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Original text by TeaDaze

Leadership Skill Bonuses, Fleets and You

It has come to my attention that there is still confusion when setting up fleets to get the right bonuses. As more of us are spending months of training time on these skills to boost everybody in a fleet it is rather disheartening for people in charge of fleets to not understand the basics such that all this time investment (and any ship with gang links on) is wasted.

Basic requirements

A squad needs a commander

Without a Squad commander in the same system nobody in the squad will get bonuses even from wing commanders etc.

This squad commander also needs the leadership skill trained to the appropriate level. For a squad of 8 people at least leadership 4 is required. Beware! If somebody with leadership 4 has 9 or 10 people in squad then no bonuses will be passed down to anyone in that squad.

Wing commander

If people have trained leadership V then they really should put a few levels into wing command as well, level 3 or 4 is a great start. Bonuses are pushed down from wing to squad via the squad commander. The highest bonuses from wing or squad are applied to the squad. The wing commander gets their own bonuses as long as at least one squad commander is in the same system.

The same rules apply as per squad commanders, a wing commander must have the appropriate skills for the number of squads in their wing (or no bonuses will be passed down from wing, but the squad may get bonuses from their squad commander).

Fleet commander

Fleet command is a bitch to train because you need wing command V. In most cases people in this position will be doing so for fleet warps and probably won't have the fleet command skill. This means they push no bonuses and in exchange receive none.

A fleet commander will get their own bonuses as long as at least one wing commander is in system (it doesn't seem to matter if the wing commander has no squads, though in that case the wing commander won't get any bonuses).

Pushing Bonuses


Modifying command positions (moving people around) will "smacktalk" them, don't do it on a gate unless they are ready for it!

Basic Supports

Once the command structure is in place you can sort out the bonuses. If people in command positions have trained the support skills then those will flow down automatically assuming people are in the same system etc.

Bonuses are passed from Fleet command to wing command to squad command to squads.

The highest bonus at any level is the one that is pushed down, i.e. if the fleet commander has supports to 3 and the wing commander has supports to 5 then the wing get the supports to 5 bonus (we won't ask why a person trained fleet command without getting the basic supports to 5 ). Most likely this will occur when the wing commander has a mindlink in or is in a command ship. Mindlinks give a 15% bonus to a basic support instead of the usual 10% (e.g. skirmish mindlink gives 15% agility instead of 10% from training skirmish 5)

An alternative way to push bonuses is to assign somebody as squad / wing / fleet booster. They take over from that level as far as bonuses are concerned but (IIRC) the commander at that level must still have the correct leadership skill level (e.g. if you delegate a command ship pilot as wing booster, your wing commander will still need the right level of wing command skill)

Command Links

At any level of command you can put in a ship with gang links to further boost the fleet. Normal rules apply in that the highest bonus takes over as you go down the tree. Bonuses do not stack so there is no point having the same bonuses pushed unless you are going for redundancy in the event that a command ship is destroyed.

Links do not work when in warp!

A typical setup might be to have a common link at the fleet command level (such as info or skirmish) and then wings with armour or shield boosting links.


To make the most of leadership bonuses you just need to spend a couple of minutes putting people in the right places. The results can be a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of a fleet.

Leadership bonuses
FC -> Wing Command -> Squad Command -> Squad members