Non Aggression Pact

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What is a NAP?

NAP means Non Aggression Pact. It is an agreement between corps/alliances, which may or may not include flying together. It is also referred to as "blues", since the way to show a NAP is to set standings between the corps/alliances and this leads to showing friends as blue. The shade of blue varies depending on the strength of the standing set, from +1 (light blue) to +10 (very dark blue). +10 is to most a sign of a bond to an ally you really trust and would give aide without being asked.

Why do corps and alliances have NAPs?

Safety in numbers, peace in the homebase, fellow protection against hostiles, shared resources, larger numbers in roaming gangs... Some NAPs are formed around a common goal, such as fx. the Great War.

Do Agony have NAPs?

Agony do not have NAPs. We have sometimes had, and will possibly have again, limited agreements of non-aggression while working with other corps/alliances towards an shared goal. These agreements will last while the need exists.

What is a NAP-fest?

A lot of corps and alliances are really not in 0.0 to fight. They are there to earn ISK. Being surrounded by blues builds a feeling of safety and enables pilots to go mining, ratting or do missions without fear of attack. Of course this is not an option for a true PVP corp.

Why don't Agony do that?

Agony is a PVP corp. Having NAPs reduces the number of targets. That's the simple answer.