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This idea spawned after the discussion of Madd's Spider BS gang. We were talking about how the dps was overwhelming and I bought up the idea i had before about using mwd Arty Pests to alpha strike battleships at range. Someone asked "Well, do we have 10 arty pest pilots? and what about the other race pilots? What are they supposed to do?" So I got this crazy idea (because that's what Sever's good at): "What if we ignore ship bonuses and just use Arty fit battleships of any race for the alpha strike?" I started looking into it. Meanwhile, Hammereds was looking into a tanky arty pest. We then combined our two crazies to bring you Alpha Battleships: Buffer tanked arty battleships with mwd, no cap usage, medium ecm drones, range greater than close range battleships, 10k alpha for almost each battleship, and tracking disruptors to kill hostile shooting range.

Update Feb 2011: While this tactic never took off within Agony, alpha Maelstroms is currently a very popular gang type among many larger 0.0 alliances. Concept proven I guess!


  • We build buffer tanked 1400mm arty fit battleships that can mwd away from a gate in different directions and alpha strike battleships making hostile remote repping or local repping useless.
  • Additionally, our battleships will power out to 50km+ outside the normal hitting range of a hostile BS gang while having a tracking disruptor to further kill the hitting range of enemy ships.
  • Using medium ecm drones, they can fck with tacklers or logistic ships or just throw in a jam on a battleship which don't really fit ECCM anymore after the falcon nerf.
  • By switching to Depleted Uranium for extra range and tracking bonus, we can steamroll counter HSLR gangs or by switching to Tremor, the entire fleet has the option of sniping out to 150km.
  • No Cap use, and the ability to swap ammo types to counter shield tanked gangs or armor tanked gangs

Ship Setups