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Original text by Greygal based on a lecture by Toran Brades


Recon reporting is a structured method of quickly communicating pertinent, important information in a concise and easily understood manner, enabling your fleet commander (and fleet members) to make decisions on how to react (or not) to changing situations.

The Recon Report

Recon reports consist of four basic parts:

  • Alert word, RECON
  • Who you are (Your name)
  • Where you are at (System and location in the system)
  • What you see (Local, Grid and Scan)


The alert word is typically RECON. When a scout, skirmisher, or other fleet member says RECON in voice, it means that there is important information that the fleet needs to be aware of right now. RECON, in essence, means everyone needs to shut up :) The general standard is for the scout or skirmisher to pause briefly after stating RECON and wait for acknowledgement from the FC to go ahead and report (typically, "Go Recon"). Depending on FC preference or the general situation, that brief pause may be skipped as well. Especially if you were asked to give recon already.


Who you are is important, especially when there are multiple scouts and skirmishers supporting a fleet. You should always report using third-person, as not everyone will know who "I" is but by identifying who you are, it is clear who is reporting.


Where you are at consists of what solar system you are in, and if applicable, where in the system you are at. Typically, you will report what gate you are at in a solar system, although it may be a station, belt, POS, or other place in the system. Note that if the system is friendly (either only friendlies in it or it is empty) you do not need to report where in the system you are in.


What you see is the most interesting information reported, of course! What you see consists of:

  • Local: How many people are in local. Sometimes you will also report if they are friendlies, war targets, blues, what corp or alliance they belong to, and similar information. The most important bit to report is the total number of people in local. Typically you do not include yourself or other fleet members in that count. If local is friendly, you can report "52 in local all friendly" or just simply, "System is friendly." Bonus if you subtract the number of friendlies from the total count - "Local is 14 neutrals/hostiles, with 10 additional friendlies". The idea is to give the critical information mentioned as early as possible, with as little "further necessary processing" as possible.
  • Grid: This is what you physically see on the grid (i.e., the approximately 350-500km area immediately around you) with you. Means - what appears on your overview if it set up correctly :) Generally you will only report actual ships and bubbles that are on grid with you. ALWAYS report on-grid bubbles, even if the system is friendly! When reporting ships on grid, include their general location relative to the gate and/or your location as applies. When there is only a few ships on grid, you can report them individually ("Two incursus, a falcon and a sabre on grid," "Five tornadoes 80km off gate"). When there is a large number of ships on grid, you can report them using general terms ("35 mixed destroyers on gate at zero," "About 20 or so ABC's sitting about 100km off the gate," "120 in local, crapton of mixed cruisers and battlecruisers around the gate"). If grid is clear, simply state, "Grid clear."
  • Scan: This is what you see on your dscanner, and does NOT include what you see on grid. You do not need to report all dscan trash, such as wrecks, POS modules, iHubs, etc., unless it is pertinent to your current fleet's operation. Much like reporting grid information, you can report specific information if it is just a few ships, and report using general terms if scan has a large number of ships on it. If scan is clear, simply state, "Scan clear."

A note about "Break Break" (or alternatively, "Check Check"): On Agony comms, "Break Break" means there is an URGENT, ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY THREAT TO THE FLEET RIGHT NOW. When you say "Break Break," the entire fleet is now in high-adrenaline response mode. If our coms are disciplined, if our fleet is well-supported by scouts and skirmishers, there will NEVER be a reason to use "Break Break" because everyone already knows everything that is going on in the systems around the fleet, therefore, there can never be an emergency to report because everything is already reported.


Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Toran in HED-GP on the SV5 gate, 127 in local, four Vexors on gate, around 25 destroyers on scan
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Itko in Hemin on the RMOC gate, 42 neutrals in local, grid and scan are clear.
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Roigon in D87, system is friendly
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Toran in HED-GP on the SV5 gate, 127 in local, four cruisers on gate, scan is clear
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Wulfrunner in 9UY 100 off top station, 425 in system, cyno on station, Rorqual on scan
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Toran in HED-GP on the SV5 gate, 127 in local, four cruisers on gate, scan is clear


  • If you are the only scout or skirmisher for your gang, you can omit your name, as everyone should know who you are.
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: SV5 gate in HED-GP is bubbled, 127 in local, four cruisers on scan
  • If you are going through a empty space, you can, at FC's preference, just report when you find something to report.
FC: Recon, go ahead of us, just let me know when you find something
Scout: Next three systems are friendly
Scout: All clear until you get to VOL-MI
Scout: System friendly, outgate clear.
  • If you have multiple scouts, you can combine the alert and your name, or even combine the alert, your name, and your system, then wait for the go-ahead from the FC.
Scout: Recon Greygal
Scout: Recon Toran VOL-MI
Scout: Recon Wulf Hemin on RMOC

What you should NOT do

  • Do not narrate. "Hey, I'm on the gate and they're killing me, shit, I'm going down, I'm not going to make it out crap I'm back in Berta."
  • Unless the FC has asked you to, you should not report in voice information that is too far away for the fleet to respond to. A gang of frigates that is 8 systems away from your fleet, moving in the opposite direction, is not something your fleet of battleships is going to be able to respond to timely. It is perfectly acceptable to report information like this in fleet chat or other intel text chat channel.
  • Unless the FC has asked you to, you should not report information that is of no threat to the fleet. A single Impairor on a gate 9 systems away is no threat to the fleet.
  • Never die unnecessarily. It is beyond important for you to stay alive; if the scout or skirmisher dies, the fleet has no eyes and is blind.
  • Do not misuse "Break Break." In Agony coms, never, ever, ever use "Break Break" in a situation that is NOT an IMMEDIATE AND URGENT emergency to the fleet. If you say "Break Break" to report a pod on a gate, I'll put you on rear guard duty and you will miss out on many killmails!

What you should ALWAYS do

  • Always report bubbles, even in friendly systems.
  • Always report dictors and hictors, especially if they are on grid or scan, even if part of a large number of ships. ("About 45 mixed cruisers on gate, three Sabres").
  • Always stay calm.
  • Always do everything you can to get yourself safe and stay alive.
  • If a ship agresses you, you should always report it. It is not usually necessary to report yellow-boxing.
Scout: RECON (pause)
FC: Go recon
Scout: Toran in HED-GP on the SV5 gate, 127 in local, Vexor, Domi, Talwar and Tornado on gate at zero, scan is clear, Talwar has agressed.

Tips and Advice

  • Breathe. Take a deep breath.
  • Gather intel first, then report. Look at local, grid, scan (remember the "breath" part), then say "Recon."
  • If grid is (too) hostile, get yourself safe, then report intel. It is perfectly okay to say, "Hold for recon" while you get yourself safe. This also alerts the FC and fleet that there may be a situation of interest.
  • Breathe. Take a deep breath. Then another one. Then press your push-to-talk button.
  • Think like an FC when reporting recon, and report the intel as if you are the FC's eyes - because you ARE.
  • Recon reporting takes practice, it is not something you can simply plug a skill into the queue for. Practice recon reporting to yourself when you are flying around highsec or other friendly areas (yes, your housemates will look at you oddly but it is worth it).
  • When in doubt, ask your FC what his or her reporting preference is.