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Agony is the home of some awesome light ship pilots and one of the best tactics they used to learn and gain confidence is fishing.

Fishing involves using a t1 frig to bait/lure a t2 interceptor into scram & web range where your frig will win 9/10.

I cannot describe the great buzz i got the first time i killed a Claw with my Merlin.

There is articles on the wiki giving better detail and fittings, also you could try asking any of the Agony fishermen for advice on how to fish well.


Solo bubble camping

Similar to fishing you can use any frig with 3 mid slots (AB, web & scram) to sit on a small warp disruptor bubble and gank light ships/haulers foolish enough to warp gate to gate.

This tactic involves finding a empty pipe sysem where the gates are more than 14.5 AU apart, warping from one gate to the other at 70km and upon leaving warp you deploy and anchor a small mobile warp disruptor.

Then align back to the gate you just warped from and stop when you're 5.5km from the bubble and bookmark the spot, this is your "catch point" which covers the largest amount of the bubble for decloaking covops.

The trick is to watch local and as soon as it rises you start spamming 360 scan, once your target appears on scan you decide if to engage or warp off, i recommend always having a celestial selected in case you need to react fast you can just hit warp to 0 on your selected item tab and warp off.

Suicide Thrasher

A well fit arty Thrasher can 1 volley an interceptor, if you find an enemy gang/gate camp with interceptors, you can purposefully warp/jump into them and kill 1 inty before they kill you with the right know how.

The cost of the inty is far greater than the Thrasher and even tho you lost your ship, you won the isk battle and against worse odds.


The Durkka

The art of fitting a battleship with a full rack of smartbombs in the highs and WCS in the lows and using it to kill light ships or even whole light ship gangs.

The 3 most common methods to kill your targets are:

To sit innocently in a belt @ 0km so an interceptor thinks you are ratting and warps in to try tackle, upon leaving warp he takes 7/8 large smarties to the face, if he does not warp to 0 and tries to tackle you, the stabs allow you to warp off.

Next is to sit just over 5km from a gate aligned to another gate, the light ship lands on the gate normally 1km+ off allowing you to smart bomb him before he jumps out.

Last is to use a small mobile warp disruptor (see solo bubble camping)


  • Durkka Geddon


You can never have enough bookmarks, not only do they make traversing 0.0 alot safer but they can also give you the edge in pvp.

In every system you use, you must have scan tac's for every gate and at least 1 safe.

For more advance bookmarking, i would recommend using a small fast ship to make a 200km tac above and below a gate/station so you can TAM to them if needed, also a completely un aligned tac that is on grid of the gate/station that you can use to check for bubbles.

Plus more than one safe is always handy.

Solo roaming

Just jump in your interceptor, cov ops or desired solo ship and roam, it does not matter where you go and no one can tell what you might find.

You can practice scanning down any ratters you may come across.

You could try jumping in and out of small camps to help you learn how to better escape them.

When i first joined agony this is what i did to remove my fear of traveling through 0.0, practice my scanning and also got my first solo kill in 0.0 space (Retriever in an ice belt).


Spend time researching for your next cert on the wiki, ask online members for help with things you dont understand.

Do the certs, if you think you can do a cert or are 90% confident, start asking people to do it, dont wait for them to ask you and dont be afraid to ask. The worst they can say is "no" and no one will get annoyed with you for actively seeking progress.

Cert people, if your an LTC and someone is looking for a basic cert, do it for them, yes it can be boring/time consuming but if you chat in between questions and get to know each other during the cert who knows you could make a good friend. Also after the cert you will feel good knowing you helped someone.


Use evemon, use EFT, if there is a ship your unfamiliar with read about it, look up its bonuses, check the wiki/killboard to check fittings so in future you know what the ship is capable of.

Discuss ship fittings and skill plans with other members, for ships you can fly or future ships, there are some hardcore EFT warriors in corp who may be able to help you squeeze that 5-10% more out of the ships you fly.


Do it yourself, instead of waiting for a gang to form or targets to fall in your lap, actively seek them, grab other online mebers and say "were going for a roam", "i will FC if someone skirmishes" or visa versa.

Dont be afraid. The only thing that stops you from doing something is YOU! Don't be scared to lose ships or wipe out a whole gang. We learn far more from losing than constantly pwning and ganking.

If someone brings a ship to your gang and complains about losing it then its not your problem, they should not fly ships they cannot afford to replace easily.

The most important thing is to have fun.

If you are not in a good mood or over tired, take a break log off for a few hours and relax the game isn't going anywhere.

If something is bothering you address it, talk about it, see if something can be done about it and don't let it ruin your fun or escalate into something worse.