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This is a copyable template for booking classes in the Forums. Copy everything between the 'pre' and '/pre' tags. Update the date, instructor, and other details as required.

[url=http://www.agony-unleashed.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_Enroll_in_and_Attend_a_PvP_University_Course][b][size=14]CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO ENROLL IN A PVP UNIVERSITY CLASS[/size][/b][/url]

[color=#ff6600][b][size=12]Course Details[/size][/b][/color]
Introduction and description is on the Wiki under the [link= http://www.agony-unleashed.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:PVP_University/BASIC][b]PVP-BASIC[/b][/link] category.

* [b]Course Code:[/b] <<REPLACE WITH COURSE CODE>>
* [b]Cost and Duration:[/b] 7m isk Per pilot
* [b]Duration:[/b] Usually 8 to 12 hours
* [b]Meeting Location: [/b]  [b][color=red]Nonni V - Lai Dai Corporation Factory[/color][/b]
* [b]Eve Channel: [/b] Agony Public
* [b]Instructor: [/b] <<REPLACE WITH INSTRUCTOR>>
* [b]Course Cashier: [/b] Please send the course fee directly to the "Agony Unleashed" Corporation, and use the course code in the transfer.
* [b]Minimum Enrollment: [/b] 10
* [b]Maximum Enrollment: [/b] 40 Students (not including AGONY or Alumni)
* [b]Enrollment Deadline: [/b] 48 Hours before the start of the course. 

[color=darkred][size=12]Make sure you are prepared for the course and have arrived ahead of time. Instructors will not wait for late or unprepared students. Instructors will assume you have read the materials and if you haven't you will be lost very quickly.

[b]Follow the following pattern to enroll: [/b]
For Example
[blockquote]Bamar - Christina Bamar (AGONY)[/blockquote]
If you chose to be creative, sloppy, use different brackets, put in your pilot name twice or anything else like that we will not process your enrollment and you will have to try again. 

[color=#ff6600][size=12][b]Enrollment Info : [/b][/size][/color]
* [color:darkblue][b][i]Confirmed and Paid students:[/i][/b][list=1]
[/list][/color]* [color=blue] [b][i]AGONY Students: [/i][/b][list=1]
[/list][/color]* [color=blue] [b][i]Alumni Attending if Space Permits: [/i][/b][list=1]
[/list][/color]* [color=darkred][b][i]Paid but not properly registered: [/i][/b][list=1]
[/list][/color]* [color=red][b][i]Awaiting ISK: [/i][/b][list=1]
[/list][/color]* [color=green] [b][i]Credited: [/i][/b][list=1]