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General Notes

The intention of this guide it to get you acquainted with logistics associated with moving your belongings into 0.0.

Further references:

Current Jump Logistics Stations

These locations are subject to change and will be modified accordingly when the corporation moves into a new region. Agony Unleashed holds an office at each of the stations listed below equipped for capital ship jumping.

  • High sec office (pick up point for jump freighters, freighters, and orcas) - Nonni V Lai Dai
  • Low sec office (pick up point for carriers and rorquals) - Daras
  • 0.0 base (drop off point for all caps) - Y-4

Note: You can easily transport your main character or a cyno alt between all these offices by moving its medical clone to any one of these locations and then undocking in a pod and initiating self-destruct sequence. Don't forget to update its clone afterwards.

Empire-Side Logistics

For information on empire-side logistics please refer to the following article: Highsec Hauling and Suicide Gankers

Jumping from highsec system into lowsec system: Highsec to lowsec entry points are favorite places for pirates to camp. When transporting your ships to lowsec base, be aware that pirates might be camping the gate. You might not see them on gate. They might be sitting a few thousand kilometers off grid near the gate aligned to the gate. Their cloaked scout will give them signal to warp to gate as soon as you activate it to come through. When scouting lowsec gates always do a 360 degree scan around the gate. If you're picking up a heavy interdictor (Broadsword, Phobos, Devoter, Onyx) or heavy ships of some sort on 360 short range scan, that might be pirates camping. You can also check local for characters with negative standings. Keep in mind that warp core stabs do not prevent being warp scrambled by a heavy interdictor.

Jita Shop: Alistone has opened a Jita shop where he will purchase the goods you order directly from Jita and transport them to Agony's high sec office. For more information please read this thread

Corporate Contracts

As we are not a logistics corporation, the fastest way to get your stuff moved is by issuing public courier contracts and letting professional haulers transport your stuff. However, under certain circumstances you may choose to issue courier contracts to the corporation, in which case they will be visible to Agony members only. When issuing such contracts keep in mind that anyone can claim them. You do need roles to issue contracts to corporation or claim contracts issued to corporation by other members. If you do not want to risk having a spy alt claim all your possessions and then take off with them, it is wise to put some kind of collateral on any courier contract you issue to the corporation.

Transport to and from 0.0

First you have to decide whether you would like to get your ships and items transported via a carrier or a jump freighter.

Q. What's the difference?
A. The main difference is that carriers can pick up ships and packages only from lowsec systems. Jump freighters can pick them up from highsec and jump them into 0.0. With jump freighters you can avoid the hassle of hauling your things into lowsec. Another difference is that jump freighters can haul about 350K m3 of repackaged items making them ideal for hauling high volume items such as POS components and fuel. But carriers cost 700 million ISK while JFs cost about 5 billion ISK, so much fewer players own JFs in game. To get your things moved by a jump freighter directly from highsec office you might have to wait for delivery longer, unless you have pre-arranged a trip directly with a JF pilot in corp. Jump freighters are not optimal for hauling rigged and insured ships. For example a jump freighter can haul 35 repackaged cruisers but only 3 assembled/rigged cruisers. In comparison, a carrier can haul 7-8 assembled/rigged cruisers. Jump freighter is able to haul 7 repackaged battleships, but it is unable to haul a single rigged battleship. In comparison a carrier can haul 1-2 rigged battleships per trip. Jump freighters also have shorter jump range than carriers, which means that they cannot jump as far. If you need transport of rigged and insured ships, use carrier logistics. Whichever services you decide to use, make sure to check labeling and packaging instructions first.

Q. How long am I going to wait for my stuff to get delivered?
A. There is no set schedule that our capital ship pilots follow. They will grab your ships and packages if they have space and time to make jumps. Usually it takes no more than 3-5 days to receive your ships/items, but sometimes it may take longer than a week. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own logistics, so if there is a ship or item you need ASAP use scouts and and fly it into 0.0 yourself.

Q. Whom can I tip them for this awesome service? How much should I tip?
A. You may tip if you specifically know who delivered your stuff. Carrier pilots typically use fuel and cyno supplies that are purchased from corp wallet and stocked at our lowsec and 0.0 stations. JF pilots may be purchasing their own stock of fuel (as JFs use 3x the fuel of carrier), so it may help to include a tip of a few million ISK on your courier contract.

Q. I have been waiting for ship X to get delivered for very long time now. What should I do to find out where it is?
A. It might be sitting in Shipping hangar division or inside a carrier of a pilot who logged off and forgot to unload it. All members should be able to see into Shipping hangar division. If you still cannot locate it, make a post in corporate forum and ask if other members have seen it.

Carrier 0.0 Logistics

Getting Your Ships Ready
Please follow these instruction so that our carrier pilots are not incurring huge expenses in time or ISK. If you do not follow these steps, your items will not be picked up for transport.

  1. Move your gear to the low-sec Jump Logistics Station. Use scouts to not get ganked by pirates on lowsec gate. Do a 360 scan around the entrance gate because sometimes they camp just a bit off-grid, aligned and ready to warp to the gate just as your ship comes in.
  2. Once docked to lowsec logistics station, prepare your ships for transport:
    1. Assemble your ships, even if they are just frigates and destroyers.
    2. Fit your ship with modules and rigs. Try to fit as many modules as possible. It is OK if your ship runs out of cpu/pg; it will still be fit for carrier transport.
    3. You can fill the cargo of your ship with anything listed under Ammunition section of the market, and only that section. This includes nanite paste, scripts, scan probes, and cap booster charges.
    4. Fill your ship's drone bay with drones. DO NOT put drones in the cargohold. They are not ammunition.
    5. Make sure that your ship's guns, launchers, electronic warfare modules, capacitor boosters, and scan probe launchers are empty. Place any scripts and ammo you find in them into your ship's cargohold.
    6. Check and re-check that that there are no modules, drones, minerals, booster drugs or other non-ammunition items in the cargo of your ships!
    7. Rename all ships with your name and the destination for the ship; i.e. Rells->Eza. Then rename them again because sometimes the name doesn't stick the first time. Ships that have no name or are incorrectly labelled could end up anywhere.
    8. If your ship does NOT have rigs fitted and is not insured or you don't mind losing the insurance, then append (RP) to the Ship name. Carriers and Rorquals are able to haul both assembled and smaller repackaged ships; Jump Freighters can haul only repackaged ships. Indicating that your ships can be repackaged and jumped by all these ships types will ensure faster transport. Note that Rorquals can only haul industrial ships and mining barges in their ship maintenance array.
    9. Put your assembled and renamed ship into Shipping section of corporate hangar at the Jump Logistics Station.

Getting Your Items Ready

  1. Haul your items to low-sec Jump Logistics Station.
  2. Take all non-ship items and repackage them and stack them. Make sure that everything is repaired.
  3. Divide all modules and items into stacks not exceeding 5,000 m3. You may want to buy a station container to help you check volume of stacks.
  4. Pack contents into plastic wrap or secure containers. Procedure for creating plastic wrap packages:
    1. Select one stack, right click, and make a private courier contract to an alt or another Agony pilot. You don't have to enter anything into reward or collateral fields, only a destination which can be any random station anywhere in EVE universe.
    2. Online the alt, accept the contract then fail it. This creates a plastic container in your alt's assets with your items in it.
    3. Trade or make an item exchange contract with the package back to your main.
    4. Right click and rename the package according to the shipping conventions (example: Rells >> Eza)
    5. Drop the package into the Shipping hangar. This does not require you to have more than one account or more than one character at the shipping location. Items will take up less space if they are packed into plastic wrap rather than secure cans because secure cans come in fixed sizes. This will save volume and time for carrier pilots and ensure that your items are delivered quicker.

Your items should be dropped into your hangar at the destination location, however, this does not always happen as it should. Sometimes capital ship pilots do not have time to go through all the items and sort them. In this case they put them into Shipping hangar. So make sure to check the Shipping section of the corporate hangar at the destination location to see if your items might have been left there. If you have been waiting for your items to be transported for a while (week+) make a post on this forum Tasks to let the logistics pilots know about it.

Jump Freighter 0.0 Logistics

Please follow these instruction so that our JF pilots are not incurring huge expenses in time or ISK. If you do not follow these steps, your items will not be picked up for transport.

If you have pre-arranged a trip with a JF pilot:

  1. Move your gear to the high-sec Jump Logistics Station.
  2. Make sure your ships are in repackaged form, do not assemble, rig, or insure them.
  3. Make sure that there are no illegal items among your modules such as booster drugs or navy tags.
  4. Select all the modules, ammo, drones, ships that you want to get transported. Right-click and choose make courier contract. Keep in mind that maximum cargo size of a jump freighter is about 350,000 m3 plus/minus 15,000 depending on race of JF and JF pilot's skill. Do not create courier packages that are bigger than this volume.
  5. Select "private" and type in name of jump freighter pilot who has agreed to deliver your gear. The destination station is almost always a station with corp office.

If you have not pre-arranged a trip:

  1. Move your gear to the high-sec Jump Logistics Station.
  2. Make sure your ships are in repackaged form, do not assemble, rig, or insure them.
  3. Make sure that there are no illegal items among your modules such as booster drugs or navy tags.
  4. Select all the modules, ammo, drones, ships that you want to get transported. Right-click and choose make courier contract.
  5. Set contract to your alt or anybody in Agony who is willing to help you out with this. Set destination to a random station anywhere in EVE universe. Have your alt or corpmate cancel the courier contract. This will generate a plastic wrap package in your alt's or corpmate's items at the station where you made the contract. Have them trade this plastic wrap package back to you. Keep in mind that maximum cargo size of a jump freighter is about 350,000 m3 plus/minus 10,000 depending on race of JF and JF pilot's skill. Do not create courier packages that are bigger than this volume.
  6. Re-name the plastic wrap package with your name, destination and (volume). The destination station is almost always a station with corp office. It is helpful if you can also put the volume of the package in brackets to allow JF pilots to be able to quickly select packages to fill their available cargo bay. e.g. Eomar->Berta (120k)
  7. Put it into the Shipping division of corporate hangar and wait.

Important! Always create courier contract for a JF pilot. Do not use Item Exchange. This is because creating courier contract packages all your items into a single plastic wrap package. This plastic wrap package the JF pilot can simply drop into JF's cargo, such that your items will not get mixed in with anything else he or she might be hauling. At the destination the JF pilot can simply click on "Complete" button on the courier contract and all the items will get automatically dropped into your hangar. The JF pilot thus does not have to sit there and sort through the cargo that might belong to several people. This is a big saving of time for the JF pilot.

Important! Jump freighters can only load plastic wrap and freight containers. JFs cannot load giant secure containers or other secure containers when those containers are assembled and full of items. Empty repackaged secure containers are ok as well as assembled secure containers inside plastic wrap. Assembled secure containers that are not inside plastic wrap will not get moved by a JF.

Shipping Division of Corporate Hangar

Purpose: The Shipping division is a section of the corporate hangar designated for use by members to drop packages and ships destined for transport to and from 0.0 space. It is also the hangar where stocks of jump-related items such as isotopes and liquid ozone are stored.

Access rights: All ranks within Agony have "Read" access to this section of the corporate hangars and can view its contents. Characters with the "Jump Logistics Specialist" title, as well as the Directors and CEO, have take access to this hangar section. Agony members who hold rank of CORE and higher are given access to this section if they are willing to help corporation with logistics, have been active players with the corp for a while and generally proven themselves to be trustworthy.

Liquid Ozone and Cyno Generators: Some amount of liquid ozone, cyno generator modules, and cyno-frigates should always be stored in the Equipment section of the corporate hangar. DO NOT place all liquid ozone, cyno modules and ships into the Shipping hangar section. Only a few people in corporation have take access to that section of the corporate hangar. These items need to be available to all Core members so that they can create cynosural fields for capital ship pilots.

Inter-Regional Moves

Once in a while Agony leaves old 0.0 residence and moves into a new 0.0 region. This is most often done to either leave a target-poor area or pursue better opportunities elsewhere. Usually, 10-14 days prior to the actual move, a thread will be posted in corporate forum detailing where the corporation is moving to and listing the move-out dates (though unplanned moves can also happen). This gives our members enough time to start planning ahead. Moving out is never a 2-3 day event, instead logistics are usually spread over several weeks and weekends. Most of logistics associated with these moves will get done in the first 10 days but the entire process spans about 3-4 week because there is always a certain portion of membership that is on AFG and we want to ensure that everyone can move their belonging out of the old 0.0 region.

When time comes near to start moving members are asked to place their correctly marked and packaged ships and belonging into Shipping division of corporate hangar in 0.0 base. From there capital ship pilots can pick them up to deliver them to empire. Ships and belongings transported to empire are responsibility of members to transport to new destination. A portion of ships may be jumped directly into the new lowsec capital base system. Depending on how many jumps carriers have to make to new destination and number of active capital ship pilots in corp at the time, there can be limitations placed to how much volume will be taken up from 0.0 by capital ships and how much will be left up to members to transport out. This is why it is always a good idea to not significantly overstock on ships.

These inter-regional moves usually place a lot of additional load on play time of all of our members, especially capital ship pilots who are directly involved in jumping ships and gear to the new place. Squadrons may choose to close down their recruitment, fewer gangs are scheduled and run, and PVP University classes are not scheduled until move is complete. To ensure that these moves take up least amount of time, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. When a move is announced, stop moving ships into the area (unless it is a specific ship you need for an upcoming gang).
  2. Do a portion of your logistics yourself. If corporation is basing near empire, run a few of your T1 insurable heavy ships such as bc and bs through the pipe to empire and afk pilot them through highsec.
  3. Volunteer to scout for members who are running their ships from 0.0 to empire.
  4. Volunteer to light cynos for capital pilots making jumps. Cyno-alts can be generated in less than a week of training. All you need to train up is Electronics V, Cynosural Theory III, and make sure it has skills to fly a frigate capable of holding 350 units of ozone in its cargohold.
  5. If you have a freighter or orca alt you may volunteer to help members to transport their ships across empire.
  6. Try not placing ships into Shipping hangar that are generally not worth transporting and that can be easily purchased near Agony's new base.
    1. T1 frigates and destroyers are very cheap and generally not worth moving unless you have some very expensive rigs on them.
    2. Unrigged T1 ships (cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships) can be insured and self-destructed for insurance.
  7. Do not keep a huge stock of ships at the 0.0 base. Think about how many ships you can reasonably blow up in the next 2-4 weeks and do not stock up over this amount.

If you have missed a move do not worry. Agony most often bases in NPC 0.0 stations to which you will never lose docking rights. You can train up a few levels of Trade and Retail on an alt (takes about 3 days), contract your items it and send it into region. Have your newly created trade alt list your belongings on market for Jita prices and you will sell off majority of your stuff within a few weeks. Rigged ships can be sold over contracts. You can also always attempt to run everything out to empire yourself.

Moving Across Empire

The following information pertains to times the corp moves between different 0.0 regions and so transport of ships across highsec empire is then needed. Instructions to follow for high sec transport:

  1. Each Agony member is responsible for his or her own empire-side logistics, especially if his or her ships have already been delivered to a high security system.
  2. Do not place assembled (rigged/insured) battlecruisers and battleships into highsec shipping hangar. Freighters and orcas are only able to haul 1-3 of these ship types. Their transport will actually proceed faster if you nano/i-stab them and run them across empire one by one yourself, as both freighters and orcas are very slow aligning ships.
  3. You may throw cruisers and smaller ships into Shipping hangar in highsec but please keep point #1 in mind. While our logistics pilots will gladly help you get your stuff transported between 0.0 and empire, the empire-side logistics are widely considered to be responsibility of individual pilots to get done. Thus if you put your ships into Shipping hangar in highsec office to get transported across empire you may be waiting for them for a long, long while.
  4. When placing assembled (rigged/insured) ships into highsec Shipping hangar, name them as if naming them for carrier transport (with your name and destination) and then package them into plastic wrap by creating fake courier contracts to your alt or corpmate (refer to carrier logistics section if you do not know how to make plastic wrap packages). Place only plastic wrap packages into Shipping hangar. Freighters are unable to load assembled ships otherwise if they are not inside plastic wrap. Orca pilots can look inside plastic wrap and break it if there are only ships with your name inside it, then load assembled ships into their orcas for transport.
  5. Do the same for your items and repackaged ships - place them into plastic wrap for freighter transport.

During corp-wide moves your smaller cruisers and frigate-sized ships can catch a ride on somebody else's freighter or orca. But do not put battleships and battlecruisers into highsec Shipping hangar. You are responsible for hauling ships that have been transported to empire, especially ones sitting in highsec.

Jump Logistics Pilot's Guide

AGONY Empire values its jump logistics pilots, and to this end, we have created the following guide to help you in jumping.

At this time capital ship operations are being paid for by the corporation. Corporation supplies cyno-frigs, isotopes, liquid ozone, and cyno generators to its cap ship pilots at Jump Logistics Stations. These items are allocated between the Equipment and Shipping corporate hangars.

  1. Move your carrier or other jump ship to the low-sec Jump Logistics Station.
  2. Open "Shipping" section of the corporate hangars. Note that you must have Jump Logistics Specialist title in game to be able to take items from this hangar. If you do not have this title, you may ask another member of the corporation who has this title to trade items from Shipping hangar to you.
  3. Fill your cargo, Corp and ship array with as many packages, cans, and ships as you can take along. Take the required amount of isotopes from the Shipping section of the corporate hangars.
  4. Execute the jump. If you do not have a cyno-alt positioned at the destination location inquire on Vent or in Corp chat if any member is able to help you out. You might want to arm your jump ship with remote armor and shield transfer modules as well as a mix of shield and armor maintenance bots to protect the cyno ship at the destination location from being attacked and destroyed.
  5. Put everything that you have transported into members' hangars. To do this open corporation hangar, click on Members' Hangars button at the bottom, select name of member from list and click on OK. Even if you do not have roles to see contents of personal hangars, you will still be able to drop items there.

Important! During corp-wide logistics operations do not aggress anything anywhere with your capital. When a corporation is moving, there will be a lot of cynos going up and a lot of capital ships jumping back and forth and this always attracts attention of local pirates. Pirate alliances have been known to bait capital ships into aggressing and then hotdrop them with 10-20 dreads. This amount of dreadnaughts melts a carrier in seconds such that not even remote repair from other carriers will save you. So during inter-regional moves stick to the task at hand.

Chat Channels and Forum

There are several channels Agony pilots can use to invite out of corp cyno-alts:
- AU_Intel - please keep this chat clear of any general chatter
- AU_Cyno
- AU_Logistics

Corp-wide logistical operations get announced on Agony's main forums. There is also a subforum called "Logistics" where members can make posts related to movement or procurement of gear. This forum is accessible to CORE+ ranks only.

Agony's Ventrilo has a room dedicated to Logistics. Pilots participating in cap ship jumps should move themselves into this room to not have general channel chatter interfere with their op.

Transport Abilities of Ships Used for Logistics

Please read this section carefully. Understanding the advantages and limitations of capital ships will let you optimize your logistics better so that it goes faster for you and everyone else involved.


  • Cargohold - 825-875 m3, can be expanded if carrier fits expanded cargohold modules
  • Corporate hangar array - 10,000 m3 (can hold 3 giant secure cans)
  • Ship hangar array - 1,000,000 m3 (can hold 2 battleships or 3-4 battlecruisers or 7-8 cruisers)
  • Base jump range: 6.5 light years
  • Price: 600-800 million ISK
  • Align time: 25-30 seconds (Chimeras align slightly faster than other carriers while Archon, Thanatos, and Nidhoggur all have same inertia modifier)
  • Use in logistics: Carriers are employed in transporting ships and items between 0.0 and lowsec systems. Because cyno fields cannot be opened in high security space, carriers cannot enter highsec and neither are they able to use normal jump gates. Carriers typically get jumped between two systems with stations or POSes. Carriers can transport moderate volumes of items, secure cans, as well as several assembled ships. Cans and plastic packages can get loaded either into carrier's corporate hangar array or its cargohold. Their cargohold can also be expanded to hold over 15,000m3 of volume if carrier fits all cargohold expanders in lows; corporate hangar array can hold additional 10,000m3 worth of items. Carriers can haul assembled rigged/insured ships. In fact, their ship maintenance array will only accept ships in assembled state and any un-assembled ships get instantly assembled once they are dropped into a carrier. However, assembled ships take up a lot more space than un-assembled ships, so that 1 million m3 of carrier's ship hangar array gets filled up quickly. Carriers can haul 1-2 battleships, 3-4 battlecruisers, 7-8 cruisers per trip. Carries also have the longest jump distance than any other capital ships and can jump to places where other ships cannot. Jump freighters and dreads often cannot use same cyno-chains as carriers.
  • Required skills: Racial Battleship V, Advanced Spaceship Command V, Drone Interfacing V, Navigation V, Warp Drive Operation V + about 910 million ISK for the skill books


  • Cargohold - 755,000 m3 up to 980,000 m3 depending on race and pilot's skill
  • Corporate hangar array - none
  • Ship hangar array - none
  • Base jump range: not a jump capable ship
  • Price: 600-800 million ISK
  • Align time: 43-45 seconds (all freighters have same inertia modifier)
  • Use in logistics: Freighters are used for transporting supplies and gear across empire space. Freighters align very slowly and are not capable of cynoing. For this reason people prefer not to take them into lowsec or 0.0, but rather use them to haul supplies across empire. Despite having around 180,000 efhp, freighters die in less than 5 minutes to a small gang if caught in lowsec or 0.0. It is possible to take a freighter into lowsec if you use an alt and web it on gate to make it enter warp faster (see Highsec Hauling and Suicide Gankers for more information on this) but this requires that you use an alt or have a corpmate on standby to help you out. Freighters are not able to load assembled (rigged/insured) ships as well as assembled secure containers full of gear. They can load filled freighter containers, however. There is a way to get around this limitation - wrapping assembled ships and cans into plastic wrap by using fake courier contracts (see Highsec Hauling and Suicide Gankers for more information on how to do this).
  • Required skills: Racial Industrial V, Spaceship Command V + about 115 million for the skill books

Jump Freighters

  • Cargohold - 330,000-360,000 m3
  • Corporate hangar array - none
  • Ship hangar array - none
  • Base jump range: 5 light years
  • Approximate price: 4-5 billion ISK
  • Align time: 25-28 seconds (all JFs have same inertia modifier)
  • Use in logistics: Jump freighters are 1/3rd the size of a regular freighter, however, they have more effective hit points. Their disadvantage is that the are suboptimal for hauling rigged/insured ships. However they can haul about 5-7x times as many repackaged ships as a carrier and significantly more of such items as modules, ammo, POS fuel and parts, and minerals. Another advantage of jump freighters is that they are able to enter high security space where they can function as a regular freighter and jump directly from highsec to lowsec or 0.0. Jump freighters also have shorter jumping range than carriers but same as dreadnoughts so they can use cyno chains set up for dreads.
  • Required skills: Racial Industrial V, Advanced Spaceship Command IV, Racial Freighter IV, Navigation V, Warp Drive Operation V, Jump Drive Operation V, Industry V + about 170 million for the skill books


  • Cargohold - 40,000 m3
  • Corporate hangar array - 30,000 m3
  • Ship hangar array - 1,000,000 m3
  • Base jump range: 5 light years
  • Approximate price: 1,500-1,700 million ISK
  • Align time: 42-45 s
  • Use in logistics: Rorquals have larger corporate hangar arrays than carriers, however, they cannot jump as far and neither can they haul any other ships but industrial ships and mining barges in their ship maintenance array. Because of their moderately large cargohold they can function as mini-jump freighters. Their special ability is that they can compress ore and ice and provide gang bonuses for mining ops. They can also mount clone vat bays and function as jump clone installation facilities or clone jump points.
  • Required skills: Advanced Spaceship Command V, Navigation V, Warp Drive Operation V, Industry V, Mining Barge V + about 910 million for skill books


  • Cargohold - 30,000 m3
  • Corporate hangar array - 40,000 m3
  • Ship hangar array - 400,000 m3
  • Base jump range: not a jump capable ship
  • Approximate price: 350-400 million ISK
  • Align time: 38-40 s
  • Use in logistics: Main purpose of Orcas is to give support to mining operations. For logistical purposes they can function as mini-freighters. Their cargohold can be expanded to 60K m3, their corporate hangar array can take additional 40K m3 worth of gear. In addition Orcas can transport 400K m3 worth of assembled ships (40% of carrier capacity). Orcas are not capable of jumping and because of their slow align time it is not advisable to take them to dangerous space. Because of their relative low cost and skill requirements they can be used as entry-level freighters.
  • Required skills: Mining Foreman V, Mining Barge V + about 45 mil for the Industrial Command Ships skillbook


  • Cargohold - 7,200-9,500 m3
  • Corporate hangar array - none
  • Ship hangar array - none
  • Base jump range: 5 light years
  • Approximate price: 1,100-1,500 billion ISK
  • Align time: 28-30 seconds, longer with trimarks (Caldari dread aligns slightly faster than other three)
  • Use in logistics: Dreadnoughts are not suitable for hauling ships or items. They are best used to fulfill their primary role: POS warfare.
  • Required skills: Advanced Spaceship Command V, Navigation V, Warp Drive Operation V, Advanced Weapon Upgrades V, Racial Battleship V + about 640 million ISK for skill books

Blockade Runners

  • Cargohold - 4,000-10,920 m3
  • Corporate hangar array - none
  • Ship hangar array - none
  • Base jump range: not capable of cynoing on its own, can use Blackops portals
  • Approximate price: 60-100 million ISK
  • Align time: 5.3 for Crane, 5.7 s for all others (can be cut down to 2-3 s with inertia rigs and modules)
  • Use in logistics: Blockade runners a T2 haulers that get added resistances, can warp around cloaked, and have very fast align time. They also have enough grid to fit a 10mn microwarpdrive. Their primary use is for transporting highly valuable good through empire space as well as hauling gear through 0.0 space. They can also go through a BO jump portal and are used to resupply black ops battleships on isotopes when fleet is making several jumps.
  • Required skills: Racial Industrial V, Industry V + about 28 mil for the skillbook

Transport Ships

  • Cargohold - 10,000-35,500 m3
  • Corporate hangar array - none
  • Ship hangar array - none
  • Base jump range: not capable of cynoing
  • Approximate price: 60-100 million ISK
  • Align time: 17.9 s for Bustard, 18.8 s for all others (can be cut down to 10 s with inertia rigs and modules)
  • Use in logistics: Transport ships are T2 haulers that get added resistances and more cargo capacity than T1 haulers. They also have enough grid to fit a 10mn microwarpdrive and so are able to do the cloak-mwd trick (see here for explanation: Highsec Hauling and Suicide Gankers).
  • Required skills: Racial Industrial V, Industry V + about 28 mil for the skillbook