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Original text by [Bamar]

Some ship types can be particularly dangerous to your fleet, or make especially good targets. Ideally, a PVPer should understand the capabilities of every ship class as well as they're able, however to assist with that we've put together the following article which details some of the important ship classes you're likely to encounter.

Electronic Warfare

A small handful of electronic warfare ships can wreak havoc on your fleet, so it's key to always disable or destroy them as quickly as possible. Ewar ships generally have very weak tanks and as a result make excellent primary targets (although it's sometimes possible to bait tank them with very impressive shield tanks). While one of the most dangerous forms of electronic warfare is ECM, dampening and tracking disrupting can both cause serious issues depending on the nature of your fleet. While target painting ewar ships were previously withheld from the article due to their lack of usage throughout the game, several fleet compositions currently utilize them in new, admirable ways, and it is good to be able to recognize the strengths of all ships, not just some of them.

Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

  • Frigates: Griffin
  • T2 Frigates: Kitsune
  • Cruisers: Blackbird
  • T2 Cruisers: Falcon, Rook
  • T3 Cruisers: Tengu
  • Battleships: Scorpion, Widow

Tracking Disruption

  • Frigates: Crucifier
  • T2 Frigates: Sentinel
  • Cruisers: Arbitrator
  • T2 Cruisers: Pilgrim, Curse

Remote Sensor Dampening

  • Frigates: Maulus,
  • T2 Frigates: Keres
  • Cruisers: Celestis
  • T2 Cruisers: Arazu, Lachesis

Target Painting

  • Frigates: Vigil
  • T2 Frigates: Hyena
  • Cruisers: Bellicose
  • T2 Cruisers: Huginn, Rapier



These are the ships that are going to be tackling you. Always be suspicious when you see one of these ships on its own because it will often have friends.

  • Frigates: Executioner, Atron, Condor, Merlin, Rifter, Slasher
  • Interceptors: Stiletto, Malediction, Raptor, Ares, Claw, Crusader, Crow, Taranis
  • Electronic Attack Frigates: Keres, Hyena
  • Faction Frigates: Daredevil, Dramiel
  • Interdictors: Sabre, Heretic, Flycatcher, Eris
  • Pirate Cruisers: Vigilant
  • Recon Cruisers: Rapier, Huginn, Arazu, Lachesis
  • Heavy Interdictors: Broadsword, Devoter, Onyx, Phobos
  • T3 Cruisers: Loki, Proteus
  • Pirate Battleships: Vindicator

Capacitor Warfare

While the larger cap warfare ships are particularly useful in killing Capitals, many of the ones listed below excel and kill frigates and cruisers by shutting down their modules. It's important to recognize different ships that have the ability to disable you in this way and to jam and/or damp them if possible.

  • Electronic Attack Frigates: Sentinel
  • Destroyers: Dragoon
  • Cruisers: Arbitrator
  • Pirate Cruisers: Ashimmu
  • Recon Cruisers: Curse, Pilgrim
  • Battleships: Dominix, Armageddon
  • Pirate Battleships: Bhaalgorn

Frigate Killers

These ships are masters of quickly destroying light ships and are sometimes referred to as "Frigate Killers". Most of these ships will easily kill your tacklers and ewar ships. If you're in a light ship, you should be very wary of these ships and fly accordingly.

  • Faction Frigates: Dramiel, Daredevil, Navy Slicer
  • Combat Interceptors: Taranis, Claw, Crow, Crusader,
  • Assault Frigates: Harpy, Ishkur, Wolf
  • Destroyers: Algos, Dragoon, Talwar
  • Cruisers: Vexor, Arbitrator, Caracal, Stabber
  • Navy Cruisers: Stabber Fleet Issue, Omen Navy Issue, Vexor Navy Issue
  • Pirate Cruisers: Cynabal, Vigilant, Ashimmu
  • Heavy Assault Cruisers: Ishtar, Vagabond, Muninn, Cerberus, Eagle, Zealot
  • Recon Cruisers: Curse, Rapier, Huginn
  • Battleships: Dominix, Armageddon
  • Pirate Battleships: Vindicator, Bhaalgorn


These ships can hit at long range(~50km for destroyers, ~100km for HACs, up to 250km for battleships).

  • Destroyers: Cormorant, Thrasher
  • Heavy Assault Cruisers: Zealot, Muninn, Eagle
  • Attack Battlecruisers: Oracle, Tornado, Naga, Talos
  • Command Ships: Vulture
  • Battleships: Apocalypse, Rokh, Raven, Tempest, Maelstrom, Megathron
  • Navy Battleships: Tempest Fleet Issue, Raven Navy Issue, Megathron Navy Issue
  • Pirate Battleships: Machariel, Nightmare
  • Marauders: Vargur, Kronos, Golem