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Agony Unleashed Corporate Rules

All members are required to read, study and observe the following rules. If an exception needs to be made to a rule, the member should make a post in the corporate forum and the rules can be appropriately amended to account for other circumstances. We aren't inflexible here and will be very reasonable with requests. The rules enforce both common-sense behavior and the organizational necessities of AGONY.

General Rules

  1. AGONY members must be on Ventrilo when on the game. If the member is AFK they should move to the AFK channel in Ventrilo. AGONY happens in Ventrilo, not corporate chat.
  2. A short time after you accept the offer to join AGONY, the HR director will set your forum permissions and assign you to a squadron and add you to the ranks document. If this doesn't happen within two days, please contact a director.
  3. Upon becoming a member, you must send your squadron leader a private message on the AGONY web site to get a reserved Ventrilo name, forum access and so on. This will also serve as an introduction to the squadron leader who will most likely meet with you privately to introduce you to the AGONY way.
  4. Once an AGONY member receives their reserved username they must use that user name when connecting to Ventrilo.
  5. After becoming a member of AGONY, the new member should read the corp rules and all the other material on the site in the AGONY Corporate topic.
  6. All AGONY members unless specifically exempted by a director must take PVP-BASIC on their own resources even if they are the wife / brother etc of an AGONY member.
  7. AGONY Pilots are not required to pay for advanced PvP courses. They must pay for basic but after that their courses are free. Note that this requirement may have rank restrictions for certain courses.
  8. In general you need to take PVP-BASIC before joining AGONY.
  9. AGONY members can have their real life, friends, relatives and so on in AGONY before they take PVP-BASIC assuming the new member takes PVP-BASIC as soon as possible.
  10. If a character is inactive (not logged on) for 3 months or more without informing the corp of being AFG then the corp will assume the char is unused or the player has left the game and remove the char from the corp. If that char decides to return to the game later they may apply to be reinstated. The rank on reinstatement will be on a case by case basis.
  11. All AGONY pilots are required to attend the PVP-WOLFPACKS course as soon as possible. This is a requirement to be promoted to Lieutenant and stay in the AGONY after one month. If there isn't a class within one month of your acceptance to the corp, that will be noted so that you aren't penalized.
  12. AGONY is a relaxed place to be. I play this game to relax as do many other members of the corp. We joke around and tease each other and that is cool. What I WON’T accept under any circumstances are Cliques, political infighting, internal factions, power struggles or any of that BS. Trying to divide the corp into factions or anything like that will get you evicted so fast your head will spin.
  13. Alts and friends and wives are permitted in corp. However, we must know about the alt from your main on the site. This is to ensure someone doesn't announce themselves as your alt when you don't even know them. To get an alt in the corp or standings set to your scan alt, you must put them in your character list in your profile on the site.
  14. All characters of agony members must be in the character list for the member's web site account.
  15. AGONY members who are AFG (Away From Game) must set the reason that they are AFG in the appropriate field in their user profile on the corp site.
  16. Any AGONY member that threatens to quit over an intra personal dispute or another issue will find themselves stripped of roles and thrown out of the corporation. This kind of grandstanding is not healthy to the morale of the corp and I won’t permit it. Resolve issues like a calm, rational adult and don’t bloody grandstand.
  17. Spamming in vent or gang chat will get you ejected from the gang. Doing it repeatedly will get you ejected from the corp.
  18. No one other than a Director may put themselves forward or be put forward as an AGONY contact without explicit approval from a director.
  19. AGONY uses paid services for its members. These paid services are for legit uses by AGONY members or allowed uses by others (such as classes). ANY attempt to tamper with the servers, hack into the site, bypass security, steal copyrighted materials, attempt to execute denial of service or other malicious activity will be met with the full force of the (out of game) law. Hacking is a crime. Don't end up in jail over a video game!
  20. Scamming other players in the game (even if they aren’t in corp) is not allowed. It is dishonorable and damaging to the reputation of AGONY. There is a clear difference between scamming and aggressive trade and most players know the difference. If you are unclear of the difference on an issue, please contact your Squadron Leader.
  21. Items donated to the corp become the property of the corp and are not refundable. This includes blueprints, isk, modules, ships, structures or any other donations.
  22. Posts in the forum that execute an outright personal attack on another member of the corp will be deleted in their entirety no matter what other good content is in there. Debate ideas and other matters like adults with respect for each other and you won’t have a problem.

Corporate Organization

  1. AGONY is organized into a pyramidal military structure with each rank having successively more permissions as well as responsibility and duties within the corp. The rank structure is in the following order: Ensign, Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, Commander, Captain, Vice Admiral, and Operations Admiral. In addition, the appointed rank of Squadron Admiral is given to those individuals who lead a given Squadron (see below).
  2. AGONY is not a democracy. Although leadership will seek out the opinions and advice of other members, the leaders have the prerogative of decision making. Prejudicial decisions may be appealed up the chain of command to the CEO but this should be a rarity.
  3. Each AGONY member below Vice Admiral is under the command of an appointed Squadron Admiral who holds the earned rank of Captain or higher, along with the position of Squadron Leader. For most decisions within a squadron, the Squadron Leader (often abbreviated as SL, SA or SQA) is in command. Senior leadership will avoid trumping that authority if at all possible.
  4. Squadron Leaders may promote members up to the rank of Commander without senior leadership approval so long as the member meets the requirements of promotion as laid out in the ranks document.
  5. The ranks of Ensign and Lieutenant are considered probationary ranks in AGONY
  6. Squadron Leaders will submit monthly reports on their squadrons to the Senior Officers Forum. Reports will be entitled something like: [MONTHLY-REPORT] March - Alpha. Critically the name contains the bracketed tag, the month name and the name of the squadron. Monthly reports will contain the following information:
    1. Current State of the Squadron members.
      1. Any problems or issues with the members.
      2. Issues that members have with AGONY
      3. Members MIA without notifying that they are AFG.
      4. Member conflicts or potential conflicts.
      5. Promotion Recommendations.
      6. Each Ensign's promotion status and prospects with AGONY.
    2. State of Advanced Training of Squadron members. This would indicate how many members have PVP-COVOPS or other advanced classes.
    3. Integration of new ensigns into the corp. For each Ensign in the Squadron I want to hear if he is up on Vent, shown up on the forums, shown up in our current area of operations and so on.
    4. Squadron recruiting. What are you doing to find both new members and experienced pilots and get them in the corporation.
    5. Any thing else you want to bring up.
  7. In the event of a planned short (less than 4 weeks) absence of a Squadron Leader, the leader to be absent should arrange with another Squadron Leader or a Director to take the Squadron during their absence.
  8. Squadron Leaders that are AFG for a long period of time (months) will be replaced with another qualified candidate.
  9. Squadron Leaders hold the appointed rank of Squadron Admiral. Should they resign or be replaced as Squadron Leader, their rank will revert back to the earned rank they held before they were appointed
  10. Squadron Leaders may recommend disciplinary action on a member but may not execute such action without Director approval and oversight except in cases where delay would pose a serious hazard to the corporation as a whole.
  11. Squadron Leaders are in charge of enforcing corporate policy and are thus vested with the authority to warn members of violations. All such one on one conversations should be done in a private channel with one other senior officer (Vice Admiral or higher) present as an observer only.
  12. Squadron Leaders will meet with new applicants a short time after their acceptance to the Corp and will make sure that the new member knows where to find all the information they need.
  13. Squadron Leaders' recommended promotions are subject to oversight from senior leadership and the Squadron Leader must make sure the member has satisfied the requirements as laid out in the ranks document before issuing a promotion.
  14. In general, the path to promotion is to seek promotion by being proactive. Being active in AGONY and participating on operations and so on will help you get promoted. However, you must seek promotion by taking it up with your Squadron Leader (or a Director if you are Commander rank already). The guidelines for promotion are set out in the Agony Empire Rank Qualifications document.
  15. Agony has the tradition of marking someone for death when they are promoted. It is a fun tradition that we joke about and have a good time with. Don’t POD an AGONY member when they are using expensive gear or implants. I expect all of you promoted souls to fight back and not go softly. If it were me I would form a gang of T1 frigs with my fellow promoted members and go on a rampage attacking AGONY ships (again don’t blow up expensive gear please).

PvP General

  1. No smack talk in local. Joking around is ok but no outright smack; you know the difference. There are levels here and you all know what crosses the line. If you want to smack, smack with your ships.
  2. No smacktalk on Eve-O forums and especially other people's killboards. It is unprofessional and counterproductive. You may discuss a situation on Eve-O but no outright smacktalk. You know the line here. As for other people's killboards, do not post comments AT ALL.
  3. Keep your word. If we hear someone promising to let a pod through and then blowing it up, we will be pissed off in the extreme. I value honor and ethics.
  4. If you arrange a meeting engagement such as a duel with another player in the game outside AGONY, agony members are not allowed to interfere.
  5. No idiocy. Berating another player for not taking a cruiser into a fight against 25 AGONY frigs is just stupid. If you wouldn't have done the action yourself, don't berate another for not doing it.
  6. Waving as you decline an engagement and warp away is not considered smack talk, and is pretty funny anyway.
  7. Remember, it’s a game. If you are too upset by events to play and be rational, its time to log.
  8. No high sec piracy such as suicide ganking. I hate suicide pirates in high sec. I think it is borderline cheating and I don't want anyone associating AGONY with such action. If it can be proved, you will be gone very publicly to preserve our reputation.
  9. AGONY members must observe the rules of engagement. If you have a question regarding them, please talk to your squadron leader.
  10. Kill/loss mails are not to be posted on public killboards as they give away information on AGONY that can be used against us.
  11. All legit PvP kill and loss mails are to be posted on the PRIVATE AGONY killboard. Failure to post loss mails will result in disciplinary action. Senior officer regularly compare loss mails against other killboards to verify losses are all there. Loss mails should not be posted for death by rats (unless a PvPer assisted the rats), losses due to bugs and so on. If you lose a ship due to a bug during PvP and your petition for the recovery of that ship is denied, you must post the loss mail.
  12. When looting in PvP, please donate all "worthless" PvP loot to the corp by throwing it in the appropriate hangar. Since all of this melts, it helps the corp. This goes also for named items that are not of any particular value but useful.
  13. When looting tech 2 and high value items, it is up to your gang what to do with the items. It is nice if you throw the items into reserve modules and let someone else use them rather than selling them off. When it comes to extremely high value items, such as faction or officer gear, you should arrange with your gang as to what you will do with them.
  14. If you get something nice from a loot can, back off a while and let other members have a chance. Don't just ninja loot the whole can unless there is an emergency and the gang commander says something like "grab the loot fast".
  15. Donating captured Tech 2 gear that you won’t use to the corp helps out your fellow corp members a great deal. Try to prefer that to just keeping everything. We don't expect you to donate everything but being generous helps everyone.

Recruiting Rules

  1. Unsolicited applications via the corp interface in game will be rejected without even being considered. You must first fill out an agony applicant questionnaire and be INVITED to apply to agony.
  2. Members may not actively recruit current PvP Basic students unless they approach us first. Otherwise corps will think we are trying to steal their members and not send us students.
  3. Any ex-student of a PvP University course may be recruited so long as they are either in an NPC corp or they are no longer in the corp they were with when they took the class.
  4. PVP-BASIC graduates may submit a questionnaire and apply to join agony after their completion of the course.
  5. In order to submit a questionnaire without taking PVP-BASIC first, you must have at least 10 million COMBAT skill points, understand the basics of PVP, fly with AGONY at least twice and have the direct approval of an AGONY director to submit an application.
  6. It is the responsibility of a Squadron Leader to recruit for his squadron.
  7. AGONY Directors have the final say so on the the acceptance of a new member. All comments on the questionnaire will be considered but the final decision rests with the directors.

Corp Hangar Management

  1. Hangar access is granted to members based upon rank.
  2. Tactical, covert ops and other bookmarks should be placed in a properly labeled station container and put in the reserve fleet hangar. No more than 2 copies of the same set of bookmarks should be in that hangar.
  3. If you import AGONY bookmarks, you must copy the bookmarks back into the can and place the can back where you found it.
  4. All modules that go into corp hangars must be repaired and repackaged before being put in the hangars so that they are stackable.
  5. When putting modules in a hangar, you should execute "Stack all" and "Sort by type" operations to stack the modules and arrange them nicely.
  6. Any trash modules such as old containers, passive targeters, auto targeting systems and anything else that we don't use should be tossed in the "Production Materials" hangar to be recycled later.
  7. All researched BPOs must be in an NPC station and LOCKED DOWN to prevent any kind of theft.
  8. Any Ores or Compounds that are being donated to the corp should be dropped in the Production Materials hangar to be refined.
  9. NOTHING but items to be refined should be put in the production materials hangar. If an item is in there, it might get accidentally refined.
  10. All Ammo and drones of all types should go in the Ammo, Drones and Skills hangar.
  11. Skill books in Ammo, Drones and Skills hangars are for general use by all members. Feel free to take one.
  12. All miscellaneous stuff such as drugs and tags should go in the Ammo, Drones and Skills hangar.
  13. If you wish to put in tech 1 modules, do not drop a ton of them in the Members hangar. Instead put only some reasonable amount (different for 125mm rails than painters) in the Members hangar and the rest in the "Reserve Modules" hangar. This is to keep hangar volume low and minimize the impact of a corp thief.
  14. Tech 2 items and large volumes of items can be donated to the corp by dropping them in the "Reserve Modules." All members can drop in even if you can’t take back. Make sure the modules are repaired and repackaged.
  15. Donated ships and bought ships for the corp should be dumped in the "Reserve Fleet" Hangar.
  16. Cruisers are in the vault hangar and are accessible under the cruiser program. Please contact a Vice Admiral or higher to buy a cruiser under the cruiser program. Members above Lt. Commander may buy up to 3 cruisers at once.
  17. Members can request up to 5 ships consisting of any combination of frigates and destroyers at once. This lets the member be prepared if they lose a ship
  18. Any delivered or donated BPOs, such as those that have been completed in research, must be dropped in the Vault hangar.
  19. Members can give modules to newer AGONY members that don't have access to the hangars. Newer members should ask for these rather than buying themselves.
  20. Modules in the Reserve Modules hangar can be used by any corp member by request. Any Captain or higher can hand a module to a lower member. When giving out modules, the giver is expected to exercise discretion and judgment.
  21. Any ship in the Reserved Fleet or Vault hangar that is not repackaged must be insured.
  22. Any ship in the Reserve Fleet hangar that is not repackaged MUST NOT BE REPACKAGED or you will void the insurance.
  23. If insurance should expire on a ship, it should be re-insured or repackaged.
  24. Directors and officers should only insure a small number of ships at a time to avoid expired insurance contracts.
  25. Any ship given to you by corporation should not be traded to anyone, even an alt, outside of the corp or the insurance will get voided and the corp loses money.