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PVPU Subforum

Visit the following subforum for the most current information on PVP University: PVP UNIVERSITY FACULTY
Note that this subforum is accessible only to members with LTC rank or higher.

Faculty Roles

  • PVP University Faculty: Member of the faculty with a responsibility to actively participate in the development of the PVP University.
  • Course Instructor: Member of PVPU who teaches the theoretical curriculum.
  • Course FC: Leads the fleet during the practical.
  • Class Admin: Sets up, balances and maintains the fleet during the course, drags students into appropriate rooms on Vent.
  • Enrollment Admin: Posts enrollment threads, tracks enrollment and payments, grants access to reading material, does the roll call at course start (incl dragging in vent), maintains the list of graduates.
  • Support Admin: Posts and maintains internal support threads for each individual course/seminar.
  • COVOPS Faculty: Due to extreme interest and the importance of COVOPS to AGONY tactics, the COVOPS faculty has been established to develop both internal and external training.
  • Class Leadership Booster: Character with leadership/support skills level for setting up the fleet (Squad commander = L5, Wing commander = WC4, Spt 4, Fleet commander = FC4, Spt 4).