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The PvP Basic Instructor Certification verifies that an Agony pilot posesses the necessary knowledge, teaching skills and attitude to be the primary instructor for a PVP-BASIC class. The instructor of a PvP Basic class has the following responsibilities:-

  • Attendance and Registration
    • Processing payments and resolving any incorrect payments or disputes
    • Scheduling the class
    • First point of contact for queries related to class
    • Arranging access to the course materials for students
    • Class advertising via 'Agony PVP Uni' mailing list
    • Arranging for a "Class Assistance" post in corporate
    • Recording attendance and updating the Wiki entry of graduates
  • Theory Component of class
    • Correct and quality delivery of class materials
    • Answering students' questions and moderating where required (keep course on track)
    • Maintaining schedule
    • Student safety (probes, local etc through low sec)
    • Assignment of roles to Agony and Alumni

The Instructor is presented to the paying students as a competent and authoritative representative of Agony Unleashed. This means that a professional attitude is required at all times. Instructors can (and should) be friendly and relaxed, but should also ensure that the class is aware that the Instructor is in control at all times.

Becoming an Instructor

Here's the roadmap to follow in order to become a PvP-Basic instructor:

  1. Discuss with your SQA and ask for access to the PvP University Instructors forum.
  2. Ask for a copy of the PvP-Basic Instructors guide and familiarise yourself with the content.
  3. Get a printed copy of maps for Lonetrek, Pure Blind, Fade, Black Rise, and some surrounding areas.
  4. Volunteer to assist with PvP-Basic classes - contact the instructor, select a segment to teach, and teach it. The instructor will coach you for that segment before hand. Do this for 3 classes.
  5. Schedule and/or lead some gangs. You do not need the FC certificate, but you should be comfortable leading a gang.
  6. Attend a coaching session (or ask a current Instructor cert holder to coach you).
  7. Schedule a PvP-Basic class. Your cert evaluator will attend. You will need to arrange an FC for the practical section (unless you have FC Cert!)
  8. Schedule a certification interview with the cert evaluator. The evaluation of your knowledge of the course material takes place in the internal class; the certification interview is a final review of your overall readiness.

Once complete, you will be able to schedule and run your own PvP-Basic classes!

General Info

  • Available only to AGONY Empire Pilots
  • Ribbon: CERT-I-BASIC.gif
  • Required AGONY Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Commander
  • Evaluatee Requirements
  • Requirements
    • No specific in-game 'Skills' are required
    • Some gang-lead experience required
    • Good quality microphone for Vent is essential
    • Recommendation from your SQA.
    • Assistant instructor on a minimum of 3 classes in which you have helped teach.
    • Full map set for any and all regions the class may enter.
    • Printed class material (useful for assistants)
    • Run an internal PvP-Basic class for Agony only attendance
  • Approximate testing time: 60 minutes

Certification Content

  1. Why we run PvP University
    1. What are the objectives of Agony's PvP University?
    2. Explain the benefits to Agony Unleashed.
    3. How does having a reputation as a PvP school help our day to day operations?
    4. What attracts you towards becoming a PvPU Instructor?
  2. Professionalism and Presentation
    1. Agony students have often commented that they find our classes 'professionally run'. What aspects of instructing the class contribute to this reputation?
    2. What is meant by "Managing expectations"?
    3. During class you receive an urgent phone call and need to step away for 5 minutes. What do you do? What if you need to leave the class altogether due to some real life emergency?
  3. Teaching Method
    1. Why do we introduce each activity with an explanation of its objectives?
    2. You pose a question to the class, but no one answers - there's silence. What do you do?
    3. You are explaining the Hydra fleet and one student is asking questions that are covered in the pre-reading. How do you handle this?
    4. During class one student doesn't understand how the orbiting affects gun tracking. The student seems to be mildly frustrated and your schedule is slipping. What do you do?
  4. Course Structure
    1. What is the purpose of prereading and how does it differ from the theory component of the course?
    2. What tasks should be delegated to assisting Agony pilots during the class?
    3. What ship types (and why) can Alumni bring - and what roles can Alumni assume during classes?
  5. Administration
    1. What are the tasks required to schedule a PvP-Basic class?
    2. Once scheduled, what are the administration steps required before class?
    3. What are the administration steps required after class?
    4. What is Agony's policy regarding recruiting from (or during) classes? Why?

Restricted: PvP-Basic Instructor's Seminar & Helper

PVP-BASIC Instructor Seminar