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Just as carriers and other large ships are vulnerable alone in the real world, these ships require support in EVE.

Capital Jumps

The following conditions must be met for a capital ship to initiate a jump.

  • Destination Cyno
    • Cyno ship should be in gang with the capital before generating a cyno field

(if the cyno is lit before the carrier joins the gang - the cyno dropper can right click on the triangle in top left of fleet window and broadcast "jump beacon" and then the carrier can right click cyno to in the broadcast window)

    • Cyno ship must have sufficient fuel to create a cyno (liquid ozone)
  • Capital Ship
    • Must have greater than 95% of capacitor
    • Must not be inside a warp disruption bubble
    • Must not be warp disrupted or scrambled
    • Must not have an active session change timer
    • Must have sufficient fuel to jump (fuel types different for each race)
      • Caldari: Nitrogen Isotopes
      • Gallente: Oxygen Isotopes
      • Minmatar: Hydrogen Isotopes
      • Amarr: Helium Isotopes

Cynosural Fields

Cynos are the basis of all capital inter-system travel. They in effect transmit a beacon for the capital ship's navigation to lock onto and allow for the opening and stabilization of a jump portal. By galactic law these are only deployable in low or null security space (below 0.5) due to the hazards to local traffic caused by the field and subsequent incoming capital. The Cynosural Field Theory skill is required to deploy them and many recons have a bonus in the reduction of the liquid ozone fuel required. The beacon is a warpable object that is viewable to all in system and it can be expected that the cyno ship will almost always draw the attention of any local hostiles. When a ship has successfully deployed a cyno it may not:

  • Move under sublight or warpdrive
  • Activate a stargate
  • Activate a cloaking device
  • Request for docking clearance
  • If the ship is destroyed the field dissipates immediately
  • If the cyno pilot disconnects, their ship remains where the cyno was deployed

Cyno Ships

Ship choice factors largely in how successful you will be in jumping capitals. Many details restrict the types of ships that are reasonable choices, but pretty much any ship is capable (one way or the other) of deploying a cyno field.

These are some of the quality's and requirements of a good cyno ship.

A cyno ship must:

  1. Have enough cargo space to fit the required amount of fuel. 450 units of liquid ozone(180 m³ ) is required at Cynosural Field Theory I. Many ships should be able to meet this, others by added cargo expanders.
  2. Be able to fit a cynosural field generator I. This requires 50 teraFLOPS(tf) of CPU and 20 megawatts(MW) power-grid. Smaller ships may require a Micro Auxillery Power Core (MAPC) or a co-processor.

A cynosural field generator is active for 600 seconds (10 minutes), during which time the generation ship may not move and the location of the field is displayed as a warp-able object to the entire system. In null sec space, it is extremely likely that the generation ship will be attacked.

There are three approaches to the tactical fitting of a cyno ship:

  1. Expendability - A ship (usually a frig) is fitted with only the mods to launch the cyno. This is ideal for extremely hostile system where the cyno ship will most certainly come under large assault. The Kestrel, Inquisitor, Navitas, Imicus, and Probe are good ships for this category.
  2. Tank - A large tank is fitted with the intention that the capital pilot remote reps the cyno ship until it is able to escape. Recon ship are excellent for this; they provide tech 2 tanks for survivability as well as bonuses to the reduction of liquid ozone.
  3. Electronic warfare - The cyno ship jams or damp any opposition until the capital ship arrives to support it, then provides EWAR coverage to the capital. Recons are again ideal, as most receive large bonuses to their respective EWAR types.


  1. Gather Intel
    • Situational awareness is extremely important during capital ship operations. You must know what dangers are nearby, and what threat they could render to the capital. Ask yourself (and gang) the following questions about both the destination and origin system:
      1. What corps and alliances are in local and what are their numbers?
      2. What corps and alliances are in the neighboring system's locals and what are their numbers?
      3. How many of the above are believed to be currently active?
      4. How far away are those alliance's known bases?
      5. What shiptypes are known to be currently in-space?
      6. What ships show up on 360 scan?
    • Watch diligently for signs of gathering hostiles and especially enemy capitals, battleships, recons, and probable cyno ships.
  2. Prepare ships
    • Ensure each designated cyno ship and capital has the sufficient fuel in their cargo before anyone undocks.
    • Move emergency backup cyno ships into place.

Jump Operation

  • Placing the Cyno
  1. Triple check immediate local intel.
  2. Inform the capital pilot you are moving into position.
  3. Carefully arrange your ship.
    1. Use the tactical interface and an equipped salvager to ensure at least a 5km distance from a station or other collidable objects (hover mouse over salvager icon to show range sphere), but are still displayed as being 0m from a station.
  4. Inform the capital pilot you are in position and ready to deploy the cyno.
  5. When the capital pilot is ready to jump, activate the cyno generator and confirm the launch on vent.


Circular Cynofielding

Circular Cynofields are two simultaneous Cynosural fields placed at the destination and origin of the capital ship. The capital jumps to the destination, unloads, reloads with fuel, has it's capacitor recharged by docking at a station, and returns to the orgin without creating a new cynosural field. This can be repeated several times as long as the capital has fuel and the cynosural fields remain active.

Support Ships

Support Fleet Roles

The support fleet is commonly made up of those without super high skill point characters here are a few very valuable alternative ways you can support the logistics team.
  • Remote Sensor Boosting ships - T2 modules only require LvL 1 Sensor Linking. These ships reduce the lock time of the carrier so he can keep others alive. If you are in a frig - pretty much expendable and if you are in a larger ship you fit the best shield tank you can and ask for reps if needed. Sensor boosting will NOT aggress you so if you are close to station you can always pop-in-n-out to break the bad guys lock on you.
  • Projected ECCM - probably the biggest threat to Carriers is being Jammed as it kills their ability to remote rep etc. This kind of ship will require a bit more skills Electronic Warfare 4 for T2 Mods. But it is of a great assistance as a support ship. Same rules as above if in a frig you are pretty much expendable if larger fit a tank and call for reps.
  • ECM ships - bring the best you can but be aware that you will likely be primary. Again cheap and expendable frigs or expensive and tanked.
  • Drone Popping Dessy's - carriers and other large ships can't really target them effectively so they are the bad-guys weapon of choice against them (other than dreads ) Especially if the ECM ships can keep the bad guys jammed - see #3 above
  • Dual Logistics
fill in
  • Interdictors
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An example of a good support group for a Carrier:

  • Interceptors - Perfect for assigning fighters to, especially ones which go super fast and stay out of web range
  • Interdictors - Bubbles are excellent for pinning targets down long enough for the capital to lock and attack.
  • Recons/EWAR Cruisers - Great for protecting the rest of the support as well as keeping ewar off the carrier by countering opposing EW ships.
  • Frigates - Frigates can be used as Cyno Ships or as Fleet Support Ships (see Roles above).

Specific Support Setups

  • Carrier Support Dominix

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