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EWAR is a devestating force in the fleet. A single ship can completely turn the tide of a battle by simultaniously eliminating multiple ships capabilites. These ships are so greatly feared often times they are primaried by Fleet Commanders as well as other EWAR ships and EWAR Officers.

Successful understanding of EWAR capabilites as well as its counters will be required in order so sustain and engage in fleet combat. EWAR supremecy must be maintained from beginning to end as the single most important force multiplier a fleet commander can have.

This seminar will give students the understanding they need in order to maintain EWAR supremecy as well as prefect their skills with Target Threat Assesment and Prioritzation. Understanding TTAP is imperative for the survivability of your fleet. As an EWAR pilot often times to will act independant from the fleet in an engagment an you must always stay focused, for that fight may very well be determined by the actions you take.


The instructor will assume that you have studied the articles relevant to the class prior to attending class. You can find those relevant articles listed below in the index for your convenience. Remember that in PvP University classes, it is your responsibility to do the learning. We can only provide the information, you have to decide to learn it. The well prepared student has read all of the articles at least once, and preferably more times, and has set aside the time to attend the class from other obligations. Furthermore, the eager to learn student will turn off the TV and other distractions and devote their attention to the class.




More to Follow


It will be assumed by the instructor that all of the following preparation has been done prior to the start of the course. The instructor will assume you have read all articles and wont rehash them completely. Furthermore, the instructor will not make the entire class wait if you are not present or don't have your headset working.

  1. Study the Agony Empire Rules of Engagement
  2. Read all articles indexed below.
  3. Buy and fit at least 2 ships and move them to the course location.
  4. Download the Eve Fitting Tool (EFT) and install the tool. Import your character's skills and input the setup of your ships.
  5. Come on Ventrilo before the course to verify that your microphone and headset are working.
  6. Arrive BEFORE the class and set your clone location and make sure your clone is up to date.

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