PVP-INTERMEDIATE Preparation Checklist

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  1. Make sure that you have been enrolled in the class.
  2. Start going over the reading material for PVP-Intermediate. You can find related articles by clicking here: PVP-INTERMEDIATE.
  3. Connect to the "Agony Public" chat channel in game
  4. Connect to Agony's Teamspeak server. Read the Setting Up Teamspeak article and follow the instructions there. NOTE: If you don't have a microphone, you still need to connect to Teamspeak so you can listen to the class. There is no point in attending if you cannot hear the instructor or the FC's orders during a fight!
  5. Fit out at least 3 Cruisers of your choice: You will need to purchase ships and fittings and bring them to the class start location. While you can sometimes pick up the things you need at or near the system itself, you may find it easier to use a nearby trade hub. Be sure to have a few spare EWAR modules in case we need to have you swap out your EWAR module for a different one in order to balance the fleet. Recommended fittings for this class can be found on the Recommended Setups for PVP-Intermediate page.
  6. Optional: Install jump clones before the class. To do this, you will need to plug in and train Infomorph Psychology skill and find a corporation or capital ship pilot offering jump clone creation services. Once your jump clone is installed you can jump into it and bring it to class rally point. Your implants will be left with your old clone and preserved this way during your excursion into 0.0 space you won't have to worry about losing them. Once your 24 jump clone timer is up you will be able to jump back into your clone with implants. Alternatively, you can train Infomorph Synchronizing to drop 1 hour per level off your jump clone timer. For more information on jump clones and related services refer to the following article: Jump Clones.
  7. Be sure to arrive at the class system at least 15 minutes before class starts. Check the class enrollment thread to see where the meet-up point is!