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All kills from Agony classes should now get posted to the Agony Public Killboard. Ask in fleet for the password.


One of the ways to keep score in PVP is through the use of Killboards. Treated correctly, a Corp or Alliance KB is a harmless and fun way to show who is the best amongst your group. On a more serious note, this is often the way leadership determines whether a war is successful. Some corps take the KB more seriously than others. Most of them stress that you post all your kills and losses. Some insist that you only post losses if they involve PVP.

How to Use a Killboard

Killmails and lossmails are usually posted the same way.
1. In your Eve client, go to your character sheet and the Combat Log tab.
2. Go to the Kills subtab and find the list of kills -- the most recent mail is listed at the top.
3. Find and click the copy text icon on the right side of the appropriate kill. This copies the killmail text to the clipboard.
4. Go to the class killboard. Link on the main Agony Unleashed page and also on the top of this page.
5. Click on a link that says "Post Mail".
6. Paste in your killmail (ctrl+v or rightclick in the text entry box and click paste).
7. Enter the Class Killboard password. Password available in class, ask in fleet.
8. Click "Process!" button.
9. View your kill on the main boad.
Congratulations, you've taken the first step to being your corp's PVP MVP.

KB Don'ts

1. Please don't risk your ship to get on a killmail. Certain fleet roles should be penalized for showing up on the killboard. Covert Ops ships and Jamming ships come to mind.
2. If your ship has a leftover slot, fit a useful mod, don't fit another weapon to get that much more DPS. Your skirmishers would love for you to be able to patch up their armor after holding a tackle for just a second longer so the fleet gets a kill.