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Original text by Rells
Expanded and updated by Carenthor Loon
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In addition to Tranquility, the live server, EVE has several test servers. Below is a list of them, with some helpful hints and information.



Singularity server, also known as SiSi, is the primary EvE test server. CCP uses it to test out upcoming patches and expansions. Players connect to Singularity to practice PVP and test out ship setups on each other. CCP seeds SiSi markets with ships and items all of which are worth only 100 ISK. As such it is a great place to practice cheap PVP for the players. Be aware that all PVP on SiSi has to be consensual except except at FFA beacons and podding is not allowed.

Singularity server is mirrored from the live server, Tranquility, a few times every couple of months. Your character's skills and possessions thus get updated only during these mirroring events. In the mean time you do have the option to set up the same skills into training on SiSi on your character as you're training on Tranquility.

Information on when last mirror was deployed:

Test server rules and bans:

How to Connect

  1. Create a copy of your EVE installation (named EVETest)
  2. Create a shortcut to the eve.exe file in EVETest
  3. Right click on the new shortcut and select 'Properties'
  4. Change the Target box by adding /end /LUA:OFF /server: on the end of the shortcut (so the entire thing looks like "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVETest\eve.exe" /end /LUA:OFF /server:
  5. Download the Tranquility to Singularity patch from
  6. Alternative link for Sisi patch:
  7. Launch Eve from the new shortcut and login as normal

Sisi Launcher

  • This tool allows you to simply patch and launch sisi client easily. It have one main advantage as it is downloading only new stuff.
  • Just copy your eve installation somewhere else, launch this tool, point it to right directory and click "Click to play EVE on Singularity" button
  • If you have shortcut from previous playing, you can just patch your sisi client by pressing "Fix Singularity Client" button.
  • Download from:

Special Info

  • Daily downtime of 1200 - 1300 GMT
  • No non-consensual PVP (of ANY kind)
  • No mass-dropping of items in space (control towers, warp bubbles, shuttles etc), no mass market purchases or supersize stack creations, no mass refining items or ships.
  • Everything costs 100 ISK (from seeded stations, may be up to 3 jumps away). If you need money, buy a ship, insure it and self-destruct it.
  • Ignorance is not an excuse, make sure you read any rules listed in the Game Development Forum). Yes, you can get yourself banned without warning.

Also known as

Test, Sisi, Sisimobile



Multiplicity is a relatively new test server, and is used for testing hotfixes. Multiplicity is usually deserted, even for a test server.

How to Connect

  1. Create a copy of your EVE installation (named EVEMulti)
  2. Create a shortcut to the eve.exe file in EVEMulti
  3. Right click on the new shortcut and select 'Properties'
  4. Change the Target box by adding /end /LUA:OFF /server: on the end of the shortcut (so the entire thing looks like "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVEMulti\eve.exe" /end /LUA:OFF /server:
  5. Download the Tranquility to Singularity patch from
  6. Launch Eve from the new shortcut and login as normal

Special Info

All the same as Singularity

Also known as

Multi, That other server



Chaos is the Bug Hunters test server. It is used exclusively by Bug Hunters and CCP

How to Connect

Become a bug hunter ;)

Special Info

Chaos is an internal test server. If you manage to connect, report it (after taking many screenshots and videos)

Also known as

BH Internal

Other Useful Info About Test Servers

More info on the Rules

1) No non-consensual PvP. Ever. You agree to fight before you fight (exception, the Free For All areas in FD-MLJ, where warping to them is consent but there is no fighting outside the stations in FD-MLJ). This applies beyond ships (i.e. POS's and Outposts are included)

2) No Pod Killing. If you have to test something relating to pods going squish, I'd suggest exchanging mails or a convo stating as such first.

3) No hoarding. Try not to buy more that 10 fully equipped ships at a time.

4) Political squabbling ends at the door. That means NO smack...ever.

5) Coloured writing. Anyone writing in anything other than white should be treated with the utmost respect at all times. They can ban you, and they don't need much of a reason to do so.

6) Problems. If you have a problem with someone, or you see someone breaking the rules, tell a BugHunter or a Dev. Don't try to settle it yourself.

7) Did I mention no non-consensual PvP?


Singularity and Multiplicity work slightly differently to Tranquility, in that they don't share the Tranquility database. Rather, they are occasionally 'mirrored', a process where your account is copied to Singularity and Multiplicity. This means that when you first connect to Singularity or Multiplicity, your skills and assets may be several months behind live. Unfortunately all you can do in this situation is wait for another mirror to occur.

Mirrors are taken when they are needed. It might be 6 weeks between a mirror, or 6 months, and nothing you say or do will hurry it up.

Devs and Bug Hunters

Devs and Bug Hunters can and will be found on Singularity, usually in FD-MLJ. Devs can be identified by the prefix CCP on the name (and will appear with red text in local), and Bug Hunters will be prefixed with BH and blue text in local. If they are on Singularity, chances are they are cooling off, so just treat them as a normal person (unless they ask you to do something).


Test servers are just that, test servers. Just because they have a daily downtime, doesn't mean they won't be down at other times. If you can't connect to a test server, check out (also helpful for getting patches once you know what you are doing with Singularity/Multiplicity).


A system in the Syndicate region, this system holds significant importance on Singularity. It is where everyone hangs out and PvPs, risk free). In FD-MLJ, there are several beacons with different names, most should be self explanitory. Any beacon marked 'FFA' is an area of free for all PvP (although no pod killing), each with a different category of ship. Going into an FFA in the wrong ship will result in a shouting at by the residents. Ignoring the shouting = ban time.

A fast way to move to FD-MLJ is to sit in a ship in station and join the chat channel called 'Move me", post something like 'move me pls' and an official / ISD will move you right to the FD-MLJ system.