Agony 0.0 Rules, Guidelines and Decisions

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AGONY has guidelines that outline the CEO's expectations for everyone in the corp. Rules are arbitrary (and have caused too much admin in the past) but guidelines give you the ability to make your own decisions in any given circumstance. If you have a question about a guideline, ask. If you make a decision that goes contrary to the behavior expected of AGONY, expect consequences but at least you had the freedom to do what you think is best. AGONY leadership will make decisions that consider these guidelines but will not be restricted by them. In case of disagreements, please remember that Agony is not a democracy. All members are encouraged to voice their opinion, but the final decisions rests with the directorship and other leaders. End of story. If you don't like a resolution, raise your concerns and explain your point of view. Internal politics/drama will not be tolerated.


  1. Attitude: Eve is a game and we play it for fun. Much of that fun is derived through interactions with the people we play with. Agony pilots are expected to be friendly and helpful to their corp-mates while fostering an environment of self-improvement. Common sense should be used in your interactions. Blaming other pilots for failures, personal attacks or other actions that fall into the "uncool" category should never occur within Agony.
  2. RoE: Not-Agony-Shoot-It. Temporary blues are considered Agony for the period set to blue. Agony isn't a pirate/griefer corp, don't act as one. Pilots have a right to respond in their own defence in any security space. In low-sec, Agony pilots are free to engage any targets; however, a security status of -4.0 or greater must be maintained.
  3. Activity: Members are expected to be active. Teamspeak is the communication protocol, get it, be on it, get involved. Logging on and sitting in corp chat does not count as active, EvE is not a chat client. Activity will be monitored by leadership through several factors, including time on voice comms, participation in-game and killboard activity. AFG or inactivity will result in the member being potentially removed from corp. Final decision for removals will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the directors.
  4. Structure and ranks: Everyone is expected to contribute in Agony. Formal structure and ranks are minimal and have been reduced to: trial, core, director, ceo. Some members will take on roles to provide services to the corp, for example: logistics, operations planning, PVP-U, flight leader, etc. This is a flat rank structure and members are responsible for most of the work that it takes to run our corporation. We are always looking for members to step up and get things done. The more you do for Agony, the better Agony is and the more Agony looks to you as a leader. The more you are seen as a leader, the more Agony listens to your input on the future of Agony.
  5. Requirements: Agony requirements (applicable to all current Agony pilots and future recruits) will be decided on a case-by-case basis by leadership. The final judgment of Agony membership will include considerations of in-game skills, ability to fly mission critical ships (dictors, recons / HACS, T2 spider BS, other specialized roles), out-of-game pilot PvP knowledge and game activity. Simply put: you must bring and add something to the family, Agony evolves, you are expected to evolve with Agony. Agony is not for everyone.
  6. Alts: Do as you wish to make your ISK, but you are expected to be active and committed to Agony. Activities of Alts should not conflict with these rules and must never employ tactics such as scamming or "griefing" tactics.
  7. Representation: Only directors (or pilots duly authorised by a director) can represent themselves as an Agony contact for the purposes of diplomacy (or when dealing with non-blues) and PVP-U staff will handle classes and interaction with students. Core Members are encouraged to assist students but should refrain from making PVP-U policy statements or promises that they don't have the authority to keep. All others are expected to represent Agony favorably by blowing shit up and being respectful in local. This means: no scamming, no smack talk (any source, e.g. local, EvE-o, scrapheap, etc.), no hording corp assets, etc. You know where the line is.
  8. Respect: Respect everyone. Internal disagreements will be resolved by higher ranking members--start with your flight leader or the person administrating a role, if the problem can't be resolved, take it to a director. Directors have final say. Their word is the final word. Remember you can keep going up the chain if you are unhappy, but it's unlikely that the resolution will change. Act like a grown-up in a professional environment and there won't be an issue.
  9. Honor: Any bargains struck (refer to representation for committing Agony) must be honored without fail. You make a deal, you honor the deal. If you agree to a 1v1 and the opponent breaks the rules, you cannot break your word, you die for agreeing in the first place. Don't tarnish the name of Agony because of a deal YOU made. Logging-off during an engagement is never an option for an Agony pilot.
  10. Friendship: Agony is a family and blues are friends, treat them as such. Share loot equally, help one another, work together to improve Agony as a whole. You don't have to like everyone but you do have to treat them right because we are AGONY. We're here to have fun. If you get pissy on comms (usually about religion or politics), you'll get taken aside and told you're over the line. If you persist, you'll get muted and/or kicked. If you are a repeat offender and persist in destroying the enjoyment of Eve by others in AGONY, you'll be shown the door.
  11. Inviting Guests to Gangs: Guests are generally welcome in AGONY gangs. Inviting guests to gangs is the FC's perogative but it is encouraged. Normally guests will be potential recruits or friends of AGONY members. If people like flying with us and want to continue, then we expect them to either apply for membership or stop turning up after they've had a few runs. Ex-members are allowed in Agony gangs if they're in good standing, but they shouldn't be regular attendees, otherwise they should re-apply for membership.
  12. Common sense: All decisions, principles, 'rules' and Agony events are subject to rule 12. Rule 12 overrides any and all other principles. Common sense is defined as 'Common sense for Agony the alliance'. Don't be a rules lawyer. EVE is a game of friends, don't bring form into it, substance will always prevail.