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A cyno alt is a character dedicated to opening cynosural fields for capital ships. These are low skill point characters that get placed for permanent residence in stations commonly used by the capital ship pilot.

Currently all characters rolled start with the same set of skills and get a bonus to training time (doubled until character reaches 1.6 mil sp). Amount of skill points at the start is 56489. All of them will also have the following starter skills.
Electronics 3
Engineering 3
Shield op 2
Gunnery 2
Small Racial gun 3
mining 2
Mechanic 2
Navigation 3
Science 3
Spaceship command 3
Race frig 2

Steps to Creating a Cyno Alt

  1. Roll Caldari character that will get Caldari Frigate II upon creation (Kestrel is still the most commonly used cynofrig).
  2. Respecialize attributes to put most points into Intelligence, then Memory.
  3. Optional: plug in cybernetics skill, train 1 level, plug in implants.
  4. Start training Electronics IV then V.

Required Skills

Electronics V
Cynosural Field Operation III
Spaceship Command III
Navigation III
Afterburner I
Caldari Frigate III

Optional Skills

Gallente Frigate III
Minmatar Frigate III
Amarr Frigate III
Caldari Industrial III
Gallente Industrial III
Minmatar Industrial III
Amarr Industrial III

Evasive Maneuvering II