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Seminars are a great way for a pvp pilot specialized in a certain combat role to pass on his or her knowledge to other pilots in the corporation and make sure that they are competent in the area as well. Seminars are short lectures scheduled and delivered by Agony members to other Agony members often accompanied by a practical and a roam. The practical part can take place on the test server if there are problems with conducting it on TQ. The roam can be skipped but it is always a welcome option. Think of seminars as internal PVPU classes that are focused on particular pvp subjects rather than broader topics of joining and flying with a fleet and pvp basics.

Running a seminar can be done by any member of Agony. First you will need to review the reading material yourself and compile lecture notes, listen to the recordings of seminars that have already happened, then schedule a lecture and Q&A session in events subforum and link required reading into your scheduling thread.

Supplementary Material

These are Ventrilo recordings of seminars that have already been conducted.

Reading Material for Seminars

Scouting & Skirmishing

Fleet Command

Electronic Warfare


Covert Ops

Stealth Bombers

Tech 1 Frigate Fishing

Capital Ship Operations