PVP-BASIC Instructor Seminar

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Why PvPU?

  • Objectives
    • To be recognised as innovative and authoritive
    • Defacto standard for pvp training
  • Benefits to Agony
    • Reputation as philanthropic providers = good will from benevolant eve entities
    • Improve our own pilots and reward those who want to teach
    • Generate revenue
  • Day to day Benefits
    • Brand recognition and reputation provides influence for diplomacy and psychological threat to enemies
    • Tactical firepower (rent-a-crowd fleets)


  • Ask: Define "professional"
    • Professionalism - polite, attentive, responsive to questions. Authoritive, confident, competent.
    • Clear communicator
      • Pay attention to the speed and clarity with which you speak
      • Explains things well, uses good examples.
    • Engaging and entertaining
    • Knowledge of course material
      • Pre-read course material before class, skim read through it before each class.
      • And acceptance of others ideas. Do not need to know everything about the game to be authoritive.
    • Punctual
      • Start on time, return from breaks on time, try to keep course to schedule
    • Quality course material
    • Good planning
  • Continuous improvement - improve the courses based on Q&A from the students during classes
  • Policy regarding recruiting from class
  • Managing expectations
    • Explaining what is going to happen before doing it.
    • Uncertainty generates anxiety. When anxious, people require reassurance that they are performing correctly and that things are going to plan.
    • When expectations are always managed, and people are aware of what to expect, they are satisfied when it is delivered and can focus on the subject at hand without worrying about whether it is correct.
    • When evaluating a product people compare expectations with experience. If expectations and experience are aligned it's easy to determine that the result was satisfactory.
  • Structured teaching
    • Listen/look for signs of lack of understanding
    • Be wary of 'silence is acceptance'
    • Giving a brief overview of the objective of a section, and how it will be accomplished, then explaining, coaching through exercise and Q&A.
    • Get attention before giving direction
    • When giving directions, a teacher needs to make sure expectations and consequences are clear and organized for the student.
    • Do not distract the students yourself! - Apologise, re-acquire control, restate objective, move on
    • Give plenty of praise, all answers are good answers. never "no" - always "yes and" or "yes but", at worst, "maybe".
  • Class structure
    • Delegate; setting up fleet and leadership; balancing ewar; probe duty; Assist with slow/difficult/special students/administration


  • Agree a Date & Time with FC, having checked The Agenda
  • Post booking thread (Use the PvPU Booking Thread template)
  • Post the announcement on the Agenda with link to the booking thread
  • Post advertising evemail
  • Post assistance thread (Use the PvPU Support Template template)
  • Watch thread and close when full
  • Use LtC wallet option to update posting with payment status
  • Check corporate payments by checking and updating this thread
  • Watch your booking thread and respond to queries from students
  • 1 week prior, update users access rights
  • 1 week prior, send reminder to any students that haven't paid
  • Arrange for jump clones (optional)
  • During & after class admin
    • Role call - check attendees have paid
    • Update thread to record attendance
    • Update Graduates Wiki entry (Can be found here Agony Empire Classes and Seminars)
    • Send feedback form to Students
    • Send recruitment form to NPC characters

Sample Agony PVP Uni Announcement Email

Places will fill fast, so sign up quick.

* Course Code: BASIC - 1909081900
* Cost and Duration: 7m isk Per pilot
* Duration: Usually 8 to 12 hours
* Meeting Location: Nonni V - Lai Dai Corporation Factory
* Instructor: Sanfrey and Bamar