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Voice communication tools are incredibly important for coordination in PVP - typing is simply not fast enough to be effective. Along with the in-game Eve Voice tool, many corporations also use out of game software such as Teamspeak, Mumble and Ventrilo.

All Agony classes take place on our Teamspeak 3 server.

Agony Teamspeak Info

To manually set up Teamspeak, use the following information to connect to Agony's TS3 server:

  • Server Address:
  • Password: stopsucking

For classes, please set your user name as '[STUDENT]' or '[ALUMNI]' (in capital letters) followed by the name of the character you signed up with.


[STUDENT] Azual Skoll  
[ALUMNI] Azual Skoll

For anything other than one of our classes or public roams, use your corp ticker in brackets.

Make sure you include a space between the [TAG] and your name.

TS3 Installation

You can download the Teamspeak 3 client here. Installation is fairly simple. Please be aware that Teamspeak 2 is not compatible with Teamspeak 3 servers - you must connect using Teamspeak 3.


When using Teamspeak 3, you must set your client to 'Push-To-Talk'. By default your client will transmit whenever it detects you speaking, which is not good when we have a class of 60 students.

To change this, click 'Settings' at the top of the TS3 window, click 'Options' and go to the 'Capture' tab. Select 'Push-To-Talk' and assign a button of your choice.

If you do not set your client to Push-To-Talk, you will be muted.

Help! The Instructor/FC Is Too Quiet!

In TS3, you can easily modify the volume of an individual by right clicking their name and selecting 'Change Volume' - use this on the instructor(s) and FC if they are coming through too quiet.

The "User joined your channel" is driving me crazy. How can I turn that off?

Go to Settings > Options, then to Notifications. In the list expand Client > Switched > To Current Channel and remove uncheck "And Appears" "And stays in view".

You can turn off other sounds from here as well, should you wish to do so.