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== General Info ==
== General Info ==

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General Info

  • Evaluator Fee: 10M ISK
  • Agony Empire Fee: 5M ISK
  • Free for AGONY Rank: Ensign+
  • Evaluator Required Certifications:
    • Certification Evaluator
    • Basic General PvP Operations
  • Evaluator Rank Requirements:
    • Lieutenant Commander
  • Approximate testing time: 40m

Certification Content

  1. Gunnery and Weapons
    1. Explain the basics of tracking as it relates to gun damage on ships.
    2. Explain the affects of speed and ship size on the impact of missiles.
    3. Explain the operation of drones and what effects EWAR has on drones.
  2. Navigation
    1. Demonstrate you know how to make tactical bookmarks and name them appropriately so they can be shared with others.
    2. Define and demonstrate the concept of mini warping. Define and demonstrate 5 different ways to execute a miniwarp.
    3. Explain how to align, importance of alignment in fleet movement and when you can get away with cold warping in a fleet.
    4. Demonstrate that you are able to navigate alone through 0.0 space in a high speed frigate without getting killed. Talk about techniques you use to avoid camps or escape from camps you jump in on.
    5. Explain the pros and cons of using a micrwarp drive.
    6. Explain when you should warp to a covert ops ship at zero and when not.
    7. Explain an "Undock bookmark". Explain how you make one, and why you'd want more than one. Demonstrate the use of an undock bookmark while someone is trying to tackle you.
  3. Communications
    1. Explain the following communication keywords: "Battlecomms", "Recon", "Scout", "Break Break".
    2. Explain, in detail, the meaning of battlecoms. Demonstrate that you know when intel should be passed on and when it should be irrelevant.
    3. Explain how you should respond to a gang leader that asks what Eve Leadership skills people have in the squad. How can you help him decide who to make squad booster?
    4. Explain the difference between valid intel that should not be said during battlecoms and when that intel should be said during battlecoms. Explain where nn-essential intel should go so that it eventually gets processed.
  4. Tactics
    1. Explain the difference between a skirmisher and a scout.
    2. Explain the Hydra Principle and its importance to a fleet of ships.
    3. Explain how to fit up a tech 1 frigate and destroyer and if there are any special considerations for these ships.
    4. Explain how to perform "Probe Duty" and "Local" duty and their importance in combat.
    5. Explain the importance of Eve's Leadership skills in a gang.
    6. Explain what the "agression timer" is, how and what it affects, and how long it lasts.
    7. Explain proper procedure for sitting at safe spots for a long period of time.
    8. List 5 different mistakes that can get you killed in PvP in a fleet or in solo. Answers like "not listening to the FC" will not be accepted, you must come up with specific examples and explain them to your evaluator. Your examples should not only include the mistake but any necessary precursors to that mistake and how it was a mistake and how it should have been avoided.