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Becoming a Member

When a person joins Agony they are given a rank of TRIAL. A new member's trial period will last a maximum of 90 days and they will be expected to be active contributing members of the corp. To become a CORE member a shortened certification process will be required along with the unanimous vote of the existing members (not all members are required to vote but a justified no vote will require director review). Those trial members who do not make full member within 90 days will be removed from the corp.

Competent General PVPer and/or PVP Specialist

The bar for becoming a core member is high and requires demonstrated abilities during your trial. General PVP skills are good but Agony is looking for specialists that excel in their chosen specialty. Specialties can include but are not limited to: skirmishing, recon, interceptors, logistics, FC, ewar and capital ships. Involvement in logistics and support of PVP-U are significant additions to the decision making process.

Fits In Agony

A very critical part is an assessment of how well the pilot fits Agony and, conversely, how well Agony fits the pilot. We are not looking for drama or primadonas. We are looking for people we like to fly with, that have fun and contribute.

Process To Become Full Member

During the 90 day trial, CORE Agony members, or a Flight Leader or Director will sponsor a trial member to become a full member: If not a Dir /Flight leader / XO please consult with them before proposing the vote.

  • The sponsors will meet with the trial member and perform the 3 minute scan-down test (see below). This rite of passage is important and binds everyone in the corporation; a trial member that is not able to do this is not ready to be a full member.
  • The sponsors will post in the member's Application thread (if it exists in the Accepted Application Forum) indicating a request for advancement and reasons why. The following information is also helpful for those voting:
    • Does the member routinely participate in gangs, corp ops, pvp-u, etc? Are they on vent?
    • Discuss ship fitting and flying a hac/recon, interdictor, logistics or battleship.
    • Where does the member see themselves contributing in the future to Agony?
    • What are their goals/desires to FC? Have they demonstrated the ability to do this already?
  • The normal 7 day voting period will be commenced.
  • At the conclusion of the voting process, if the voting was unanimous yes, the sponsor should post to the changes in-game thread with a link to the vote thread. If the voting was not unanimous, the sponsor should contact the director for the applicants timezone to discuss the promotion. Any legitimate no votes will be assessed individually by the directors. The director over the player's timezone has complete and final say in promotions.

In the case that a member is unable to get a sponsors for their interview they should contact their flight-leader or director for their timezone to develop a plan of action.

Scan Test

Before being promoted to CORE, a TRIAL member will participate in a 3-minute scan test. The basic concept is that the TRIAL member will be told the name and ship type of a stationary, uncloaked CORE member located at a planet, belt or station in an adjoining system (the sun and moons are not used in the test but should be normally). The TRIAL member will jump into the system and using the directional scanner locate the member in less than 3 minutes.

Notes to those performing the test: Systems that are very large should be avoided. This is not a one time pass or fail process, be constructive and supportive in helping TRIAL members learn this. For many members this is a stressful task and the pressure of having to perform to a clock makes it more difficult. There is no set number of times for the scan to be successful, rather the evaluator must be satisfied that the trial member can perform it on a reasonably consistent basis. Once the TRIAL member has completed the test, post a message to the applicants thread in the recruits forum indicating such.

Notes to trial members: The scan test does take some practice for many. It is time well spent. Almost every Agony pilot at one time or another will need to skirmish into a system. If you need help, ask. If you aren't quite getting it, ask. Because this is such a useful skill, we want you to succeed. This is not something designed to be intentionally cruel or unusual punishment.