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[b]Class preparation:[/b]

    * Post Pre Enrolment: [b][color=green][/color][/b]
    * Post mailing list announcement: [b][color=green][/color][/b]
    * Post agenda: [b][color=green][/color][/b]
    * Open Enrolment: [b][color=green][/color][/b]
    * Process registrations: 
    * Access to class materials: 
    * Post support pilots thread: [b][color=green][/color][/b]

[b]Post class cleanup:[/b]

    * Update graduate and credit list in enrolment thread: 
    * Update credits and corp accounts thread: 
    * Update wiki with graduates list: 
    * Lock and Unsticky Enrolment thread: 

[b][color=orange]On going[/color][/b]