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There are a lot of misconceptions and rumors floating around concerning the mechanics of the bombs launched by Stealth Bombers. This article will attempt to make this somewhat less confusing by explaining some of the underlying game mechanics.

Max Number of Simultaneous Bombs

You may have heard a lot of theories on how many bombs can we set off at once without them blowing each other up. There is only one correct answer to this question, though.

The damage done by a bomb is modified by the targets signature radius and calculated using this formula: Bomb Damage / (Explosion Radius * Target Signature Radius)

A bomb has 240 armor HP and 50 structure HP. Armor resist is 99.5% against its own damage type. They have no structure resistances. The signature radius of a bomb is 400 meters. Their explosion radius is also 400 meters though, so there is no reduction in damage due to signature.

A bombs damage is modified by the launching pilots Covery Ops skill level:

Cov Ops Skill Bomb Damage
I 6720
II 7040
III 7360
IV 7680
V 8000

This is of course reduced by 99,5% due to the bombs armor resistance, giving us the following modified damage numbers:

Cov Ops Skill Modified Bomb Damage
I 33.6
II 35.2
III 36.8
IV 38.4
V 40

240 / 40 = 6, which means that any bomb should be able to take exactly 6 level V bombs and still have structure left. In reality few of our bomber pilots have level V CovOps skill, so the damage will be less.
If all the bombing pilots have level I CovOps, which is highly unlikely, each bomb could stand the hit from 7 bombs. The unlikeliness of this scenario and the fact that no bomb would ever survive 8 or more bombs
means that, for all intents and purposes, the relevant number is 6.

Taking into account the fact that any one bomb cannot damage itself, this means that we can safely have 7 bombers launch at the same time and not have to worry about the bombs blowing each other up.

How Bombs do damage to ships

It has been claimed by some that bombs only take the top level resist in to account when doing damage. However, I have tested this and found it not the be the case at all.

To test bomb damage I had a Hound with CovOps 5 launch a Shrapnel bomb with 8000 base damage at a Griffin. The bomb's explosion radius is 400m.
The target Griffin was unfitted, meaning it had a 50m signature radius, 50% explosive resist on shield and 10% explosive resist on armor.

The small signature radius of a Griffin means the bomb does reduced damage:
8000 / (400m / 50m) = 1000 damage before resistances are applied.

If the bomb only hit the top resist, bomb damage would be:
1000 * (50 / 100) = 500 damage.

According to my combat log, however, the damage done was 509.

My Griffin has 488 shield HP.
488 / (50 / 100) = 976 damage required to reduce it's shields to zero.
1000 - 976 = 24 damage left to hit armor.
24 / (10 / 100) = 21.6 damage done to armor after resistance has been applied.

This means the total damage taken by the Griffin is
488 + 21.6 = 509.6 which rounded off by the EVE client is reported as 509 damage.

As you can see; the numbers add up, indicating that the test is accurate.