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This is a guide to creating and managing ship content.

Ship content falls into main 3 categories:

  • Ship information
  • Ship setups
  • Tactics

For each category there are at least to classifications: Public and Agony private.

General Guidelines

  • If a page will contain information private to Agony then create it in the Agony namespace. To do this prepend "Agony:" to the page name. For example "Agony:Curse".
  • If there is both a public and private version of a page, then the private version should include a link to the public version.

Declassifying a page

If a page is to be declassified, do not simply re-categorize it or move it out of the Agony namespace. Instead follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page and copy the most recent (now declassified) contents from the old page to the new one.
  2. Edit the old page and redirect it to the new page. To do this replace the contents of the old page with #REDIRECT [[NewPage]]

Ship Information Page

  • Each ship page should be categorized with it's:
    • ship race (e.g. [[Category:Caldari]]),
    • ship class (e.g. [[Category:Frigate]]),
    • ship name (e.g. [[Category:Merlin]]),
    • and the category [[Category:Ship]].
  • Public information about the ship class should be placed in the category page.

Public Ship information

  • Public ship information should be placed in a page named after the ship.
  • Links to all public ship setup pages should be included on the public ship page.
  • Links to all relevant public tactics pages should be included.

Agony private ship information

  • A page named Agony:Shipname should be created. A link to the public ship page should be included.
  • Links to all Agony private ship setups should be included on the page.
  • Links to all relevant Agony private tactics pages should be included.

Ship Setup Page

  • The name of the ship setup page should begin with the ship name.
  • If the setup is related to a tactic, then the tactics name or acronym should be appended to the page name (e.g. Merlin_(Fishing)).
  • If a ship can have multiple roles within a tactic and those roles require different setups then the role name should be appended after the tactic acronym.
  • Each ship setup page should be categorized with:
    • the ship name (e.g. [[Category:Merlin]]),
    • the ship class (e.g. [[Category:Frigate]]),
    • and the the setup category [[Category:Ship Setup]].
  • Each ship setup page should include a link to the public (or privilege) ship information page.
  • Each ship setup page related to a tactic should include a link to that tactic.

Setup information

  • Do not include screen shots of EFT. Include the actual ship configuration. The reason for this is that the statistics calculated by EFT are skill dependent and can be misleading to a newcomer to the setup.
  • When possible, include the minimum skills required to fit a described setup. This will help newcomers know which setups they can actually use.
  • If there are several variations on a setup that are tailored to different skill levels then include them all on the same page, and sort them from least skill intensive, to most skill intensive.

Tactics Page

  • The tactics page should include links to all ship setup pages related to that setup.
  • The tactics page should be categorized with [[Category:Tactic]].