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NOTE: This isn't really REQUIRED reading, it's just HIGHLY RECOMMENDED reading!

All new members of Agony should make sure to read through these articles. This is a lot of articles to get through and you are not expected to get through all of them during your first month in corp. Start with Agony Corporate Organization articles and progress down through Basic PVP Material and then Intermediate PVP Material. This theoretical knowledge will help you become a better pvper in game.

It is highly recommended you read through these articles even if you are an experienced pvper.

Some of these articles are PVP University class material and you will have read them before. If so please make sure to briefly review them over again.

Basic PVP Material

Intermediate PVP Material

Trial members do not have access to all of the articles posted on Agony's Wiki. These are some of the articles you will get access to when you become a CORE member. Please make sure to review them at that time.