways that you can get jump clones:

Installing jump clone at NPC station. Your Corporation used to have to have a 8.0+ standing with an NPC corp that owned a station in order to put a clone there. As of 14 July 2015 this is no longer the case. CCP Clarification Regarding Jump Clones and Standings Capsuleers can now freely create jump clones in any NPC station.

Installing jump clone at player owned outpost. If you are a member of one of the 0.0 alliances that own an outpost or has docking rights to some player owned outposts, it might also be that you also have permissions to install jump clones in it. Inquire about this in your alliance.

Getting in touch with a pilot of a Rorqual, mothership, or titan with ship and clone vat bay. Now you might not know a lot of mothership and titan pilots with ships, but Rorquals are quite prevalent. The up side of using a Rorqual to get jump clones is that you do not need to leave your current corporation to get them installed. The down side is that you can make only 2 jump clones per 24 hours, whereas with some NPC stations you are able to make up to 5 JCs simultaneously.


Using Jump Clones

Using jump clones is very simple. First open you character sheet and stop training of whatever skill your character had in training, then go to jump clones section on it. Once you have opened up jump clone section of your Character Sheet, you will see all your jump clone locations listed as well as the jump timer. Right click on location you want to jump to and pick jump option. Your conscience will be instantly transported to this new location. Don't forget to restart your skill training once you have reached your destination.

Note: If you have any trouble clone jumping try relogging and seeing if that will fix the issue.


Jump Clone Services

For historical purposes we're pointing out that your corp used to have to have a 8.0+ standing with an NPC corp in order to use their station for jump clone installation. As of the update 14July2015 this is no longer the case. Capsuleers can now install clones in any NPC station. CCP Clarification Regarding Jump Clones and Standings

Some players offer their Rorquals or other capital ships for jump clone installation. You will have to fly to location of the capital ship, which will be a low security system, and install jump clone while being in its direct vicinity. After this you can dock and jump into your newly created jump clone and install a second one. Because the timer for jumping is 24 hours you will have to wait a day before you can install your 3rd jump clone.

Other Information

The timer on jump clones is 24 hours, meaning that you can accomplish only one jump per day. To do another jump you will have to wait out this timer.

To execute a clone jump you have to be docked at a station. You cannot leave two jump clones in one station at the same time. Attempting to jump out of a station that already holds one of your jump clones with result in destruction of a jump clone and whatever implants it was holding. You will get a warning message about this such that you don't unintentionally destroy a JC.