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This is a suggestion for how the preparation and execution of future classes could be supported by Agony members, in order to make life easier for the instructors, and make sure that their effort is kept as low as possible. Thereby, the instructors will be liberated from the chores, and as a result, will be able to deal better with the increasing number of classes. The effort involved in executing a class would be spread out more, and all would benefit: the instructors by being able to concentrate on the course tasks, and the assistants by learning how the class organization works. Please note: This text is not endorsed in any way by Agony's leadership - it is a suggestion, and it is still very much under construction.

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Agony Class Assistance

Class Initiation

  • Option 1: If any Agony member sees the need for a specific class: Work on finding an instructor to give the class, and agree on a date and time.
  • Option 2: An instructor planning to give a class: Create a new thread in the Tasks forum, just stating the course type, date and time, and any voluntary assistant(s) will deal with the administrative part of the course preparation.

Class Accouncement

  • Post class information to Enrolment forum. Remember to add a link to the PVP-University Students forum and the Class Feedback Form. The member who creates the enrolment thread will be the only one who can update it, so please make sure the time for updating the post will be available.
  • Have the announcement stickied by a forum moderator.
  • Post class information to 'Agony PVP Uni' mailing list in game. Remind Agony members to not delete the mail, otherwise it will disappear from the mailing list for all readers.
    • Evemail title: Copy the title from the enrollment thread and shorten if necessary
    • Evemail body text:
  1. name of the course
  2. time and date
  3. a link to the enrollement thread
  4. instructor's name

Between Announcement and Start of Class

  • Compare course fees received with list of enrolled students, update Enrolment Info list, answer enrolment and payment questions in enrolment thread.

→ Open: Find solution how the course fee receipt logs can be checked by a course assistant. An option would be to give course assistants read access only, without the ability to transfer or withdraw funds.

  • Check course prerequisites for students, via the alumni lists.

→ Open: New improved process for identifying Agony members filling support roles.

  • Close the registration once the Maximum Enrolment Limit is reached (quick check: one page of forum posts has 20 postings): Post comment to thread, change thread subject to “[CLOSED]...”, keep updating Enrolment Info, keep reminding stragglers to register correctly and pay. Replace AU_PVP_CLASSES mail with notice stating class is full.
  • Have an adminstrator update the students' Agony Unleashed Web privileges. This will create an email to the students and give them access to the class material.

On Start of Class

  • In case the instructor is late, and it is not a Basic class, get the ewar modules mostly balanced; the instructor will then take less time to do this.

  • Compare list of confirmed students with fleet member list, make a note of missing enrolled students and participating non-enrolled attendees. Students present at this point in time have "attended" the class.
  • Try to locate and contact missing enrolled students, make them aware of the AU_PVP_UNIVERSITY channel, get them to the course meeting location and into the fleet.
  • Contact participating non-enrolled students and deal with them:
    • Additional alumni and Agony are welcome, for taking the course again and for providing support roles. Add them to the participants list.
    • All other pilots who were not enrolled are referred to later courses and excluded from both the Ventrilo channel for the class and from the fleet.
      • Reason: Non-Agony students who are not enrolled cannot be accepted into the class on a moment's notice, because they could not have read the course material yet.
      • Non-enrolled alts of students are not accepted to take part in the class, that is what the enrolment process is for.
  • Arrange with Agony alumni who will take which jobs during the class, including job rotation (doing 360 scanning for probes for hours gets people tired and unattentive): rearguard, local, 360 scan, scan for probes, scanning gates / stations in range.

Before Entering 0.0

  • Compare list of enrolled students with fleet member list, as latecomers might have joined or students may have dropped out, and update the participants list created earlier. The students participating now are the people who have "graduated" from the class.

After the Class Ended

  • Edit initial Enrolment post:
    • Add students who were in class before entering 0.0 to the Attended list in the enrolment thread.
    • Add students who were in class when the "graduation moment" was announced to the Graduated list in the enrolment thread.
    • Add graduated students to the all-time graduates list:
  • Add pilots who have not graduated from the class to the credit list for this course.
  • Have the thread unstickied by a forum moderator, so that it moves into the normal thread pool.
  • Add a friendly request at the end of the enrolment thread that the students should leave their feedback in the enrolment thread or through the Class Feedback Form, and remind them to discuss their experience on the PVP-University Students forum.
  • Monitor the enrolment thread for comments from users, evaluate the output of the Class Feedback Form, and add the relevant feedback to the class’s After Action Report.

→ Open: How is the student input transferred from the form to Agony instructors? TASK: Get access from Risako, look at feedback, evaluate transfer options.

Other Tasks

→ Task: Ask Rells to replace the "Graduates" content pages (this and others) on the Agony website with links to the all-time graduates list on the wiki..